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  1. I say bring them on, the more the merrier. I have been recruiting fans for 30 years and in good or bad, I think most realize than in Buffalo being a fan is more than just cheering for a football team. It will come and go but it’s pretty cool that right now a lot of people like cheering for the Bills.
  2. Maybe the cliff notes version next time and not the treatise for a football thread doc. 😃. Just kidding. Thanks for thoughts. I think we miss his leadership more than anything. I’m betting he is retired after this but who knows. His INT against the Pats is one of all time great Bills plays. Go Bills.
  3. https://imagineforyouth.org/ select Ryde for Hyde.
  4. Any idea on severity of strain? He did go down hard. Probably a 2-3 week but have no idea.
  5. Went to Buffalo at Miami game in 2003. If there is a Hell it must feel a lot like leaving that humid ***** hole stadium after Bills got their a$$es kicked. Freakin Travis Henry pass. Ironically we were 2-0 going into that game too after beating the crap out Pats at the Lawyer Malloy game and taking care of J-Ville pretty easily. Very different team though. Squish the nasty fish. Go Bills
  6. May the Buffalo Bills be Charlie Fog tonight @Virgil Go Bills.
  7. I was there and it was more. Like me there were a lot of WNY Natives now living in different zip codes who made the trek for this type of game. I’m guessing at least 35-40. Probably one of the least important games in terms of tie breakers and division/conference but boy was it meaningful and fulfilling. Go Bills
  8. This is so stupid but so true. Honestly one super bowl win and the rest of life is all gravy. Just get that one baby. #Burnitup. Go Bills.
  9. What are best options and/or any place where Bills fans meet up for Baltimore Game?
  10. At this point, you should probably be at 2/3. I’m probably at 2. The details in complaint seem a bit murky and just because it is written down by an attorney who seems (from his tweets) a bit on the dramatic side, definitely does not make it fact. Who knows what recording said or what happened at house. Obviously and I think most people on board would agree, if he did it he needs to pay a big price, criminally and civilly, but too early to tell. Can already tell though that these scummy “Hollywood” attorneys will eat this crap up. As far as Bills, it’s a distraction and he’s a punter. Move on sooner than later . Go Bills.
  11. Brought whole family last year from West Coast, rented RV and stayed near stadium. Unfortunately it was Colts game but there is no atmosphere like it. Green Bay is cool and their stadium tour is the best Anyhow, in terms of things around stadium, grab lunch and get some wings at Big Tree. They have some cool memorabilia. Shake Ralph’s hand outside of stadium store and then go in and buy a few overpriced t shirts. Grab a picture near Bills mafia sign. A good couple hours of entertainment. Go Bills.
  12. Any chance Bills Backers LA will have tailgate party like happened a few years ago in LA at Coliseum? Just make sure enough beer vendors. Andre and Bill Fitchner were there
  13. Devin Singletary. Contract year and rush game should be stronger. He hammers out 100+ games, it could get so good.
  14. Great pic. Hopefully he doesn’t see the field much but could be generational punter. (Hopefully).
  15. In Beane we trust. The trade up and loss of pick is puzzling but I think we got right pick. Only time will tell bummer about losing forth is if that SDSU punter was still there, I was thinking 4 would be spot to take him. I imagine we could still figure out a way to get there though if we really want him and besides we’re not gonna punt this year anyways. Lets Go Buffalo.
  16. “Slow marinating in the oven of unemployment “…pretty good. Go Bills.
  17. Like Hebert and certain extent Burrow, I’m a fan of their play and would probably be one of Allen too just based on abilities. Strangely and this is weird to say but I’m not sure he would be this good if he wasn’t taken by Buffalo. The coaching situation worked in his favor. Fam and I went to Pro-Am a couple months ago. On fourth hole my kids (8/10) in there JA gear were waving at him. His was speaking with his Larry Fitzgerald and other golfers but saw them, walked about 20-30 yards over to us for some fist bumps, pics and autographs. He didn’t need to do that. Rest of round he was equally patient and generous with time and with kids. Always a Bills fan but also will always be a JA fan. Go Bills. Go JA17
  18. I hope San Diego gets a team or chargers back. A decent fan base and great place to go watch the Bills play. I have only seen them lose there though with first game being when Flutie Magic started and almost got them a win.
  19. Is this the same guy who recommended last week that Bills play Sweet Caroline? We need to get to the draft
  20. They better get that in a Tee Shirt quick. I’d buy one up to go with my Firebaugh Eagles gear.
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