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  1. No way they take on Ed's pay. Boogie and a 2024 3rd conditional 2nd
  2. 1. Darnell Wright 2. no. 48 from Lions Campbell/ Sanders/ Simpson/ Foskey for 2023 6th, 2024 2nd and 5th ( puts us ahead of the Steelers)Lions have 2 2nds 2. no. 59 Sam Laporta / Darnell Washington TE 3. BPA C 4. BPA DT 5. BPA S This after we land Hopkins.
  3. Chris Trepasso of CBS sports was on WGR yesterday and said his no. 1 tackle is Darnell Wright and he thinks he is by far the best pass pro tackle in the draft.
  4. 117 Tackles 5 Sacks 1 FF 2 FR 9.5 TFL 6 PD 2 INT. Year 3 28TH PICK RD. 1 2020 Name 1 LB in this yrs. draft that you could expect that from.....we'd be lucky to get one of the top 3 and that would have to be at 27, not to mention this could be a draft day deal. EDIT: My bad I just got that.
  5. Denver doesn't really want to move Jeudy. Hopkins is getting up there, although would love to add him. But what if Campbell and Sanders are gone by 27? Could we flip Ed for a 3rd rounder then trade to Balt. for Patrick Queen who looks to be a pro bowler for years to come? They signed R. Smith to 100 mil. and tagged the dummy. They have until May 1st to decide to pick up his 5th yr. They can't afford all that and Queen ain't happy. They can pay Ford and give Queen a new contract that could keep the hit down and have the money left over for Ford. That would allow them to go all in on offense although an Edge like Isaiah Foskey at 59 would be cool.
  6. They also mentioned something about his social media...which I don't participate so IDK, but I would not at all be surprised if Beane makes it happen. Nothing was mentioned about K.C.
  7. Sal was just on the radio talking to some reporter( didn't catch who it was, may have been a Cards beat reporter), who said it's highly unlikely they keep Hopkins citing the rebuild and all new staff. I expect trade block or release at any time now.
  8. Detroit has 2 2nd rounders and 48 would put us ahead of the Steelers. Texans have 2 3rds....ya never know, plus we could throw in a conditional 2024 pick.
  9. A fully healthy J. Phillips is far and away the best DT on this team. I'd prefer him next to Ed.
  10. Interesting Walterfootball 1. Nolan Smith DE 2. Darnell Washington TE 3 Jaxon Kirkland G 4 J'air Something S 5 Rashee Rice WR
  11. Man I cannot believe all the whining on this board....Beane sucks.....McD sucks...they can't draft, bla, bla, bla. FRAZIER IS GONE! That in itself is worth a high draft pick! Just a change in scheming, play calling and an increase in blitzing will make a huge difference in our players. Every one take a breath, it's mid March.... and remember, we pick 27th in every rd (except the 5th), and have only 6 picks. Beane is going to have a lot less control on what he can do and no control over the 26 picks ahead of him. The cap is what it is. He can trade back or dip into next years picks, that's it. Let's wait and see how things unfold. There is no telling what can happen. Maybe Carter slides to us and maybe we can move Ed to the Texans , Cards or Colts and get into the 33-36 range. One things for sure, not one poster on this board has a clue what will happen.
  12. Did you just mention position versatility? BTW Poona Ford is shorter and has made it this far. Also every stat including physical is said to be identical to Donald. The guy has a list of awards a mile long. I'd take a John Randle all day long.
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