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The 2023 - ??? Edmunds Report


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6 hours ago, MiracleAtRich1393 said:


I was always in the camp of he's good for what he's asked to do which is zone coverage and if he's covered up by great DTs then he can be serviceable at run support, but I live in Chicago and he's been HIGHLY exposed this year. Bears fans love their MLB's, and I got several texts last night from casual Bears fans along the lines of "what's up with Edmunds did we get a lemon and you didn't tell us??"


I was a major Bernard skeptic going into the season but the guy just has it. He's a MIKE Milano. Edmunds is a robot out there, and to me it looks like he's at the point where he almost doesn't even care now that he got paid. Gotta give Beane & McDermott huge credit on this one.

It kind of feels like he somewhat performed well here because he had a great system and good players around him, now he's in Chicago and he has none of that. Bernard has that now and he's just playing better he just seems to add more to it.

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6 hours ago, JohnNord said:

My view was that he was mostly average which is not a great return for a player you traded up for in Round 1.  

Out of his entire career I can only think of a few main highlights:


- The huge hit on Lamar Jackson that knocked him out of the Division playoff game.


- Knocking away a deep pass from Mike Gesicki over the middle in the wildcard game against Miami.


- Absolutely crushing a running back causing an incomplete pass in the same game above.  

Am I forgetting any others?

He gave a couple of our own guys concussions lol

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6 minutes ago, 97bills said:

I have no idea how he got that big contract, like no one watched the tape. 


If I recall, he had a very good game against the Colts in the 2020 playoffs.  9 tackles and 2 pass breakups or something like that.  Eberflus was coaching the Colts, maybe that impressed him?

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11 minutes ago, FireChans said:

Edmundo has 1 tkl. I guess he's been stopping Ekeler in the middle. He only has 4 for 68 and a tuddy. Imagine if the Scarecrow wasn't protecting the grass.

Its time to feel sorry for Bears fans, with regards to this free agent signing .

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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