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  1. Politicians enjoy the freedom to keep the electorate in the dark. Instead of informing the public (their constituents) on the matters within their areas of responsibility - we get sound bite presentations or an avalanche of information (2000+ page ACA bill) or nothing at all. Additionally, schools and parents choose not to teach children in any reinforced way the roles of government and the importance of being engaged. That has bred a citizen culture which overall lacks understanding and interest. I recently held a meet and greet and fundraiser in our subdivision for a Republican candidate running in a primary for our US congressional district. The seat is currently held by a dem in a district which has about 55% Republican registered voters. The subdivision is easily 66% republican and there are over 1000 homes. It's an affluent subdivision and the average education is probably more than a bachelors degree. The district had not been blue in decades. This area of the district is mad as hell that a dem won in 2018. We worked to promote the event and had 30 people attend. I thought we'd get 100 easily and reach the capacity of the subdivision clubhouse. People, even those that can balance a checkbook simply lack interest. The right to vote for all people is absolutely essential for a free society. It's a shame so many people don't invest a little time to help them best exercise this right and hold elected officials more accountable for good performance.
  2. Not often. The league is pass drunk. Great to see a team commit to the run and make it nearly impossible for the other team to win. Mostert is a nice story. Really he was a track guy first at Purdue. Was the Big Ten 60 meter champ IIRC and he was a great 100/200 sprinter. Well traveled in the NFL. Has been a part of 6 or more teams/practice squads, battled some injuries and tonight he's a star. He's fun to watch.
  3. Because Trump unlawfully shamed the Fed into reducing rates last year. Impeach!
  4. Well you can't take the risk of having spontaneous audience reactions from actual citizens.
  5. I hope we're issuing 1099's to the recipients of the pens which in liberal circles probably have 6-figure collectible value right now.
  6. Right, because getting rid of a guy who is investigating corruption is a good step toward that end
  7. Chairs for the managers for sure. Nadler definitely needs a chair. Not simply for sitting but to hide as much of this funny little man as possible.
  8. Made made a decision to remove negative experiences from his life. That's you.
  9. Does she shop for her own clothes? If so she shouldn't. If not someone should tell her about 21st century return policies.
  10. No way Nadler will subject himself to that scrutiny. He won't be a manager. Not a chance.
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