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    Steely Dan

    The first place I think about scoping chicks is a Steely Dan show.
  2. inkman

    Steely Dan

    Have you been talking to my wife?
  3. I don't agree with this at all
  4. I'm a water cracker myself. Unless we are talking about Cheez-Its. They have a special place in my belly...I mean heart.
  5. What's the DMV? Please stop with the car jokes.
  6. Great post. I'll take the guy everyone in the league fears due to his speed vs a guy no one in the league even knows.
  7. Not everybody needs to be Josh Allen's aw shucks kinda guy.
  8. So just for clarity, his nickname or whatever you want to call Murphy's bellowing after he makes a kick, is Haush money, right?
  9. Brown averages 15 yards a catch, Zay 11.7. Thats where it starts and ends with me.
  10. Anytime this team has ever been hyped, they ultimately fall on their face in tragic fashion. Here's to bucking the trend. 😬
  11. I'm looking for that exact scenario? Got any leads as I'm not 6'6" 275 lbs or young enough for anything athletic outside of taking out the trash.
  12. Real pervs use mirror lenses. Dark lenses are too easy to see through when in direct sunlight.
  13. Based on the limited carries I've seen with him, I don't think he's ready to perform all the functions of an NFL running back.
  14. Well no NFL team is trading anything for a guy who has struggled to make an NFL roster throughout his career.
  15. Degenerates, the lot of ya.
  16. I'm not Mike's biggest fan but I'm not sure how accurate most of this is. Quite honestly, what have the Bills done to give anyone in Buffalo hope that they finally have it right. I was upset when they drafted Allen, much like many fans, as there were red flags. He's won me over quite a bit but I'm not fully sold yet. Until Josh performs like an NFL quarterback on Sindays, there is room for criticism. Schopp is a weird dude. He prefers drafts and trades to games. He prefers tennis to football. He hates most things that have anything to do with what we enjoy. It makes for a strange dynamic when listening to his show. That being said, he's a solid professional on air personality that keeps the show moving.
  17. The sheer number of dad jokes in this thread is impressive
  18. I got a 5 year old, just found out YouTube TV doesn't have Nickelodeon, so that's a show stopper. Gotta figure something out by hockey season.
  19. Anyone have YouTube TV? Thinking about getting it. Love to hear any pros or cons.
  20. Well Dick spells it Jauron and he coached the Bills two seasons after Jarron was born. Also guessing no one has named anything after Jauron unless you are referring to a bland malaise of nothingness that was his personality. "Man that presentation was totally Jauron. At least that doosh Pete goes full Gregg and uses a bullhorn for his power points." Eastside rules! Unless you are referring to East Rochester or Irondequoit, those were slices of the west side that drifted over to the east. We'll take Spencerport though!
  21. Especially for the over 50 crowd with the Rockettes reference and possibly the "Ain't too proud to beg" reference if it was the Temptations and not TLC.
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