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  1. or figuring out a mathematical theory on how they could still be in....and that's been during good years.
  2. i don't expect them to hit 20. too much made about the weather. it's gonna clear out by game time. sure it might suck for haucska (sp?), but i'm confident josh can throw 20 easily. drops mic.....
  3. i've got a feeling dabol is going to look to take a lot more deeper shots. if we can get good yards on 1st down, we can gamble. this could be one of those games where we make a statement on offense....(see also vs. minn. 2018)
  4. i'm thinking that the rain may be moving out come game time. they're calling for 30% at 2pm where i'm at, and i'm 40 miles east. ( the weather goes from west to east). i'm hoping it stops at the stadium 12-12:30. either way, i don't think it'll be a factor. the heaviest is expected aroun 7 am.
  5. i don't buy that crap this early. there's always at least a couple of teams that get on a roll out of nowhere.
  6. the problem is not taking a fraction of a second to plant his feet before throwing. seems like he never has 2 feet on the ground on those and he's just chuckin it. when he stays in the pocket and starts hitting the quick outes, he's much better.
  7. i was hoping they would use foster to do that....but then again if josh can't start connecting...
  8. maybe they will...or maybe they'll keep up with the jones and have a weapon....december is when it counts.
  9. i'm thinking that is all in the past. does he have anything hanging over his head?....now?
  10. i don't get that at all. he's a deep middle/post threat that would garner respect from snap one. i say yes.
  11. i'm all for it as long as the roster spot comes from another position. i think foster can be a huge asset. between his injuries and lack of targets....not too mention josh's inaccurate long ball, i wouldn't get rid of him. he's our levi wallace on offense and we're gonna need him. adding gordon though could be a big boost. we are gonna have injuries down the line. depth at receiver is gonna be crucial....kinda like josh being better at hitting those wide open deep balls. that's our ticket to beating the pats in the end. having enough weapons to survive to the end. it's easy to tell that's what they're thinking and we should be doing the same.
  12. except sanu cost a 2nd. i would bet money the pats don't even think about ab....he still has some legal crap to go through.
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