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  1. Actually American children are detained and held by non-relatives frequently - in foster homes. In foster homes or in group foster homes the children of some incarcerated parents are housed and their movements are restricted by courts and the supervising adults - FOR YEARS. Even worse is that incarcerated parents can be ruled as unfit parents with no rights to resume parenting their children upon their release. Even worse some of these kids are then adopted by the foster parents and the biological parent may then have no right to visit their children until they are adults. The courts rule based on what they feel is best for the children. Similarly courts have determined that children entering our country illegally with adults are best supervised in relatively comfortable detention areas, not able to roam freely or unsupervised and not in a cell with the adult criminals.
  2. This is where I'm headed. Don't have time or the know-how to make a bunch of short-term trades. Have done well on several in the past few years but so could have a blind squirrel in the recent market. We will be due for some correction or at the very least malaise as this expansion becomes more likely to end each and every month as we go forward. With single digit years for me until retirement or semi-retirement, I'm not willing to risk weathering another big correction or negative economic event. Would rather be guilty of getting out a bit early and have the opportunity to move back in on the back side. Trump has definitely helped to extend the life of this good economic stretch IMO with tax cuts and a business friendly message but I don't think there are any more economic levers to be pulled and we're almost in the longest expansion ever right now. To the OP, if you're not truly skilled and devoted and willing to take the risk in trying to beat the market, you might be best to invest in an S&P index fund. Not many can honestly claim that over time they do better themselves or even with professional help. That and there are good investments outside of the stock market. I'm heavier now in real estate and that will serve me quite well in the future, even in a down economy.
  3. keepthefaith

    pancho needs our help- we are the best fans on the planet

    #94, great number. My number too. Donation sent and best of thoughts to Pancho.
  4. Yeah, the smugglers/traffickers know the rules. If unaccompanied minors get admitted, that's who shows up at the border. If the practice changes and adults with children are then admitted, then that's what the border patrol sees. If those loopholes are closed but then anyone with a dog is permitted, we're gonna see packs of people with a dog and the animal rights people will be screaming if the dogs are separated from their "owners".
  5. They become unaccompanied after they are separated from their adult parents/relatives/smugglers.
  6. Her platform? Usually a bed? She's going down there to entertain the kids? Boys and girls?
  7. Went into a local McDonald's this week. 2 kiosks for ordering are now installed in that location. Might be old news but I'm not in McDonalds very often.
  8. I thought it was the 47% that don't pay it?
  9. And whatever he signs will likely be temporary thus compelling Democrats to come to the table and negotiate a real solution. Let me be clear though, that's not a prediction that anything permanent gets done. It won't this year unless Republicans find a way to go alone.
  10. Reasonably said, but the adults entering the country illegally are taking the risk and choosing separation. Many are arriving with minors because they've known that in the recent past they were given preferential treatment. They are free to leave the country with the kids in tow. Just like jobs being a magnet to come here illegally, we encourage more illegal crossings if we are offering friendly border service.
  11. That's a bandaid. We need to get to a point where we can legally and effectively prevent as many illegal entries as possible and turn people away immediately when that occurs.
  12. keepthefaith

    Clinton Political Dynasty

    I'd argue that hubby Bill was a bimbo.
  13. Shocking. There shall not be a solution before election day. Come to think of it, there shall not be a solution until dems have the white house and congressional majorities.
  14. keepthefaith

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    If that comes true it may be her first ever accurate statement.
  15. I agree with the President, they should not have due process rights for illegal entry. That law needs to be changed.