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  1. Of the tube steak variety I assume
  2. So because Cole liked Tyler Palmer’s (who?) factually questionable tweet, everyone is assuming it’s true?
  3. Feel for Benny, being in Jim’s doghouse seems like a miserable existence.
  4. Lehigh tonight. I think they finally have the athletes to hang with the blue bloods, minus the bigs perhaps, but they should at least keep those games close. Hopefully they clean some things up from preseason. Lots of sloppiness from the young guns.
  5. He was bad at SU, bad in Buffalo and still sucks. Teams need to stop hiring coordinators that have Hall of Fame players leading their unit. Just like Josh is Buffalo’s offense, Aaron is GBs offense. The only thing I can imagine is that Elway thought he’d get Rodgers with Hackett. Whoops. Maybe next season.
  6. I can understand them coming off that way. I also think a whole show or even segment about expected goals for/against is going to make a large portion of the audience tune into something else.
  7. He started (Xtra point show) during the worst time of year for sports. He’s gotta fill the time with something. The thing that Geary, Dibiasi and even Jeremy White do is bring a modern look at sports. Using analytics and data driven opinions to the airwaves. I’d rather hear any of them before listening to Paul Hamilton discuss the Bills. To this day I don’t know why they bother with Paul on football coverage. (I know he’s kinda an emergency fill in but there has to be better) The gambling thing is becoming an issue. The hosts talks about their bets (who cares), the betting lines and have guests on to discuss all of it. It’s weird coming from my generation to hear it but I guess we all just need to get used to it. Ugh.
  8. I was told breasts don’t grow on trees. Please direct me to these bazinga bonsais.
  9. Beasley’s hands have never been questionable but what’s the cut off point for production vs reliability. I mean is it better to know you can get 4 yards 95% of the time or 15+ yards 85% of the time. Obviously I’m just kinda making those numbers up but I hope that illustrates the point.
  10. I mean, he played injured, not sure how effective. I suppose it was effective enough but the Bills are emphasizing YAC this off-season, which has never been his strength. Hopefully, with McKenzie, Crowder and Shakir, the results are exponentially better after the catch.
  11. Yeah I feel like the the change was that the Bills wanted someone who didn’t fall immediately after catching the football as they ranked near the bottom of the league in YAC.
  12. Kudos to the Browns management for being complicit scumbags throughout the entire process
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