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  1. Was the Austin Johnson pursuit as suspenseful as the Bryant Johnson pursuit circa 2008? (My former BBMB friends will remember that one well).
  2. If not Johnson the well is about dried up on serviceable rotational pieces. It’s a bit disappointing as this team needs 3 more deep at this position.
  3. “Ready for whatever”… careful what you wish for.. you just might be catching passes from Daniel Jones.
  4. Nice work just want no part of Elliott. Too many times under this regime we are settling for backup RBs who are finished and take up valuable snaps…Tolbert, Ivory, Gore, Murray..
  5. No we aren’t. The team that just won their 3rd SB is 5 years is.
  6. Well said. The Knox contract is right up there. You can get his play style/stats from an average backup. Pays to be Josh Allen’s buddy.
  7. I’m fine with him leaving though it may have been a dagger when moronic bills fans were hurling insults his way at the end of the Chief game. The fan base with the cumulative lowest IQ in the league struck again. That video is great for prospective free agents to see..good thing he didn’t post that..”Bills Mafia”.
  8. Careful what you wish for dude. You may just wind up in Carolina.
  9. Over Gates? Yes it is ridiculous but so is the fact that legacy players get in when they weren’t good enough from the get go. The whole HOF is a joke.
  10. The antics were tolerable when elite play was the norm. At this point it’s annoying.
  11. One step closer to the dagger. Bills have only themselves to blame.
  12. There’s no money for anything so get used to role players playing pivotal roles next year. And I say that all the while really liking Shakir. I think he’s tough and reliable and has a chance to have a Josh Reed type career (on a much better team).
  13. The passing game has been sub par and last week was downright atrocious. I believe this will cost the Bills a playoff birth. Unacceptable. They need to think long and hard about bringing in a Veteran offensive mind.
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