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12/1/2022 - NFL Week #13 - Bills at Pats* - Post game thread


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1) Anyone who has ever spoken a bad word about Dawkins needs to repent. I’ll start. I was wrong. We need him desperately.  Pay him. Whatever. 

2) There isn’t enough credit being given to that Allen TD to Davis. If that was Mahommes, everyone in the nation would get an emergency text with a link to then YouTube relay. It was unbelievable. The leg strength to shed the tackle, the balance, the arm strength to make that pass across his body. Holy *****. 

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3 minutes ago, Bills Fan in MD said:

I legit thought it was going to be an ugly defensive night after that first NE touchdown.   I'm so happy to be wrong!!


That was pre-bye defense. Poor first series, almost whilst they got to grips with play and saw what the offense was going to try, and then tightened right up.

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1 minute ago, RobbRiddick said:

The way Mac Jones struts around like he's the greatest QB in the game makes me laugh. Maybe it's just his walk 



Something about him feels like an old man. Like he’s some malnourished 1920s coal miner that time traveled. Can’t explain it. Maybe it’s his haircut and inability to be athletic 

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The greatest thing of all is Mac Jones having a tantrum on the sideline screaming at coaches to throw the ball when he literally is the reason they can't. :lol:

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Just now, Dan said:

A few thoughts:


Al Michaels needs to retire. 

Bills got a big win! And now a good rest is needed. 

Sorry, so many posters lost $5 tonight. 


10 day break to slap Mike White around.

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