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  1. McFieldgoal was not ready to coach us to a championship
  2. Receivers aren’t getting open, guessing that Davis is struggling with injury.
  3. You have to wonder if Daboll and Bienieme are poor interviews. I also wonder (please comment if you know) if Biebieme actually calls the plays for KC.
  4. Take away Henry and Tanehill is nothing. Give Josh Henry and....
  5. I’ve noticed some coaches and Refs are not wearing masks. First time I’ve seen this. Something special I am unaware of?
  6. I would think McKenzie but he is so involved with motion, the backfield, etc it might make more sense with Davis.
  7. I normally don’t mind Tony Romo but he has spent the entire Bucs/Chiefs game excusing Brady. Everyone’s fault but Brady.
  8. I was at the game he blew his knee out. Heartbreaking injury. He really revolutionized the way cornerbacks played.
  9. Belicheat is pulling one of his old tricks where on third down there are several Patriots standing up at the line. It is confusing Allen
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