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  1. The sheer number of dad jokes in this thread is impressive
  2. I got a 5 year old, just found out YouTube TV doesn't have Nickelodeon, so that's a show stopper. Gotta figure something out by hockey season.
  3. Anyone have YouTube TV? Thinking about getting it. Love to hear any pros or cons.
  4. Well Dick spells it Jauron and he coached the Bills two seasons after Jarron was born. Also guessing no one has named anything after Jauron unless you are referring to a bland malaise of nothingness that was his personality. "Man that presentation was totally Jauron. At least that doosh Pete goes full Gregg and uses a bullhorn for his power points." Eastside rules! Unless you are referring to East Rochester or Irondequoit, those were slices of the west side that drifted over to the east. We'll take Spencerport though!
  5. Especially for the over 50 crowd with the Rockettes reference and possibly the "Ain't too proud to beg" reference if it was the Temptations and not TLC.
  6. He's always been AP to me https://beta.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2018/08/27/ad-or-ap-redskins-adrian-peterson-is-cool-with-either-nickname/?outputType=amp
  7. I do almost Everytime. I have light green eyes. Not wearing them is an unneeded annoyance.
  8. I certainly wasn't making the comparison of talent, nor does one word in my post reflect that.
  9. Yeah I'm only basing it off of his on court personality. Dude just doesn't stop yapping. Buddy Boeheim and Marek Dolezaj are "Scrappy" too, I don't get the same vibe watching them. To each their own I guess.
  10. God I still dislike Devendorf. He's just the opposite of charasmatic. Has there been a more unlikeable SU star?
  11. Your optimism is infectious. I feel better about them.
  12. My reaction was more along the lines of Hop getting two 5 star recruits while Cuse has a pretty weak class coming in.
  13. This is disheartening https://www.syracuse.com/sports/2019/05/jaden-mcdaniels-another-top-basketball-recruit-chooses-mike-hopkins-washington.html Cuse seems to be heading in the opposite direction. It makes you wonder how it would be if Hopkins was given the reigns he was promised.
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