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  1. I think I remember hearing or reading something somewhere that they aren't allowed to be vocal in their complaints regarding the league or the Commissioner, at least not publicly.
  2. I mean, yeah.... it's possible that all team are doing it. But then again, it's also possible for me to run to be POTUS. However very unlikely. 😂 I would think that with as often as the Patsies have been caught cheating, that if other teams were actually cheating, they would get just as caught.... Just saying. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Yup. Or another one i hear a lot is.... "all teams do it. if you're not cheating , you're not trying hard enough". If all teams are doing it, how come no one else is getting caught doing it? Cheatriot fans are pathetic. In the case of Kraft, i would say he's too busy getting a "rub and tug" to notice the slap on the hand.
  4. This exactly, I will also add that the $300 million loss is temporary. Fracking is still the largest source of natural gas nationally at 67% and the primary function of his energy company. The losses will be related mostly to COVID and come this time next year profits will be back up where they have been or higher. Like most of the very wealthy, their money is probably tied up in huge purchases of gold and silver which very rarely make huge jumps or slides in value. This is why and how the wealthy STAY wealthy.
  5. Don't you think calling Trent a coward and a fraud is a little harsh? He stood in there and took hits and often right up until he took that last one that changed him for ever. He was never going to be great but he could have been pretty decent if not for that nasty hit he took. I never played Football except for with friends and I don't know what your history of playing the game is, but unless you have been in his shoes.... take those beatings.... it's a bit unfair of you or anyone to judge him as a coward or a fraud.
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