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  1. keepthefaith

    John Brennan's Security Clearance

    The practice of leaving security clearances in place for former intelligence people or other insiders is questionable at best. What good can come from it except for utilizing those that can truly be trusted and of future assistance? Any incoming administration should review who from previous administrations has them and make a determination who shall keep them and for how long. Otherwise the potential for leaks and abuse just grows every year. Certainly if one is an outspoken political adversary of a new administration and/or doesn't have a good working relationship and/or was part of a group of people who conspired against an incoming administration - that person should not retain clearance. Brennan, clapper and the rest should have had their clearances revoked very early in 2017. Trump's an idiot for waiting this long.
  2. Agree they will bring pressure no matter which QB plays. McD and Dabol also know this and they'll prepare for it.
  3. keepthefaith

    Kamala Harris takes the lead....

    Despicable comments by Cuomo. That should be enough to upset a lot of New York democrats.
  4. Even John Kelly has to be laughing at this one.
  5. keepthefaith

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    When is next IG report coming out? Tomorrow?
  6. This is why I believe Strzok when he says his actions weren't politically motivated. Even though he was on-board politically, it'll be revealed that he was doing what his superiors wanted him to do.
  7. keepthefaith

    The Trump Economy

    In my best Donal Trump - !@#$ Turkey!
  8. The arm's a concern but McCarron's is very similar and at least in what we saw the other night AJ looked a bit slower in making the decision to throw. Nate looks like the slightly better athlete/runner than AJ to me. Ceiling of these two is probably more similar. Did anyone look closely at the film of Nate from the Carolina game and see that he seemed in such a hurry to make some throws that he was still almost back peddling when he started the throwing motion? Seems like that is something to be corrected and may help his velocity. He's a young dude, just 24. He can still improve, but yeah this is Allen's team when he shows he's ready.
  9. keepthefaith

    Kamala Harris takes the lead....

    I always thought she had a twinkle in her eye for Barack and vice versa.
  10. My ancestors literally came over on the Mayflower and for the sole purpose of keeping your ancestors and others like them out. I'll apologize now for their failure.
  11. Yes and in a QB starved league there is ample opportunity for anyone that can play well as a starter or backup. It's a hot market to say the least. Nate and AJ are easily motivated by the chance to play and be well paid by any team. Very few stay with one team for a career. They have to expect to be moving on at some point, and until then they make the most of it.
  12. In other words, his attorney's feel the government didn't make a good case and that they made theirs through cross and have nothing to gain by calling witnesses. The judge and jury are their best allies. I still believe though that he will be found guilty of financial crimes.
  13. Now you've done it. Now both the Redskins and the Nationals will need new team names.