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  1. Let's hope its in Cuse. 😬
  2. Yeah grab your edge guy in the first, then whatever stud WR falls (some are going to have to fall due to the sheer number of them) to you in the second, ***** him up. I haven't seen much of Higgins or Shenault but neither look like the guy we need. I wish Ja'Marr Chase was able to enter the draft. Holy smokes does he look good. Jefferson looked good in the bowl games. I wouldn't mind him if he fell to us. I like him better than the two I previously mentioned.
  3. With the depth at WR in the draft, would they even need to move up (after their 1st pick) to get a legit WR1 prospect?
  4. Orientated. Unless your a Brit, no use for this non word in out language. It's oriented. Just like conversate. Not a ***** word. I like Biggie as much as the next guy, Big Poppa is the only acceptable place to hear this word. ***** moronic. I prefer broughten
  5. Physicality and compete as in "I didn't like our level of compete". Stop trying to make words into things they aren't. Plenty of good options to use there but somehow sports landed on it. Mostly hockey. Oh and the stupid misattributed "quote", the definition of insanity. I'll tell you what's it's not. It's not about repeating something. The definition is about mental health, something I'm all too familiar with. The knuckle draggers at work use it incessantly.
  6. I was going to post the exact same thought. Is Syracuse the slightest D 1 team in America? Hugh's and Guerrier are the only guys resembling ACC body types. The rest of them look like they just got off the refugee bus. Holy smokes are they skinny. Get these guys some steaks and Guiness. I was excited to see Robert Braswell early on against N. Florida but he's not helping their cause. Little Joey Girard might be the 3rd strongest guy on the team.
  7. Hopefully they saved some shots for the rest of their games.
  8. I thought about these posts today as SU floundered against a depleted middling Iowa squad. This team is bad. None of the recruits are showing anything special. I'm not sure Girard is a D1 athlete. He certainly doesn't have the size for the zone. Guerrier is nice but I'm concerned he's a smarter slightly taller Paul Harris. A PF in a SG body. Marek should be the 6th or 7th guy and his heroin chic look isn''t getting it done. Sidibe is turning into a worse version of Craig Forth missing layups. Buddy Boeheim is missing a ton of shots, the only thing he's supposed to be good at. This might be the worst Syracuse team of my adult life. I think they screwed the pooch with Hopkins and left this program in Dire Straits. I hope they recover but it's getting ugly. I'm not sure they are going to win more than they will lose.
  9. This is a great point. Drivers are held to a standard. A little too subjective in my mind but it's at least a standard. Customer satisfaction. If you don't score a 4.85 on the star scale, you may as well look for another job. I'm at a 4.88 because 7 drivers out of 500 decided I was worthy of 1 star. This is coming from a customer base who can't bother to be ready when you arrive, even though they know the exact minute you show up. They also blame the drivers for the apps ***** GPS functionality. Many riders are too lazy to type in their exact address, so you'll end up at the neighbors because lazy ass couldn't be bother to use anything other than GPS location even though it's two houses down from the pick up.
  10. I wasn't buying into the hype but he's making it difficult to not believe. It happens. Plenty of other good players have done the same with varying degrees of success.
  11. If he has half a brian, he's doing fine. The downside is working until 3 am on weekends. If he's driving weekend nights and weekday commutes, he's probably doing well. Oh and he's not terribly far from NY States little secret. Ithaca. Its always surging at ridiculous levels. Double and Triple normal rates. I've been tempted to make the 90 minute jaunt down there to pull in serious coin.
  12. This is a great point. Especially here in the 585. Getting a cab is almost useless. Between the 45-60 min wait, the wonderful disposition of the drivers and the exorbitant costs, the taxi industry in Rochester was a non-factor in this town. Speaking with multitudes of riders over the years, ride sharing has been a revelation in Rochester. We were a drunk driving town for all of my adult life minus the last two years. I have countless peers with DWIs due to this period of time. We're all glad there are options now.
  13. Not to speak for the ride sharing community as a whole but I don't know one driver that "does it as intended". I mean I get it, the term "ride sharing" lends itself to that idealogy. Unfortunately, for better or worse, it's blossomed (festered?) into something different. I'm sure there are multitudes of reasons how it got there (societal underemployment, aging low skill work force, yada yada) but it's where we are. It's in it's current state due to supply and demand. I like having the ability to make some cake on the side whenever I have some free time. It feels good to help people be safe and not drink and drive, which is at least 50% of my rides.
  14. Been driving for both Lyft and Uber since it's onset in Rochester, part time as a way to supplement income. To piggyback what Karlos said, you have to know the times and places. Right now, I do Friday commutes (3-7pm) and Saturday early evening (6-11). I can pull $150 during those times. If you drive later your rate will go up with surging. You'll be able to make upwards of $30 an hour. Currently, the UofR is a hit bed of ride sharing. Asian chicks as far as the eye can see looking for rides. Naz and Fisher are great on weekends taking scantily clad underclassen (underclasswomen?) to and from parties and bars. RIT has been hit or miss. The East End scene is nuts on weekends. It'll surge from 12-3. Get signed up now. They have to do a background check which can take a week or two. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THANKSGIVING EVE. EASY WAY TO POP A FEW HUNJ IN YOUR ACCOUNT!! To a degree but often the surges are close enough if you head in that direction, you'll be the beneficiary. If its more than a couple miles away, it's probably not worth it.
  15. The game was certainly decided but Washington had a better handle on the offence than Carey does at this point. Hopefully Jalen can transfer without much fanfare. Gurrier has me a little concerned as he's going to be facing looooong ACC bigs down low. Hopefully, he learned how to use his strength to overcome that.
  16. Carey benched. Girard starting Saturday per Boeheim's post game interview. Syracuse, N.Y. – Syracuse will have a new starting point guard when the Orange takes the court against Seattle on Saturday. Joe Girard III, the high-scoring freshman from Glens Falls, earned the promotion just two games into the season. Syracuse c... https://www.syracuse.com/orangebasketball/2019/11/lineup-shakeup-jim-boeheim-names-joe-girard-as-starter-after-win-over-colgate.html
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