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  1. Oh look, ANOTHER sky is falling in Buffalo article. In full disclosure i didn't read the article, but I am so sick of it. He is a rookie, still finding his feet with no Vet support at the position and no supporting cast. His WR's are marginal at best and that's being kind, the O-line is starting to come together but still have stretches of ineptitude. These so called experts are ridiculous. If they are all experts, they should already know all this. Maybe he shouldn't be starting, but guess what, he is the best QB on our roster and the difference between the two isn't even remotely close. These are professional players and coaches, they play to win so they are going to play the best players they have. It's not rocket science to know this. Everyone knew the offence was going to struggle this year. We took to many losses on the Oline and you can't expect a rookie to play well and with confidence behind a struggling line. Especially when he has no receivers that he can count on. The only offensive weapon that he can count on is shady and some of the members of this site are actually saying to trade him. Ummmm YEAH, THAT makes sense!
  2. BigPappy

    Why I think Josh Allen had a bad game yesterday....

    He's a rookie CBF. That's why we lost. He's going to have his ups and mostly downs this season. I know you're being a bit "tongue and cheek" but it's amazing to me how many people believe that wearing or not wearing a specific jersey, hat, pant, or doing a special dance ritual before a game has anything to do with a team winning or losing a game. We had years and years of mediocrity because no one ever had a "real" plan to build the team until Beane and McD came along. This is our "hump year" once we get through this transition things will get better so keep wearing what ever jersey you want bro.
  3. BigPappy

    Our newest Bills fan has it right

    Awesome! Just awesome. Love it when i see kids getting raised the right way. LOL!!
  4. BigPappy

    Bills' Fan Gets an Allen Hurdle Tattoo

    To each their own as far as people who want to get tattoo's. I have one myself and want to add a couple more, but they are and will be something that speaks to who i am and things that have happened in my life and are important to me. I love my Bills, but they are still only a football team and I would not put a transient player that may or may not be on this team in 5 years on my body. As for the last part of your comment, it speaks more to the quality of your friends than of anything about you. It is unfortunate that you feel that your friends would rip on you for doing something to represent your love of something as the person in this picture has. I will say this about the person in this picture, he certainly isn't the type of person that does anything half way.
  5. As of right now i would say the Fins, but the Jets are going to be very competitive in the next few years.
  6. Personally, i think the NFL has been so watered down by the rules that it's almost to the point that it's unbearable to watch. I know they say they want to make the game safer to play but it's FOOTBALL. it's not a safe game and it's part of the reason they are paid such high salaries for their talents. I would rather they take all these rules that were put in place for "player safety" and just let them play. I was watching last nights game when Rothlesburger was getting taken down just after throwing the ball. The Tampa player (Don't remember who) tried to let up and in mid tackle was already saying sorry to Ben and that he tried to pull out of the tackle. The ref was right there and heard him and still called it roughing the passer. On the replay you could see he was trying to dis-engage from the tackle but it was too late. It wasn't even that hard of a hit and he didn't put his "full weight" on him and it was still called. Utter BS if you ask me.
  7. BigPappy

    Lazy Buffalo media

    This is what McD meant when he said the team was young. He is referring to his starting players. which most are on the young side.
  8. BigPappy

    any WR's potential trade targets?

    I agree, it would be great and he would become our instant #1 receiver with his speed and hands, but they dealt him away because he didn't buy into the system\environment, or at least that was what was said. If that's true, they aren't going to go after him to get him back. Now, if they dealt him last year stricktly for draft capital for the 2018 draft to get Allen, with all the picks and cap space for 2019, maybe it could happen...... Maybe.
  9. BigPappy

    any WR's potential trade targets?

    Not that it would happen but, the one thing I would say about getting Watkins back would be that with J.A. at the helm and not TT; Watkins would definitely reap the rewards if he stayed healthy. He would be a completely different player than he was before with someone that won't ALWAYS check down to the shorter to intermediate passes. Have to agree with your statement of them practicing the long ball. Allen should chuck that ball to him until he's consistently catching 7 out of 10. I heard Romo make that point as well several times. I have to say that I was not a big fan of Romo while he played...i thought he was a good QB but not great, but I have to say the guy is a fantastic analyst when it comes to calling a game.
  10. BigPappy

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    Well....You know the saying, never bet more than your able to afford to lose. By the sounds of how your wife is going to react if you lose, it sounds like you made a dumb bet. Especially with the way the spread is at this point. It was at 17 the last time i checked and by Sunday, it may be as high as 20. So unless you got a great line or incredible odds on your 5k i would say start packing your s**t to move into the dog house. LOL!
  11. BigPappy

    What is your favorite positive Peterman play?

    My favorite play was the one he was sent to the bench.
  12. BigPappy

    It finally hit me who Trent Murphy reminds me of....

    I remember Ryan! While he was not what i call elite, he was VERY good and yes he was quite athletic for his size. The guy was a monster at 6'7" i think.
  13. BigPappy

    The Bills gained an angel yesterday

    My heart aches anytime i hear of the loss of a child. I can't imagine the devastation that they are feeling now and the pain they will have to endure going forward. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
  14. Why fire Frasier? It's not a scheme or coaching issue when you defense overall lacks talent. There are a few high performers, but the rest are mediocre at best. When your best defensive linemen is over 30 and ready to retire there isn't a lot to work with. Other than Williams, the line gets hardly any push and can't control; the LOS. How do you expect the LB's and DB to do when the QB has all day to throw and the OL is controlling the LOS. I'm saying it now, firing Frasier is not the answer, and I will go as far as saying firing him would be a huge mistake.