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Will DeAndre Hopkins be available this offseason?


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6 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

Could just be a personal thing? Timing is of course an eyebrow raise


NFL Network guy

This is why they have to do it. End of last year defenses were just double teaming Diggs which is why they stopped going to him and he would get upset. They need a good #1B option

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Just now, Jerboski said:

Move his contract 

His cap hit is only 1.5 

Just now, Buffalo_Stampede said:

What if the Bills trade for Hopkins and Jeudy. Move out Davis, Oliver and Basham?

Jeudy likely takes pick 27 +

But that would be crazy fun

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7 hours ago, BearNorth said:

As a lifelong Bills fan, the best offense in the NFL today has to include (1) Andy Reid (2) Kelce, and (3) Mahomes, they are the new Brady/Gronk.  Until you can matchup with that trio you're not the best. Reid's play design and play calling is on a whole other level than the rest of the league.


Except the Bills beat them 2 out of the last 3 times, all in KC, and Bills really should be 3-0 if not for ST blunder with 13 seconds left.  And that is before they would have gotten Hopkins.  And Bills have finished ahead of them offensively 2 of the last 3 years, with the only year not ahead of them being this past season where KC and Bills were 1 and 2 and separated by just over a half a point.


KC now has lost JuJu and Hardman, and lost some other key players on both sides of the ball.  With or without Hopkins, Bills were already likely going to field the better offense again this year.  And with Hopkins, we would be entering the new season as the favorites to field the highest scoring offense in the NFL especially since we have been no lower than 3rd the last 3 years and have upgraded already at a number of spots on offense regardless if we also get Hopkins.


They may be the team to beat until proven otherwise, but we would be the odds on favorites to field the top offense again this season if we land Hopkins.

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2 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

Basham + Oliver + a 5th for Hopkins with a good amount of $$$ retained, reworked deal and a Dlineman on Cards? 

No way they take on Ed's pay. Boogie and a 2024 3rd conditional 2nd

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