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Road to the Playoffs


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I know its all doom and gloom but I'm gonna try a little glass half full post.


One of the roads to the playoffs is through winning the AFC east, wild card might be out of the picture now. If we beat the Jets, Fins Pats, and chargers we would finish the season at 9-8


I can see Miami losing to:  Cowboys, Ravens, Bills maybe raiders and or titans (and  splitting with Jets) which would finish them at 9 -8 (although if they split with the Jets AND lose to the raiders/titans that would be 8-8)


We win Tie Breaker if both finish 9-8.




What do you think are the odds?

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I think 10-7 is still on the menu for the Bills.  Our losses, while they are to bad teams, are all close.  We're not getting blown out by anyone.


I don't buy the conventional wisdom that the Eagles & Chiefs are both automatic losses. I think we match up okay w/ Philly, and the Chiefs are beatable this year. I'd give us one of those.


I see our 2nd loss as probably the Chargers.  Away, and the west coast trip is always a bit tough.


3rd potential loss against the Phins.  But I can see us entering that game w/ a chance at the division.


Maybe I'm discounting Dallas, but I like our chances in that one at home - since it's not a night game.


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5 minutes ago, RiotAct said:

Miami is NOT losing to the Titans.   Full stop.

still have two Jets games and Raiders. I dont think they will beat the Jets twice and I think they will lose vs raiders. Same outcome

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gah this is so reminiscent of the drought years when we had to go to advanced calculus starting in late october to find a path to the playoffs. 


Let's go on and prepare ourselves mentally to be fully out of the playoff picture next week.   Once they lose to the Jets, i'm sure they'll pull one out of their azzes against one of the good teams we have on the schedule, and maybe 1 or 2 more just to move us out of contention for a difference making WR in the draft but this is a bad team with a bad coach, an old, slow and broken D, special teams that define the word 'special', and a QB that needs some serious counseling

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You know,  a thread like this should be for fans who still have a bit of hope to discuss realistic scenarios where the Bills could still get into the playoffs.


I get that other fans are frustrated and have given up - and I don't blame them - but what point is there in just hopping on here to ridicule the idea?


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2 minutes ago, Patrick Fitzryan said:

I'm not even sure I want to watch this current iteration of the Bills go to the postseason again.


God only knows what kind of horrific choke job they'd manage to pull out of their hats in a playoff game.

Some bizarre variation on 'Stay In Your Lane' - 'Home Run Throwback', with a phone call from NYC overruling the field officials.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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