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  1. I don't think that question is in his Soros playbook, so don't expect an answer.
  2. Like anyone here gives twoschits about your opinion! ?
  3. Wait until mom finds out and takes his computer away!
  4. Let liberals run the country, They've done such a great job in the major cities.
  5. unlike you faker, I have a job. I'm free after 5 though.
  6. anytime you want big boy. But I know you won't do it. You're a fake ass white boy.
  7. I bet you're actually a mentally disturbed white guy living in his moms basement.
  8. I was suspended yesterday.I guess I better not disagree with the BLM again.
  9. I think I heard this before............Hmmmm.............Something about Trump losing in a landslide.........it slips my mind at the moment
  10. Amen to that!! At least we agree on something.
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