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  1. keepthefaith

    The people marching to the boarder ???

    So when the migrants are interviewed at the border they can tell our agents that they're tired of the heat and hope to get to Buffalo for the winter?
  2. I really enjoy high school basketball. You probably see a lot of great games and some really talented kids. Off topic but I saw a high school game here several years ago that featured Ryan Boatright, Frank Kaminsky, Ben Sobolewski and Bobby Wehrli all in one game - all pro and/or D1 players. It was quite a show.
  3. I don't think you'll find schools in such poor condition kids can't learn well. I have close friends who are teachers in low income Chicago areas. The stories they tell are incredible in terms of the total lack of effort and respect shown to teachers by students in these areas. There are stories every week about this. We're talking brutal acts of teacher disrespect and near zero effort on the part of many of the students. Where the schools get some share of the blame IMO is due to district-wide policies that won't allow teachers and administrators to discipline the kids or require that homework is done or give them failing grades. They simply move the kids along from year to year and allow them to behave horribly and rarely with discipline.
  4. The problem with fixing schools in low income urban areas is that for the most part the schools don't need fixing. It's the student body that arrives at school from a home environment of low educational expectations (including students planning to drop out years before they are of "dropout age") that needs fixing. They use the same textbooks in suburban schools that they do in urban schools.
  5. It's a hedge in the event that Grenell decides to identify as a woman during the selection process.
  6. keepthefaith

    The Rosen Era Has Begun in Arizona

    Thou shalt expect 1st round drafted rookie QB's on crappy teams to immediately play at a high level and declare them busts when they don't.
  7. keepthefaith

    The people marching to the boarder ???

    Can't argue with that 🌎
  8. keepthefaith

    Another Day, Another Corrupt Trump Act

    Bullcrap. If Trump were so concerned about his own pocketbook he'd move the FBI, have his son's execute the purchase of the old FBI building on the cheap and then develop that property. When that happens come and ring the corruption bell.
  9. keepthefaith

    The people marching to the boarder ???

    Don't count on that. The laws regarding those claiming refugee/asylum status are not simple and are subjective. These migrants for sure have been coached up on what to say to their "case workers" who will be a combination of Mexican, U.S. and possibly U.N. officials along the way. Our Federal government is somewhat handcuffed by laws and can't simply turn people away or meet them with soldiers at gunpoint at the border which frankly is what should happen given that this is a coordinated political stunt.
  10. Yes, it's more likely DA plays poorly or gets hurt after the long layoff. Hope otherwise though. Allen's gotta play when healthy.
  11. keepthefaith

    The people marching to the boarder ???

    Yes what a coincidence.
  12. keepthefaith

    The people marching to the boarder ???

    Turn these ***** around at the border.
  13. keepthefaith

    Long hair is not a strategic advantage

    Yes and you would think that 1 incident like that would be enough for a player to cut it shorter.
  14. keepthefaith

    Predict the score: Bills at Colts

    Bills 23-17 with a run heavy offense and some help from their defense. Peterman comes in late for the injured Anderson (pulls a hammy) and executes the winning handoff. This is not a wish, but simply what the crystal ball shows.
  15. keepthefaith

    Going Through WORST Possible Scenario With Allen

    Things certainly aren't in great order right now with Bills' QB's but gosh it's waaaayyyyyy too early to be making the EJ and 2013 comparison. The Bills simply need another off-season to plug some holes and for their young players to be further along.