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  1. What has happened to Biden historically when he's run for pres in the past? Has the additional exposure brought on by a campaign helped him before? If not why will it help him this time? Just like 2016, this will be a hold your nose and vote election.
  2. https://poll.qu.edu/2016-presidential-swing-state-polls/release-detail?ReleaseID=2399 2016 PA
  3. Somewhere buried in the 1200 pages of the HCA it wouldn't shock me if abortion was defined that way given the authors and supporters.
  4. Abortion is health care? Do we define it that way in law?
  5. Only to those paying attention. Very little of what he says will be challenged except possibly in a debate with Trump and Trump isn't great at breaking down and challenging statements by others in a convincing way. Trump will have his hands full against Biden who is well versed in all things government both domestically and internationally along with having strong media tailwinds. Trump's best weapon is a continued strong economy and chopping down the Democrat party with the phony investigation and getting some indictments, well timed. As for the strong economy, it's on borrowed time IMO.
  6. Those were good numbers on which to raise money...............................in 1999.
  7. Just read about 25 pages of Baker's testimony in the middle of the document. Like everyone that goes before Congress they try to say as little as possible and invoke "i don't recall" repeatedly. There is no way on earth he doesn't recall many of the details of all this given the sensitivity and high level of interest all these people had in this. Somebody will rat at some point, but the water in the pot is not much warmer than comfortable yet.
  8. Great, glad to hear you're working on a budget Mr. President. Let us know about the big cuts we're making also.
  9. I read her entire comments from Sunday and didn't find them overly offensive. What irritates me the most is her re-hashing the events of the past that led to Palestinians losing land and painting them as victims. It's over, it happened, move on to what's next and to something positive. You can make a case the Palestinians got a bit of a raw deal after WW1 and WW2, but as a people they've done a terrible job in more recent years of putting themselves in a better position to negotiate with the Israeli leadership. It should be obvious to Palestinians that they have zero chance of achieving their own state or even getting to the negotiating table as long as they provide safe haven for some really nasty people that want to eliminate Israel and Jews and Christians. Frankly the only real answer I see to the "problem" is to re-locate Israeli' Jews and Christians or to relocate all Palestinians. Israel is located in a really lousy neighborhood of countries.
  10. Yeah there's gotta be a first Amendment defense in there somewhere.
  11. I really want to believe this but more and more as the Mueller thing has unfolded it seems as though the inertia among media, pols, law enforcement and the judicial provides a giant support structure that will protect those in Washington or at the very least offer enough resistance to tamp down the effort for real justice. I'm less optimistic that we really get to the bottom of this in a very open and public way at the moment.
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