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  1. Does the article mention she's nails on a chalkboard? Seriously the country will tire early listening to her irritating, whiny and annoying style.
  2. Well, she's no less qualified than many who hold an office.
  3. We have a legal immigration system. The big fight is over those that want immigrants coming and getting citizenship in a legal and organized fashion and in reasonable numbers vs those that want immigrants to be able to come in by any means and for any reason and in any numbers. We know why politicians want the latter. Why any private citizen would want the latter is a head shaker.
  4. FIFY. He hasn't been good. He's been very bad. He's 25 years old with little NFL experience. He may never be good or even a good backup and may be out of the league soon but he's at an age and level of experience where he still has time and a lot of room to get better and people that work hard at something can get better. He had to leave Buffalo for the good of both him and the team but to declare him not competent or to say that he will never be competent (even if that turns out to be true) is premature.
  5. Why wait for the election and risk losing all that time and further risk that Bernie doesn't make it and/or that Congress fails to act on your behalf. Take that sign to a busy street corner along with a bucket.
  6. The old Democrat party would support better working conditions and wages for Americans working in those plants. Hot, dirty, monotonous and dangerous sounds like he's describing auto worker assembly plant conditions from the 60's. Not to mention that maybe we don't want our meat processed in dirty plants.
  7. More like what my wife does with half the clothes she buys. He should have been on the "somebody is gonna ***** with this guy so we need to watch him 24/7" list.
  8. Morse is a big risk at this point. Bodine likely stays put.
  9. You know what's bad for the Raiders other than having 9 years left on Gruden's deal? Having Mike Glennon as their backup QB. That dude was here in Chicago in 2017. He's awful.
  10. Good for Nate having a decent outing and fighting the good fight.
  11. Great question. Tough to answer because in more than 80% of the shooting murder cases, an arrest is never made. Link to 2018 stats and numbers for other recent years very similar. https://heyjackass.com/category/2018-stats/
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