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  1. agree 100%. josh allen should model his game for josh allen...period. he has skills that none of those others have. i hope he doesn't try to be someone else...make his own brand. and i believe he will.
  2. sorry i didn't go through all the posts yet but for me..... 1. arthur moats hit on favre 2. smerlas blocking the last second field goal to send us to the playoffs in 1988 3. tasker's hit on the rams returner......forget what year.. 4. the game against the broncos where we scored(from behind) like 21 pts. in a minute 17 5.bryce paup kicking the ball into the stands as a miami player went to the ground with it...i think it was a playoff game.. 6. ....but should be number 1 is josh allen throwing to foster in the jags game after be goosepiled.....ah heck, i could go on and on, had a few pops..out. 7. kelly running it in in miami...ok now i'm out. i'll hang up and listen.
  3. his job is to cover the bills. granted, he's no gil brandt but i tune into this show to hear about the bills and foootball. if anything tasker has all but killed the show so far. i find myself looking at what day and time it is to see if i'm actually listening to obl. there was a thread a while back about tasker and i've been thinking about bumping it...until now. tasker does zero show prep and carries on about nothing like howard simon. i can't wait for murph to get back. sheesh
  4. Didn't Long and Nsecke play rg and rt next to one another in Washington? I can see that happening here.
  5. look him up. (i don't know how to post links yet). he's another jerry hughes....nothing but a pass rush specialist/talent. seems to have a lot of awards and going off the top of my memory , i think he led( possibly the nation) in sacks. it's just that he wasn't in a major program. heard him on onebillslive and he sounds like he's determined to muscle up(now at 255) and become a sack artist. shaq won't be here next year.
  6. the question is when WILL we. will this be the first regime to start giving out 2nd contracts? i sure hope so...and they will be the first.
  7. ed reed said we got an absolute steal and future star in joquan johnson(sp?). i also think vosean joseph and daryl johnson stick. i think they crushed this draft.
  8. i was just gettin a chub for ellie mae. don't remember citing anything about practice....however it was to be expected with shuffling in different receivers and olinemen. i also prefer maryann to ginger.
  9. was it change of schemes that lead the titans to let him walk? did they have someone better? why did he last long enough to make this deal with the bills? i'm serious when i ask these questions. between long, feliciano, spain and teller, do they keep 2 backups along with 2 backup tackles?
  10. spain may not make it not make the final roster. they have been playing feliciano in morse's place so far in ota's. that tells me he is going to make the roster. obviously the starting experience goes to spain(who i believe played only lg) and is a more of a finesse player. whereas, feliciano is a punch in the mouth guy with felxibility.
  11. not only do i think our last 3 picks make the team, but i think we may have struck gold. i heard ed reed gush over joquan johnson (sp?) saying he's gonna be a star. i also believe joseph will be the head hunter we need and will get some snaps from lorax now and then. lastly, i heard daryl johnson talk in an interview on obl and he's putting on the muscle to get to 260+. he may very well be shaq's replacement next year. overall this will be looked at as a terrific draft.
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