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Who gives Pegula advice?


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1 hour ago, tomur67 said:

Wondering if Pegula has some people or person ( outside the organizatjon ) that gives him advice as to hiring or firing coaches or other management positions?  Anyone ever read or heard?


Terry reads the Stadium Wall. He's actually @BADOLBILZ.

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2 hours ago, frostbitmic said:

He's a married man, the correct answer is Kim.


1 hour ago, HIT BY SPIKES said:

AND her relevant experience is what again?


1 hour ago, OZBILLS said:

Billionaires answer to nobody. Who can advise the one with all?

This is not what the OP is talking about.  I am sure there are a few "veterans of the game" floating around that Pegula has a relationship with and would lean on for input from time to time, off the record.


He has a lot of access to lots of famous/professional/ex-NFL people.


Who those specific individuals are, God only knows.


When things were going lousy with the Sabres a LONG time ago, he was schmoozing with Pat LaFontaine and some sort of formal gathering and that led to Terry hiring him as GM b/c he thought Patty had a good idea/plan for turning the team around, and Pegula TRUSTED Patty as the guy to "fix things".  I guess that was based on....I don't know....Patty's career as a great SABRE PLAYER.


You can see why no one wants this guy to pick a new coach once McFingerpointer gets fired.



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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