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  1. BigPappy

    Would you take Marcell Dareus back?

    Not just no, it's HELL NO!! M.D was a lazy POS.
  2. BigPappy

    Josh Allen Nominated for Angry Runs

    All very impressive "Angry Runs" The winner rightly deserved it.
  3. BigPappy

    Was Baker Mayfield a DOUCHE Yesterday?

    Have to agree with you on both account Hammersticks. True leaders don't act the way Baker Mayfield did in his post game presser. Maybe, but sometime a d-bag is always a d-bag. As Hammer said, I also think that none of the other rookie QB's would have acted this way. Look at how Allen handled the whole Ramsey calling him "Trash" deal. He came back with, "he's one of the top corners in the league". No trash talk, no disrespecting him, not even after the game. Players like that are leaders.
  4. BigPappy

    Is this a playoff team with Tyrod?

    People need to just stop with the Tyrod threads. He is not a Buffalo Bill anymore. Get over it and move on. There is no "if he was here, would we be...." because he isn't. People just got to live in the past don't they? SMDH
  5. BigPappy

    Zay Jones and pass interference

    Which is total BS. It's either PI or it isn't i don't care who you are. I'm overstating it but every ref should be lined up and shot. They are totally useless.
  6. Great post!! The Defense has really come together. We will lose a key piece at the end of this year when Kyle retires but I think with all the other pieces in place, they will be okay. I could not imagine what this team would be like if we had decent receivers and Allen never got hurt. KB and Peterman are a joke. Glad to see Peterman got cut yesterday. The offensive line seems to be really start to come together and jell as well. Milano definitely seems to be becoming a stud and Edmunds is already a stud. He is amazing at working laterally on the LOS and shooting into gaps and closing distances with RB's. You are correct. As the OP states he was giving the DL and Star some "love" for an otherwise sorry season with how the offense has been performing. With all the cap space next year, I can see Beane adding a stud WR or two and a few top tiered O-Linemen to give Allen some trustworthy targets. As i states above, KB is a joke, but I will say that Zay Jones seems to have really made the adjustment into the NFL game after the poor showing last year and has got the lights on now as well. Robert Foster seems to be a gamer for sure after the showing he gave last week but I will hold off judgment for sure since we were playing the Jets last week.
  7. BigPappy

    Everyone that wanted TT gone, we told you

    So what you're saying is that this team's only issue is QB play at this point? If you truly believe that then i question your ability to understand football. QB play is only a very small part of the issue for this team. Poor O-Line play has been a huge factor in the offenses woes though I will say they played fairly well against the pass yesterday. Not great but very well. There were times where Peterman has a TON of time to through. Which brings us to another issue.... our receivers. We have no number one receiver and frankly they all suck. The Bears played man to man all day because Peterman is no threat with his arm or his legs, and our receivers are so bad they can't get separation. It is the offense as a whole that is the problem. The line is starting to Gel and when Allen is back things will improve....to a point. But with no receivers it will only go so far. This year is a wash so get use to losing. We have 10 picks in next years draft. I expect a run on quality offensive players with a sprinkle of defensive guys to replenish for depth and a big push in FA with all the cap space coming. I don't understand complaining about the loss of Watkins or Glenn either. Watkins was not buying into the "TEAM" or McD's system and did not want to be here. Why would you not trade him? Not to mention what has he done since he left? It's not like he is lighting the NFL on fire with his spectacular play and catches. And as for Glenn, good ridden's. He couldn't even stay on the field because he was always hurt.
  8. BigPappy

    Would You Give Up Our 1st in 2019 & 2020 for Derek Carr?

    The OP might have too but i was talking about Hauschka. LOL!!!
  9. BigPappy

    Would You Give Up Our 1st in 2019 & 2020 for Derek Carr?

    Hahahahahahaha. Someone got into the liquor cabinet didn't they? He went to IR
  10. 100% agree. For sure, he doesn't need the money and I would go a step further in saying that if they asked him to, he would probably do it for free if he's not already. Usually, former players like this get a flat rate they are paid and a percentage of what is sold depending on what the proceeds of the sale are going to. I have been lucky enough to meet Jim on several occasions over the years and gotten his Autograph a few of those times. I never once had to pay for the signing. He is a genuine guy who loves Buffalo Bills fans and i would be shocked if he was making any more money that just a sitting fee for doing this.
  11. BigPappy

    4 step plan to success for last 9 games

    I don't see how this is an issue. It could be worse, Russ Brandon could be back in charge. Quite frankly we are lucky to have Kim. She is smart, tenacious hard working successful business women. Coaches do not teach player positions they teach schemes. They refine techniques and provide a playbook to learn from. Anderson is there to teach Allen to read what he sees while on the field. To help him pick up the NFL game as a QB quicker. The situation is even more complicated then you make it. As a GM and Coach, they know the fan base does not want to see Peterman start, so they can't do that without upsetting the fan base and possibly the locker room. That said, as previously mentioned, Anderson hobbled off the field at the end of the game. He's already hurting. You can start him next week and risk getting him significantly injured and lose him as an option to back up of who would be starting. If he gets injured and Peterman goes in, who backs up Peterman? At that point no one is left. They have an emergency QB, (forgot who it is) but at that point your completely f'ed anyway. This seems fishy to mean. I know your correct in your statement, but I saw him drop some really well through balls in the past. It make me think that he is phoning in his games when the young guys are playing because he doesn't think we have a chance to win while they play. (just a thought and probably way off but....)
  12. Oh look, ANOTHER sky is falling in Buffalo article. In full disclosure i didn't read the article, but I am so sick of it. He is a rookie, still finding his feet with no Vet support at the position and no supporting cast. His WR's are marginal at best and that's being kind, the O-line is starting to come together but still have stretches of ineptitude. These so called experts are ridiculous. If they are all experts, they should already know all this. Maybe he shouldn't be starting, but guess what, he is the best QB on our roster and the difference between the two isn't even remotely close. These are professional players and coaches, they play to win so they are going to play the best players they have. It's not rocket science to know this. Everyone knew the offence was going to struggle this year. We took to many losses on the Oline and you can't expect a rookie to play well and with confidence behind a struggling line. Especially when he has no receivers that he can count on. The only offensive weapon that he can count on is shady and some of the members of this site are actually saying to trade him. Ummmm YEAH, THAT makes sense!
  13. BigPappy

    Why I think Josh Allen had a bad game yesterday....

    He's a rookie CBF. That's why we lost. He's going to have his ups and mostly downs this season. I know you're being a bit "tongue and cheek" but it's amazing to me how many people believe that wearing or not wearing a specific jersey, hat, pant, or doing a special dance ritual before a game has anything to do with a team winning or losing a game. We had years and years of mediocrity because no one ever had a "real" plan to build the team until Beane and McD came along. This is our "hump year" once we get through this transition things will get better so keep wearing what ever jersey you want bro.
  14. BigPappy

    Our newest Bills fan has it right

    Awesome! Just awesome. Love it when i see kids getting raised the right way. LOL!!