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  1. Nope, pre-existing condition. Oh wait a minute, government control over the what the people eat and weigh - yes!
  2. keepthefaith

    Hate Crime or Hoax?

    I can't wait for the police to finish their investigation.
  3. Well maybe Schiff and his committee will ride in on white horses and save the day for Obama's DOJ, FBI, CIA and the Mueller team by exposing the evidence that all of the investigative and law enforcement professionals missed over the last 2.5 years.
  4. keepthefaith

    Amazon To Pay No Federal Taxes in 2019

    You're enjoying the attention. Must be pretty lonely day to day over there.
  5. keepthefaith

    Amazon To Pay No Federal Taxes in 2019

    The original would have stood had the site not blocked the noun.
  6. She doesn't know what she doesn't know. You'd think by now Nancy would call her in and tell her "ears open, mouth shut dear". At the rate AOC was going though, it was only a matter of time before she stepped in it.
  7. My gosh shouldn't Barr remove Rosenstein tomorrow? I know Rod has already tendered resignation coming up soon but why would they let this guy finish unless he is spending his last days answering a lot of questions and turning over a lot of internal docs.
  8. Gotta hand it to Schiff and Dems. They are executing "a good offense is the best defense" with a lot of conviction.
  9. keepthefaith

    Amazon To Pay No Federal Taxes in 2019

    It's a fair question as to what specifically are the offsets (deductions) that reduce their obligation. Another fair question would by why any media reporting on this wouldn't do a bit of research first and also report the answer to the obvious question rather than simply parroting a critical Bernie Sanders statement. Says a lot about Bernie, the media and many others that have weighed in with lazy and biased reporting and rhetoric.
  10. keepthefaith

    What is better, no guns, or more guns?

    Yes but no need to have an intern in there during termination of someone. IMO you just don't do that out of respect for the employee being fired. I'm not defending the shooter in the least, just disagree with any company that invites spectators to a termination that don't need to be there and in this case the intern is a total stranger.
  11. keepthefaith

    What is better, no guns, or more guns?

    I do question an HR manager that brings an intern into a termination meeting. Sure the newbies need to learn and gain experience but IMO you don't have somebody in the room who isn't somehow engaged in that act. You want a witness in the room - fine but have it be the person's supervisor or another relevant individual and nobody else.
  12. keepthefaith

    What is better, no guns, or more guns?

    A gun was purchased legally but permit was later revoked. Shooter went to work that day likely expecting to be fired and brought gun to work. One victim was 21 year old intern, his first day on job. https://www.foxnews.com/us/aurora-shooter-opened-fire-at-termination-meeting-one-victim-was-hr-intern-on-first-day
  13. keepthefaith

    POLL: Can you drive a manual transmission?

    I owned a Plymouth Champ in the mid 80's. Very small car and it had a 2nd manual gear lever to change the axle ratio. On 0-60 runs you could open your hand and in a single quick motion move both levers to go from 2nd-high to 3rd-low. Quick and very good handling car. It was a blast.
  14. keepthefaith

    What is your favorite breakfast cereal

    Flutie Flakes. It's the only box of cereal I have never opened.