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  1. keepthefaith

    The Trump Economy

    Yes and it really sucks. ***** Paul Ryan for all his rants about fiscal responsibility over the past 10 years became a turtle when his party gained the white house and majorities . You'd think a guy like him would want to get something meaningful done before he left office.
  2. That is a big part of the problem.
  3. keepthefaith

    The Trump Economy

    It would be interesting to overlay manufacturing revenue. When I was a kid, all the cheap crap said made in Japan on the bottom. For a long time now it's been China.
  4. Dems back in power? Minority of Governors Outnumbered on SC Senate Oval office and Justice department ...and Nancy's gonna be driving the House short bus
  5. Here's a CNN story of great relevance deserving home page exposure. https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/13/politics/melania-trump-poll-numbers-drop/index.html
  6. keepthefaith

    Trump foreign policy

    We have a history as a nation of defending democratic nations that are threatened by *****. One man's opinion. https://www.businessinsider.com/us-israel-allies-2017-2
  7. Time will tell and yes it does sound a bit nuts 😀
  8. keepthefaith

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    Dems missing the opportunity to include this in an infrastructure bill. Shovel ready baby.
  9. keepthefaith

    Trump foreign policy

    If we could hack off Israel and move it to a spot in the Caribbean or closer to Bermuda we'd care a lot less.
  10. keepthefaith

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    A wall alone won't do but staffing the entire border in such a way that it would be well secured means a lot of long term cost and costs that will rise over time. That would then be subject to ongoing funding making it easier for an administration who wants more open borders to simply kill it. Agree though that some additional staff and technology should also be deployed and Trump's wall does include technology. Tough to build a wall along the Rio Grande. Mexico unlikely to pay for the wall, directly speaking. Mexico could be a better neighbor and be a lot more cooperative. It's the biggest no brainer on earth that we need the border much better secured. Both parties should agree on that. They can argue about how to best do it but both sides should be committed to getting it done.
  11. keepthefaith

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    I applaud Trump for giving both of them "the business" while on camera and he had them backpedaling which will play well with his base. He could put more pressure on Dems if he did a better job of stating succinctly the obvious case for better securing our borders and putting the ball in the Dems court to get on board. The ranting about a shutdown and repeating himself too much (as he often does) takes away from the issue and making an effective pitch to Americans. Cite the recent caravan problem, the years of immigration abuse, the olive branch of long term residency for DACA people and put the ball in their court for all to see.
  12. Sounds more like a college professor than a US representative getting ready to tackle $22 Trillion in debt.
  13. keepthefaith

    The Trump Shutdown

    Shut down? Fine with me. We'll still have funds for Military and entitlements. The rest can rot The government continuing to run with no budget, at huge deficits and no border security would be far more disappointing to me. Shut the ***** down!