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  1. While having two weeks rest does give a distinct advantage, that's really not the issue. The issue is the added team to the playoffs which prevents the 2nd seed team from having a bye as well. Some VERY weak teams made it to the playoffs this year because of it.
  2. All I know is that the run game on both sides of the ball regressed without both of these men. Is that a coincidence? Time will tell if they are both back next year. That said, as someone else pointed out, Carolina's run defense regressed when they lost Star when they thought he was replaceable.
  3. This! I would also add if we can, a highly rated FA pickup at DE. Hopefully Star Lotulelei will be back to help plug up the middle like he did in 2019 and not opt out like he did for 2020. Personally, I would also like to see some better run blocking OL-men. Maybe it was scheme related this year but it seems that the 2019 season we ran the ball better. Of course, we also had McCoy then.
  4. WTH are you talking about? Easier loss to take? They are professional competitors.... there is no such thing as an easy loss to take. As for fans, no loss is easy to take either, especially when you are talking about the conference championship game. 🙄 smh!
  5. Here, I'll explain it to you very simply. They do Incentive laden contracts with Bonuses at a smaller yearly salary. The Salary gets spread out over the number of years of the contract, but the bonuses count against only that year they are given. That keep the yearly salary's manageable while still having the cap space to pay out the bonuses when and if they are met. It's literally how every other NFL team does it. That's not even taking into account the fact that these are all "character" guys that buy into the team first philosophy that Bean and McDermott are all about. They wan
  6. Love the little speech but.....ACESS DENIED!!! Hahahahahahahaha
  7. Ding Ding Ding Ding! Congratulations!!! You have just won the Internet for the day!!!
  8. That is factually incorrect. They never confirmed that he had a concussion. They only confirmed that he was in concussion protocol and therefore unable to finish the game. Also, I am hearing that it ended up being a pinched nerve in the neck which would exude similar symptoms, but also puts his playing up in the air for Sunday. This information would fall in line with Reid's comments after the game when he said he appeared to be doing much better. I won't argue your point regarding the NFL caring about the players as neither our opinion matters. The just simply differ.
  9. Respectfully, I have to disagree 1000% on this. They have taken a lot of heat about concussions and concussion protocols. There is no way they will pressure the independent doctor that reviews and tests Mahomes into giving him the go. That doctor would also be committing career suicide to allow it to happen. They let him play and he hasn't actually cleared protocols and then gets hurt even worse the fallout from that will be catastrophic. Especially with it being Mahomes, who is undeniably the face of the NFL right now.
  10. Especially if it's that wet greasy stuff. Even if it doesn't snow, but they get a little bit of that icy rain pellet's to slick up the field a little bit.
  11. That's not exactly a mathematical formula but I think I won't disagree that it can't total up his AV to 104. 😂 As someone else mentioned Diggs would still be here as he was traded to Buffalo. One could argue that Bean never makes that trade if it not for the fact that we have Josh Allen. I think that one could even argue that if it not for Diggs JA doesn't take as significant a leap in his game this year; and I won't argue the fact that if not for JA and Diggs connecting over video games before camp the chemistry they share now wouldn't have been there. All that said, sayin
  12. Agreed, but I highly doubt the Bills would offer a "below market value" contract extension.
  13. Personally i think if he gets one it will be the Chargers. But I am hearing talk that former Philly Coach Doug Pederson may likely land there. I am really hoping Daball stays put.
  14. I think Josh Allen is too much of a team guy to even care about being the highest paid QB. Be it from his draft class or the entire NFL. 🤷‍♂️ Just my two cents.
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