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  1. i believe indy will walk away with the division title. i think that houston, jville and the titans all go 8-8...at best. they will all lose 2 to indy and split with each other. (the jets will drop too many early on to make a run....i'm thinking 8-8) i think lac takes the west, but last year the pats made rivers look like peterman in the playoffs. i think pitt's young receivers step up. the ravens go 8-8 and maybe the browns hit 9-7, but i still think pitt takes the division. i see the bills going 10-6 or 11-5 and be safely secured of at least a wild card. that being said...buffalo and kc with the wild card spots. then it's go time...
  2. at 11-4 i would expect them to be starting barkley...
  3. the guy was so negative on the whole team and portrayed his opinion as that of a bookmaker....i get that but, he just seemed to be lacking that insight to the team, as we all have our ears to the wall everyday. it's ;like he just looked at the roster in today's paper ...or media. i'd gladly put $100 that the bills kick 6.5 in the ass. even the jets beat guys don't go as far as he did. welp, i hope his job doesn't depend on his predictions. edit that, i hope it does.
  4. i apologize for not going through all the pages yet but, i think i heard this today on wgr....or maybe it was a similar take from a booker...but..... i have been wrong before. i liked rob johnson....i liked jp losman...i liked trent, but all went wrong. i have always attributed it to the billsy way of ruining young qbs.....and i think that theory has merit. when ej came in and was forced to start, this may just be another example of this, but i just didn't think the kid had it between the ears. now here i am again being hopeful that josh will be our next franchise qb...a cross between elway and kelly. i am going to hang onto those hopes because for the 1st time in decades, i feel we have the gm and coaching staff that will make him that. i pray that i'm right. i just think about the last 4 yrs. with whaley/brandon/marrone and rex. we're not going back there. i believe in this staff and josh allen. 10-6 at least. my biggest and really only fear this year is facing greggo week one on the road. our oline has got to get the nasty working day one.
  5. it really wouldn't bother me if they did do this. check out the post below this as to the date of the last injury. i doubt it ever gets right. but...i could see them with lee, croom, knox and sweeney, while kroft can stay ( and most likely will) on the pup list until late september. worry about it then. however, if i were mcbeane, i would bail on this deal. if we end up carrying the 4 above, i'd feel ok with it. smith provides a good vet presence and i got a feeling sweeney may surprise. i'm actually glad smith is here to help him. i think croom and knox can provide all the pass catching we'll need at the position.
  6. just read his bio again and sounds like he has a nick o'leary class reliability catching passes but probably a better blocker. tasker says he looks bigger than his stats. 6'4 251.
  7. tommy boy is gonna be a stud. we don't need to spend time trying to find another te.
  8. sorry i didn't read every post but wanted to respond about fitz...i got screwed up trying to quote and lost it...but i bet fitz would be awesome. i don't know if someone already mentioned this, but i'd like to find out if it's possible to get the radio and tv in sync. been busy with the grill and drinking...
  9. they are saying 2-3 months...which means 4 at least. same foot/same break as last year. hmmmm.... i'd say send a 5th and a dozen wings to miami and bring o'leary back. ya never know.
  10. they never touched on that...at least so far. i loved kelso . he was a wealth of knowledge in between plays. i hope eric can live up to that. pretty big shoes to fill imo. my biggest question is how animated he will be....or boring, dry and obvious. hope all goes well because when we get those awful generic national guys, i'd rather listen with the telly turned down.
  11. this is where i'm at right now. i just hope they get it established soon.
  12. ....or they stuck to their board and want to see how the additions this offseason shake out...knowing they can draft out of what's supposed to be a great crop of wrs next year. i for one, like the fact that they are staggering their top players contracts so that we do not have....or won't have too many due in the same year.
  13. all very well put, i agree. better than nothing is spot on because the rest of wgr broadcasting is all abote da sabres eh. the morning show sucks...the instigators are irritating and shopp and the bulldog...nuff said. the only other time that i listen to anything other than obl is sal's sports talk saturday from 11-1. i try to listen everyday because i love to soak up everything bills. they do a great job getting guests on and getting players on. you really get to know the players in depth and i love that. ironically....since this thread started , the above first bolded statement has been sticking out to me much more than it was before. i find myself saying "spit it out steve!" uggh
  14. because they paid nseke big bucks and he has proven he can play lt. if it benefits the team to move dion inside, so be it for now. at least one or two of these guys aren't gonna make the final cut. nseke and dawkins ain't it. the only question is whose gonna play rg...imo
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