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  1. Yeah, it was terrible to watch. It was like watching a pack of hungry wolves tear apart a kitten. Utter blood bath.
  2. I don't think everyone believes every player has to become a coach. But in Anderson's case, there was a significant uptick in JA's playing after Derek arrived. He was mentoring the kid and it showed. He was reading the field better and making quicker decisions with the football. I would not be apposed to DA staying on as a mentor to Josh.. I would not be apposed to this either. That MoFo is old as dirt. Yes he was a great player and might have a mile or two left on the treads but i just see his as a brittle old man as far as football is concerned.
  3. Yup! They really need to keep him on as staff for Josh. You could see a real change in his play after he spent some time with D. A. He read the field better and faster. it would be a good thing to do to help Josh's mental game continue to grow.
  4. The kid is smart for sure. That said, maybe we could let the kid play a bit more and learn to read a defense better....you know, get his feet under him per say before we throw everything at the kid including the kitchen sink.
  5. If i were a gambling man, I would definitely be taking the over on 6.5 wins for the season.
  6. Can they all play a down before we anoint them any nicknames please? I get the excitement but lets see what we got first and see how they gel and come together. They played well last year but they weren't exactly stellar and now we have some new pieces to the puzzle that need to learn to work together and all be on the same page.
  7. Minimal separation??? Did you not watch any of the pre draft coverage? Is by and far the best route runner in the draft and displayed the ability for great separation.
  8. Taylor is there from what I heard because of injury concern. But idk that for sure, it's what i read. I like the idea of Risner or AJ Brown.
  9. i agree, I think we will pick twice today as well and it will be OL and WR. I see A J Brown and Risner as their picks in round 2. Brown is the best route runner in the draft and gets great separation. Guys like Metcalf and and Brown are difference makers at their position, that's why. They would over take some of the other WR talent that we have very easily and that's as a rookie. They could easily be a day one starter in the slot.
  10. I could not agree more. It speaks volumes as to how much Terry (and Kim) as well as the staff care about the community, and their fans. I have never heard of ANY other team doing something like that. I could be wrong on that but I have not heard of it before. Truly inspiring to see that they could do something like this.
  11. I love football and I love the Bills. That said can we not wish the summer away before it starts..... please?
  12. You do realize that Frank Gore is 5 years OLDER than Shady right? Your calling him older than dirt, by your account Gore is from the Stone Age. Shady only has this year left on his contract, and Gore was signed on a one year deal. Signing Yeldon makes sense, but cutting Shady makes none. Yeldon would probably be a ST's player for the most part, but be in the stable in case one of our aging RB's get hurt. I doubt after this year neither Shady or Gore will be on the roster though.
  13. I remember hearing about that one on the NFL Network a few years ago Happy. I agree that there is some level of subjective-ness to those "questionable" calls based on who the QB is but the fact that there is is total BS. The rules are there for all to follow and be held accountable. Who the QB is should not matter. These little side bars before games that the refs have with Brady in my view are a total lack of propriety in staying fair and objective when calling games. Any ref that is caught doing it should be tossed out of the league on their a$$.
  14. I agree with Aussie Joe OP. Keep fighting the good fight and there is definitely a lot to be optimistic about for our beloved Bills. They have made some very wise FA picks, what most would call high value pick ups for affordable $$. The O-Line is looking to be potentially very good providing they can gel and we have picked up a couple FA WR's as well. Scroll through some of the old articles and you'll see who everyone is that we have picked up. Enjoy the up coming season no matter how it turns out and stay strong.
  15. Nope! Not in the least. I am proud to call myself a Bills fan. No it's not always easy to be and I sometimes take a lot of sh*t from people, but I look at the alternative and it's un-thinkable. I mean, what are you going to do if your not.....be a Patriot fan. No thanks. I'd rather drink a gallon of bleach then be a Cheatriot fan.
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