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RD 1, Pick 25: TE Dalton Kincaid, Utah


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12 minutes ago, What a Tuel said:


Pretty sure Gronk ran some pretty nifty 2 tight end sets with a guy called hernandez before the incident.


Ok. But I'm not going to say he's our Kelce. This dude is a big body. For now he'll have Knox. The year after next, I doubt it. I love Knox, but we gave him too much money and there will be a correction at some point. Money matters now.

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2 minutes ago, MAJBobby said:

He shouldn’t Be. Kincaid was higher graded then all of those WR in my research. 

always a possibility for sure if they were going to go TE for whatever reason I am over the moon they grabbed DK. 

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1 minute ago, Big C said:

I do agree the 4th rounder feels like a lot for two spots at the end of the first but whatever. Beane knows he is getting is comp picks next year. 

though as mentioned early in the night, 4 was the price for 25 and 3 would get them to like 22 or such. It was a predictable price. Not a guy I would’ve guessed it for but with the right coordinator our talent is a real challenge on defenses. 

hines and Kincaid on the field with knox/Davis/diggs creates a good bit of pressure with 5 guys that have the whole route tree or a physical run set. 

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