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  1. I think the chips are massively stacked against the Bills. Exhaustion, a crazy schedule, illness and injuries. A win would be heroic.
  2. Interesting that a receiver is much maligned and still on pace for a solid 1K yard season.
  3. Gonna be a long day if the browns can run the ball and hit the short passing game and of course if Josh Allen continues his reckless play.
  4. It’s a huge thing in the nfl to be consistent year over year. I’d much rather have sustained success as opposed to 1 great year and then back to mediocrity.
  5. Browns gearing up for a pre thanksgiving feast.
  6. I wonder who the successor is and do teams ever hire from out of the area for this..like a big name. Have no idea what a salary would be like for this kind of position.
  7. A loss here and the conference and the division are out the window..unfortunately I think things are going to get ugly around here next week.
  8. John Wawrow…the king of loaded/confusing questions. I think he’s set a record for loading a question so much that it actually ceases to be a question.
  9. Still have to put that caveat that it’s not Covid..because you know god forbid it actually be something serious like the flu.
  10. Browns run wild this week and beat a Bills team that may fall out of playoff contention altogether soon.
  11. Yea that whole vaccination issue was definitely the cause of the 13 second debacle. We can’t possibly have that again.
  12. He’s reckless. Bottom line. Even when he falls to the ground with the ball it often pops out and isn’t secure. He’s just not in the same stratosphere as a Patrick Mahomes. He single handedly costs this team games.
  13. The Allen discussion can safely be put to bed. He may throw 20 plus picks.
  14. They never did. When it comes to the bills the national media guesses. See the Christian MCaffrey “trade offer” and also how they had no intel on Von Miller prior.
  15. Good player but not even on a Quinnen Williams level. Move on and allocate elsewhere.
  16. No. The Bills know they can mess with the Vikings with his status more than any other position so they are taking advantage.
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