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  1. This post is proof that Trump is achieving his goal with this decision.
  2. He did seem older. Another example though of pols working until the grave. Many of these folks need to retire, have some fun while they still can and get off the power trip crack pipe.
  3. How much cash will Dem candidates burn through the primaries? A lot especially if it's competitive. It's one of the reasons incumbent Presidents so often win. They don't have to spend early.
  4. What good is that when only 1 can be the candidate and why then are they holding debates?
  5. More evidence along with some of the horrific long term contracts that NFL owners are not smart when it comes to football.
  6. Uh, he already sued and settled. Can we move on? https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/03/21/colin-kaepernick-eric-reid-nfl-collusion-settlement/3237678002/
  7. Given all of the irresponsible acts by the media and the political opposition, why on earth would he release his tax returns? They (media and political opposition) have proven over and over again that they can't/won't call balls and strikes but will rather use any information to push and create false narratives and run wild with them.
  8. Agree, I expected something much more damning than what was heard. Not news that Zucker hates Trump and that they have an anti-Trump agenda in their reporting each day. That's pretty obvious from what they produce. The culture of the media is no secret.
  9. Well she's got those dem talking points down pretty well and she's pretty safe electorally in NY.
  10. Did you really think this through before posting? I thought not.
  11. How on earth does a complete idiot like Clapper ascend to the position he did in our government?
  12. Identity politics requires a complex set of values which vary from one target group to the next. It's a tedious discipline that is hard to manage. Serious stuff.
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