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Von Miller

Riverboat Ritchie

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Without having a chance to go back and watch the All-22 yet, I will say that on first watch, I thought that this was his best game overall since he came back.  Now, that is a fairly low bar to be honest, but for the first time in his limited snaps back he had a couple of effective rushes.  Early in the game, and in games past this season, it almost looked like he was going through the motions which is honestly somewhat expected from a guy fresh off an ACL where it hasn't even been a full year since the injury that didn't have a camp or any practice time.  But that last series with the game on the line, I thought he had some great rushes and was even held and tackled in the 2nd to last play which if called as it should have been, would have ended the game before the last play even happened.


I get that people are getting a little impatient with Von because he hasn't magically come back to the dominant force he was last season for us, but I was very encouraged last night, particularly late in the game.  He's getting closer.  And you know what?  It may take several more weeks before he is all the way back.  But this is the guy we brought in to close out important games for us late in the season and in the Playoffs.  And just like we want every other player on the team to be playing their best football in December, January, and February, the same goes for Von.  The splash play is coming.....he's getting there.  Just try and keep expectations where they should be for a 34 year old guy coming off a major injury with no camp and virtually no padded practices.

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18 minutes ago, bigK14094 said:

Not going to contribute this year imho.  To far to go yet in being his old self.  Of course, he maybe never gets there.  One of Beanes worst moves w the Bills, in fact, perhaps the worst.

I disagree.  The Elam picked might have been worst.  Miller was having a great year up until second game in less than a week on crappy turf in Detroit. I still hold out some hope for him. He was starting to look better as game went on. I just don’t know how many snaps he should be taking away from others as he gets right. 

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I've been super critical of Von these past few weeks but I liked his effort last night.  He was definitely pushing it harder...and i personally think he can only go 50%. The previous weeks I did not feel like he should have been active in the games, but last night made me feel better about his progress.

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1 hour ago, bigK14094 said:

Not going to contribute this year imho.  To far to go yet in being his old self.  Of course, he maybe never gets there.  One of Beanes worst moves w the Bills, in fact, perhaps the worst.

meh we are in a window where guys improve very quickly. 

Breece halls been working through that window and gotten much more explosive for instance. We are about in the right spot where between improving health and added conditioning he may not get to 100% but the run from 70%-90+ should move quickly the next couple weeks I believe 

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12 hours ago, Simon said:

This is his training camp.


100 percent spot on. Nicely put.

1 hour ago, DuckyBoys said:

they need him for the post season was the plan  If McDermott can get out of the way of the offense we just might make it there  Maybe he makes a impact

Big if. These days it seems like McClappy can !@#$ up a wet dream.

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These threads are made by people who have clearly never played a sport and/or had to come back from an injury .


It's about confidence in the knee and going full speed on a surgically repaired ligament. At his position, the amount of bending, lateral movement, etc is not normal for humans or knees. Once he can again play full speed and confidently bend, rush, use all of his power, he'll be fine. If that never comes back and he never gains that feeling, he'll have to retire. 

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13 hours ago, mrags said:

At this point. Hes not as good as either Epenesa, Groot, or Floyd. Hell, even Jonathan might be better at this point. But he’s gotta get in there and get reps. I feel like he’s getting closer to getting there. He actually sniffed the QB a few times tonight. 

Why? If he isn’t 100%, he didn’t need to come off of PUP. Nothing against Von, as you’ll see I’m with patience here. This is more about his long term recovery. I personally don’t think game reps are going to benefit him any more than rest and practice might have.


13 hours ago, DrDawkinstein said:

He's really just getting into shape. Obviously not going 100% off the ball. Doing more to set the edge and watch than rush up field at the passer.

If that’s the case he shouldn’t be playing 


7 hours ago, VaMilBill said:

He almost cost us the game by jumping Offside and getting the bucs within throwing distance of the end zone. Stupid play

Classic Von


7 hours ago, NewEra said:

He’s still working his way back to 💯…… of course he doesn’t look 💯 

think big picture……not week 8


This is key. He doesn’t need to be an all-pro right now. We just need him to be in January. Still think they rushed this thing along.

3 hours ago, Einstein said:

He rushing from both left and right.

Though primarily standing up and from a very wide angle.



Again classic wide 9. Really puts the tackle in a pinch, forcing them to gain depth/width with their kick. Opens up the inside mode and get a little more umph with your hands due to the running start.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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