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Marquez Stevenson Released (update 12/10 - signed to Bills PS)


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7 minutes ago, StHustle said:


He doesn’t even shine in preseason, has shown terrible instincts in the opportunities he has gotten and doesn’t play as fast as you’d think given his 40 time. Add in his inability to stay healthy and all of it adds up to a guy who won’t ever be productive in this league.


HOWEVER, he makes for a decent scout team guy so I guess worth a PS spot.



I totally agree with you about what he's shown to date - lacking that "best ability, availability", and what we have seen of him at WR doesn't look promising.


It just seems that the Bills have not given up on him.  That old "Can't Coach Speed" thing.

20 minutes ago, Dr. Who said:

Best part is Barkely scooping up his old number.


14 minutes ago, StHustle said:

which is crazy considering he is a PS player as well. Kinda bush league.


My inner *****-stirrer prompts me to point out: the move leaves #11 available.

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11 hours ago, Process said:

Barkley took his number, so I guess he's not coming back? Or if Barkley took advantage of a procedural move and stole his number while he was off the team for 5 minutes, that would be pretty hilarious.



That looks to have been the case. That sly dog...

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  • BuffaloBill changed the title to Marquez Stevenson Released (update 12/10 - signed to Bills PS)
1 hour ago, StHustle said:



oh and my Stevenson take has aged like fine wine 🤌🏾


I actually forgot I had posted that about "the move (Barkley's number change) leaves #11 available".

I didn't want to claim forshadowing without proof, so Thank you for "bumping" that.


We'll see if anyone picks up Stevenson.  I'm not sure he's "through" in the league, or even with the Bills, but you own the bottle for now!

Clearly Stevenson #4 out of 4 WR on the practice squad, including a 2019 6th round pick we signed in mid-October who ran a 4.6s 40.

That ain't a promising look.


17 minutes ago, freddyjj said:

Stevenson be boarding the Kolby Listenbee train to Nowheresville just about now


I'm going to guess that the Bears or Bengals pick him up.  If not the Patriots.

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On 12/9/2022 at 1:00 AM, Warcodered said:

Foster actually made some plays in his rookie season, and we were hopeful he'd do even better in year 2.

After the 2018 season some guy did a 2018 redraft & had Foster in the middle of the 1st round.  A lot of people thought we found an undrafted gem when he turned out to be a one year wonder.  Foster is really the 1st WR who showed us how Josh, even as a rookie, makes all the players around him look better than they are. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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