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  1. Trade to 31 with Philly for 94. Pick Campbell Trade 59 and 94 to Seattle for 37 Pick Darnell W.
  2. I do still think Sherfield is gonna be a huge get. He was no.3 behind Hill and Waddle. He's a process guy whose determined and is gonna give 150%. He's gonna be talked about a lot. I also think Shakir will have a very high catch to target ratio on all 3 levels. As far as rd. 1....Seattle, Detroit and Houston all have 2 picks and then the Pats, Jags, Bolts and Giants before us...JSN, Johnson and Addison will be gone. Flowers is small ( shortest wingspan of any highly rated WR prospect ever?) from B.C? He could end up just topping out as Lil Dirty 2. PASS I think we could have better luck with a later rd. WR...( Tillman , Reed, Mims, Mingo, Rice). If we can land a good TE as well, I'm happy.
  3. It would have to be a 3 way trade. The Cards won't want Ed's 11 mil. salary and they pick 3rd in each rd.
  4. Campbell is an above-average run stuffer, a borderline elite defender in coverage, and an underutilized pass rusher. His leadership ability is second-to-none, and he will be a force in the middle of the defense for the next 12-15 years. Campbell is an All-Pro MIKE. Stamp it. NFL Draft Grade: Mid-to-Late Day 1 This is from the article. I can't see a better, safer, more impactful player at 27....period.
  5. They'd have to give him Brown's spot. What are they gonna say? Well, we thought he would beat out Spencer, but we'll have to give him time to acclimate to the NFL level.....or better yet, We felt that he could be an all pro guard...so it made sense. You spend 1st rd. picks on can't miss LT's. You don't throw your current starter at RT away after he had no off season last year and is going into his 2nd year with his 2nd OL coach and 2nd O.C. To me that's just stupid....plus Wright ain't gonna be there anyway. I would rather pick the other Darnell.
  6. Sherfield will be our Higgins. He's gonna wow. Shakir too and a healthy determined Gabe. I think a Tillman, Reed, Rice pick after the 1st can offer just as big of a contribution than a pick at 27 not named JSN. A 1st rd, wide receiver will be battling for no. 3 or 4 kind of snaps? I want ...for a 1st rd. pick, to be able to start day 1, full time at a position of great need. A good WR can be had in the 3rd, combined with a good vet and we're set at 7. I also believe we'll come away with a good TE.
  7. I'm not counting on it. It could be very slim pickens by 23 or so. I think it would cost to much to even go to 20. It would have to be a 2024 pick(s). I actually like Campbell as possibly being the BPA. 27...31...what's the big diff.? He's gonna be ready to go game one and most likely give us better all around play then Edmunds. Not many questions as to what he'll give us. He's already being trained up by McD's star protege'.
  8. I would rather him over Flowers. This is a year where 3rd and 4th rounders will probably be looking like ones. Having 2 TEs don't mean we have to run 12. I think Dorsey won a championship with Shockey and Winslow so I'm guessing he knows when to use it. I think Kincaid's gonna be a perennial pro bowler. I wouldn't expect Knox to play every snap. I think that Kincaid would do more for the WR core and offense vs. a possible MacKenzie.
  9. Nothing would make me happier. Washington fans deserve this and they do have a roster that would make the NFC east much more interesting. While I really have to applaud the Jets team building and drafting, I can't help but to hope they get bit in the arse. Going all in on A Aron just to save a GM and coach who don't dare draft another QB looks like a typical Jets mess ready to unfold. Aside from getting Rogers, I really don't have an answer of what they should do (or should have done) at QB. The Jets want assurances. If Rogers don't get through a season or decides to retire all of a sudden, they want to be able to recoup picks. I don't see GB folding on that. They hold all the cards. I'd love to see a team like Washington with new ownership swoop in and take him. It would be cool to see them against the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles. If he ends up in N.Y, he's gonna have to get the Arthur Moats treatment.
  10. Well if he was/is a 3 down back, does that mean we only need 1 ?....and what did we trade for Harris?
  11. Yeah I saw that too. The pop ups kill that site for me. Hey ease up!! What team do you play for???!!!! signed...Ryan Bates
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