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  1. billsredneck1

    Mel Kiper Mock 1.0 — Bills take DT Rashon Gary

    i believe i read somewhere that ed oliver was compared to sapp.
  2. billsredneck1

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    well scheming against him with 6 dbs sure as hell doesn't work either. only two teams have been able to beat him rushing 4. the giants and last year's champs.....not to mention they were able to keep up scoring with him. loser mentality to be scared to blitz him. if ya can't beat him...hurt him. the chargers should have done the exact same thing bb did to rivers, they hit him a lot and when he got cornered into passing every down, they hit him on every snap.
  3. billsredneck1

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    i don't see them spending on mc coy. they may not even look to sign a dt other than j. phillipps. i believe they will draft a dt in the 1st. depending on how the draft is shaking out, they can get a great one at 9 or even trade down a few spots. i can't believe the amount of dline talent there is this year. obviously, i want josh allen at 9, but most mocks i've seen have us taking ed oliver. mc coy's going to get too much money for my liking. if malik jackson gets cut then maybe a one year prove it deal would work but.... if i were running the dline i'd kick shaq inside ( in rotation with oliver unless oliver...or whoever they draft can play full time )and rotate murphy and lorax on the end. i hope they bring back yarbrough and i think mike love may turn out to be very good. i'd like to see free agent money spent. a center and rt for sure. if they can get a glowinski as well, good. i still believe in john miller could be a good to very good guard with someone competent next to him....in the power scheme. i think they are gonna crush this draft. they have improved each year and this year is gonna be no exception.
  4. billsredneck1

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    if josh allen makes it to 9....no way do i trade out.
  5. billsredneck1

    Jags in 2019

    i wouldn't be surprised. they gotta know there's no way they can compete with the likes of luck, watson and even mariota by drafting a qb. i would assume they'll make a play for foles, flacco or maybe even make a deal with the raiders for carr. there's a big old carrot for chucky making a trade of 1st round picks.
  6. billsredneck1

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    .....not to mention his bread and butter being " rush 4 " as well as his reluctance to blitz. look at what bb threw at rivers. every single snap he was sending someone and 2 most of the time. ironically, that's the only way to beat brady. i too was hoping for an upgrade at dc.
  7. billsredneck1

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    well the staff had something to look at from 2010 - 2011. didn't we lead the league in rushing? didn't spiller lead the league one year in rushing with a 6 + ypc avg.? just trying to dust off the memory....
  8. billsredneck1

    Shaq Lawson 5th year option on the table

    i don't think he's reached his peak potential yet....not sure how high that ceiling is but, i do think he will get better. i think the sticking point is maturity and that is the number 1 area in which the team may be concerned with. i've heard lorax as well as murph and tasker talk about him and even though they give him praise for improvement, i did hear the phrase ( still immature ). i think the team will monitor this through the upcoming year and then offer an extension sometime during camp depending on roster moves up to that point. however....i would not be surprised to see him in a trade deal if mcbeane wants to move up a couple of spots. for instance if we say...trade the jags a 4th, a 2020 pick and shaq for malik jackson and move up to 7? for josh allen. the mocks i see have him going to the jets but, i think they go dt there (oliver or williams). i really hope we land josh allen.
  9. i love everything but the bolded. ( adding gaines would be cool but, i love levi wallace and i'm not too worried about anything but depth at cb.) i really hope we can draft josh allen. with lorax here to mentor him, we would have one of , if not the most badass defenses in the nfl. i wouldn't be desperate at the dt spot....( although malik jackson would be a great signing/ trade ). i would rather draft one. with allen on the lb corp, we can kick shaq inside and put lorax on the end a lot more often. i also hope they hang on to trent murphy for one more year. i still think he can turn into a monster. i believe they'll sign 2....hopefully 3 olinemen in fa....def. a center and rt. i also hope they'll draft 3....center /guard and tackle. i don't think they're gonna make huge signings as far as wr. i love your choices.....then draft 2 plus a te. as far as the draft goes, i'd like to see them pair the two 5's and two 7's for a pair of 4's. that alone would give us 7 picks in the first 4 rounds and the 6th for a total of 8. i think they'll get 6 solid contributors out of this draft. people can complain all they want about mahommes, but imo they are drafting extremely well.
  10. billsredneck1

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    i think a lot of people will be surprised how high these wrs go. every team with a rookie qb is looking to add weapons for their young qbs. there are also a lot of other teams thin at that position and with a poor fa class, wr is gonna be the rage after the top 6-10 picks.
  11. billsredneck1

    Super Bowl Wish vs. Prediction

    i think the big difference was that we ran a 3/4 and dallas a 4/3 with plenty of fresh legs on the dline. oh...and they had one hell of an oline.
  12. billsredneck1

    Divisional Round Picks

    i got a little confused by the op. teams that are plus = underdogs by said points...assuming. teams minus points= favored by at least...assuming. anyway here's my predicts... rams/ dallas rams: 31-27 i think the cowboys d plays em tough, but the rams get the last score of the game and dallas doesn't have time to comeback. colts / kc colts: 27-24 colts keep kc's offense off the field and luck gets game winning drive. ne / chargers chargers: 35-31 no field goals for the chargers and their d holds off brady on his last drive. saints / philly my heart is rooting for foles but, my head says.....well i can't make up my mind so i'm going with the saints with the home field fg. could be 17-14 or 41-38 idk. championship games: colts @ chargers chargers: 30-27 it's gonna be a slugfest with no real home field for la, but they score last. indy's young defense can't quite get it done. rams @ saints. saints: 34- 21 i believe n.o. has home throughout....so i'm going with the home team. i think the saints will dish out a defensive game plan that the rams ain't ready for. superbowl : chargers / saints chargers: 38- 34 rivers gets his well deserved ring and an almost assured spot in the hof. all around great game with rivers the mvp.
  13. billsredneck1

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    i remember a 66 yarder against the pats. think it was a td.....maybe just a flashback of some kind.
  14. billsredneck1

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    without looking, it was against the pats...which also led me to ask myself if i could actually remember any wr catching a td pass against them since.......
  15. i didn't read every post but, i thought , reich hc, as well as retaining schwartz as dc/ assistant hc would have been a great combo. last year .....well i kinda felt like i was right. it's gonna be an awesome game watching luck and rivers battle it out in the afc championship game. i gotta give frank the edge in that one. i never thought indy would be this good defensively. i think they will curbstomp the chiefs even though the score may not be that high. i'm going ...chargers over pats 31-27 colts over chiefs 24 -17 ultimately, i'd like to see rivers get a ring, beating brees in a shootout. colts can take the division next year. i'd like to see some closure for rivers. he should have that ring to insure him the hof.