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  1. BigPappy

    Marcel Dareus’ contract.

    (in my best Yoda voice)... Read peoples minds you do. Hm Hm I'd say your analysts is spot on tho.
  2. BigPappy

    How Does a Bills Loss Affect Your Life?

    This. I love my Bills and I don't ever miss a game, but I will not let a game played for my entertainment dictate how i feel. Be happy when they win, be disappointed when they lose. I will also add that if watching a game which is for entertainment effects you to the point that you (anyone, not you specifically) miss a day of work over a loss, you have major emotional problems and please seek help immediately.
  3. BigPappy

    Share Your Super Bowl 53 Predictions

    I predict i wont watch because i hate "Marsha" Brady and ass-bag Bellicheat.
  4. BigPappy

    R.I.P. Turk Schonert

    R I P Turk. Prayers to your family and friends.
  5. Maybe a little, but with his height you don't want him to bulky. At least I don't. He is built for speed. Like others have commented, if he can learn to shuck his blocks better he will get much better against the run. I have to agree with you on this. I just don't understand how anyone can be disappointed by a 20 year old rookie who came out and performed as well as he did. Did he have some issues...of course, but he's a rookie. A 20 year old one at that. He progressed through the season and kept getting better which was all i wanted to see with him and Allen. I am happy with what i saw from both and have even higher expectations for next year.
  6. BigPappy

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    They should retire his jersey. His name will now and forever be apart of Bills legend and lore with the likes of Kelly, Thomas, Smith, and Reed,
  7. BigPappy

    Kyle Williams: Officially Retires

    Sad to see you leave Kyle but you deserve it. Congrats on a successful career as a life long Buffalo Bill. Your name will one day go on the Wall of Fame for sure. And congrats on your retirement. Enjoy the Golf that you also love to play. I wish i was going to the game to partake in a proper send of for you. You earned it!!
  8. BigPappy

    Would you take Marcell Dareus back?

    Not just no, it's HELL NO!! M.D was a lazy POS.
  9. BigPappy

    Josh Allen Nominated for Angry Runs

    All very impressive "Angry Runs" The winner rightly deserved it.
  10. BigPappy

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Have to agree with you on both account Hammersticks. True leaders don't act the way Baker Mayfield did in his post game presser. Maybe, but sometime a d-bag is always a d-bag. As Hammer said, I also think that none of the other rookie QB's would have acted this way. Look at how Allen handled the whole Ramsey calling him "Trash" deal. He came back with, "he's one of the top corners in the league". No trash talk, no disrespecting him, not even after the game. Players like that are leaders.
  11. BigPappy

    Is this a playoff team with Tyrod?

    People need to just stop with the Tyrod threads. He is not a Buffalo Bill anymore. Get over it and move on. There is no "if he was here, would we be...." because he isn't. People just got to live in the past don't they? SMDH
  12. BigPappy

    Zay Jones and pass interference

    Which is total BS. It's either PI or it isn't i don't care who you are. I'm overstating it but every ref should be lined up and shot. They are totally useless.
  13. Great post!! The Defense has really come together. We will lose a key piece at the end of this year when Kyle retires but I think with all the other pieces in place, they will be okay. I could not imagine what this team would be like if we had decent receivers and Allen never got hurt. KB and Peterman are a joke. Glad to see Peterman got cut yesterday. The offensive line seems to be really start to come together and jell as well. Milano definitely seems to be becoming a stud and Edmunds is already a stud. He is amazing at working laterally on the LOS and shooting into gaps and closing distances with RB's. You are correct. As the OP states he was giving the DL and Star some "love" for an otherwise sorry season with how the offense has been performing. With all the cap space next year, I can see Beane adding a stud WR or two and a few top tiered O-Linemen to give Allen some trustworthy targets. As i states above, KB is a joke, but I will say that Zay Jones seems to have really made the adjustment into the NFL game after the poor showing last year and has got the lights on now as well. Robert Foster seems to be a gamer for sure after the showing he gave last week but I will hold off judgment for sure since we were playing the Jets last week.