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Bills don’t have enough healthy players to run normal practice Wednesday


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1 minute ago, wppete said:

It’s starting to get comical. The team is unhinged. 

Winning cures everything. They need to get on a roll. No doubt the team is down right now. Losing games that they should not, both that you were up double digits. Rather than cruising into the playoffs with a lock on the #1 seed they are in panic mode of not losing another game. Then likely headed back to KC on the road in the playoffs. Gut punch these last two weeks. 

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1 hour ago, Success said:

I like to think that in the future, the narrative will be "remember that wild season where everything seemed to be falling apart at times, but we still got that 1st Lombardi?  That was crazy!"


So, had a thought, if it ends up being Bills v Vikings, one franchise is guaranteed there first SB win! Scary thought for the losing franchise!

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1 hour ago, Captain_Quint said:

At the very least, the team has to be pissed off after all these setbacks and playing like crap.

Maybe they can turn it into fuel for the playoff run. Maybe not. At this point nothing will surprise me. 

It’s crazy that we’re 6-3 very likely to get to 8-3 despite all this stuff goin wrong.  

last year we were 7-6 with no real excuses to speak of and still turned it on in the playoffs lol 

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2 hours ago, papazoid said:

the other 40 or so players wouldn't benefit from practice ? 


certainly the backup QB would......maybe a batting the ball down drill for some DB's ? ....i could go on...


i mean, you wanna give the guys a day off....just say it.......to blame 5 guys with the flu is lame

Can’t have them huddling up, coughing all over each other.

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