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  1. It drove me crazy that he probably could have easily had another 2nd and 3rd....and doubled down on WR and DT.
  2. I think he's gonna keep getting better. He looks really fast to me.
  3. I'm curious about Claypool. What if he's determined?...What can he offer?
  4. I hope he turns into Jared Allen.
  5. Absolutely, we could have stumbled on the Deebo Samuel / Aiyuk sp? combo with Chase and Coleman ..of the east. I also expect Curtis Samuel to be an unexpected deep threat.
  6. Yeah ok, but I would have pulled those 2025 picks out of my pocket and went shopping. There were numerous teams with multiple picks in rounds 2 and 3. So next year we got bookoo picks and FA money. IMO, this was the time to gamble. You're either drafting or paying, this year we needed to draft. I'm ok with the picks, but we coulda loaded up. I would have rather gained a Burton or Walker and added another DT or something....in addition to.... BTW, the guy I'm hanging my hat on is Solomon. This team needs what only other teams seem to get on the DL.
  7. I'm curious, why did BB not move up for Thomas? What 6 spots? ....an extra 2025 2nd? I don't believe I've heard Tasker or Brownie unpack that one.
  8. I'm very optimistic at WR and Coleman I'm coming around on him. Tired of hearing we have no speed, enough of that crap. If these guys can play as a unit, they can be a scoring machine. All that no.1...no.2 no.3 stuff is all crap too. I'm trusting Brady to be all about mismatches week to week and everyone should benefit. BTW, I think Shavers could be our Troy Franklin.
  9. I myself would prefer Josh in shotgun...with a clean pocket putting on a clinic.
  10. I'm expecting a great year for Josh. Nobody (allegedly) constantly nipping at his ankles. Gonna be larging and in charging.
  11. True that and if Beane is bringing Claypool in, I'll expect there was more thought put into it than mine. Give the kid a chance. signed...Plexico Burress.
  12. I'd be ok with that. Do some car dealership ads, make a sauce, cereal or seltzer....and all while wearing 14. Nothing against Diggs, just sayin.
  13. I like the 56 on Solomon.
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