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  1. billsredneck1

    Ledyard: 2019 NFL Draft Edge Defender Rankings

    after reading about burns, he sure sounds like another jerry hughes...
  2. billsredneck1

    Too Early Mock Draft?

    i don't think we have the luxury of a 2nd for simmons who will likely miss his rookie season.
  3. billsredneck1

    With recent news, Is Sweat worth the risk?

    i would take him at 9 because we can get a disruptive 3 tech a bit lower. ie. jerry tillery ....a nasty disruptive dt whose partying habits will get him passed over til maybe rd.3 and after. also, jeffery simmons whose recent acl will most likely keep him out his rookie year. then i'd like to mention daniel wise who may last to the 4th. another big nasty 3 tech, point being, yes oliver would be great, but at the expense of possibly setting our pass rush to elite status for years to come. therefore i would choose sweat and do whatever it took to get ximines....maybe use a 4th and 5th and a pick from next year to move up to get him. i know everyone wants a te and oline , but we could have a pass rush rotation of hughes(who should get a 2 yr. ext.)..sweat, ximines and love while finding a dt somewhere along the line like i mentioned above or maybe via post june 1st cuts...or one more splash signing like a trade for grady jarett. if worse comes to worse kick shaq (contract?) or murphy inside. i'd also like to pose the question....if oliver is there at 9 and the phone is ringing off the hook?.....
  4. billsredneck1

    Josh Allen, the slot WR and a summary.

    ...and someone didn't get the memo
  5. billsredneck1

    Josh Allen, the slot WR and a summary.

    ha, i was trying to make a mental note not to do that....while i'm here i might as well include my comment on the op....zzzzzzz maybe i'll read it tomorrow morning with my coffee...
  6. if we were to do just one more fa signing, i would vote for zach brown. then if all things stayed the same it would be zach olb and then split time between murphy and lorax on end, line them both up or kick shaq inside. of course if they pick oliver that's great. i don't know where they'll go with pass rushers, but i hope they prioritize this draft. imagine if we ended up with oliver, sweat and oximines. i would have to take a shower.
  7. billsredneck1

    Clay Matthews as a defensive FA splash

    playing for the browns all those years must of taken a toll....
  8. billsredneck1

    Chad Kelly is 350 bucks richer...

    great question.....
  9. billsredneck1

    Chad Kelly is 350 bucks richer...

    you guys just wait...chad and nathan peterman will be the 1-2 punch qbing the raider dynasty for years to come. patriots west they will be....
  10. billsredneck1

    My 2019 White Whale - Will Grier in the 3rd....

    montez sweat pass the rusher! he will be gone by 40 bawaaaaaa!
  11. billsredneck1

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    sal's the best of the bunch.
  12. billsredneck1

    Debbie Downers Empowered By WGR550 Afternoon Drive

    willing to bet $100 this was inspired by mike schopp....and his not so merry band of followers. that's why i listen mainly to the sports bar with danger and battaglia on 950am rochester. 3-6
  13. just thankful juan is gone. john miller will end up one of the best rated guards in the league. imo, juan ruined him. i think the staff knew he needed a fresh start and he landed closer to home. he got a very good deal and will surprise a lot of naysayers. back on point, there's no way we can be coached any worse.
  14. spencer long played hurt and out of position. feliciano had a small amount of playing time. teller's not on the list. depth guys should not be part of the equation. nsehke is way above mills. bobbie johnson is familiar with (3?) of these guys?....and we still have the draft....and lastly, we played with 4 different qbs, as far as i'm concerned no comparisons can be made with the 2018 line. it's history. we will have at least a top 15 line this year. this staff will get them to play out of their minds.
  15. billsredneck1

    2OG,2OT,C,TE,2WR,RB,KR. That’s an offensive FA!

    true....but i believe this staff will bring out starting caliber play and get these guys to play well above their past. don;t forget our oline coach has already worked with a couple.