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  1. At this point in offseason nonsense, we may as well throw Mac Jones' hat in the ring. PS: Burrow looks like he should be starring in Home Alone 5.
  2. Dude - did you read the post? It's a fact that this defense was built to beat KC. That doesn't mean it didn't. Good grief man. Do you really not understand the difference between intent and result?
  3. With all due respect, his D isn't soft. Tell that to Poyer, Hyde and everyone else. We have a D built to beat KC and NE with an O designed to score lots of points. (It obviously didn't work the second time and I'd agree the prevent D was atrocious in that last game.) We stop the pass and the running QB. His D is the No. 1 secondary in the league. We can't stop everything. The team isn't built to defend the Darrick Henry's of the world. Besides, one RB alone isn't going to outscore Allen and Co. on most Sundays. If that's "soft" then so be it. I'm not saying that shouldn't change but that was the design this season. I stand by my point - finding a DC if Frazier leaves might cause a long bump performance-wise.
  4. This comment encapsulates the point of the thread. You want him fired because his playcalling sucked in the second game against KC and because our players weren't fast enough to tackle Hill? What about the rest of the year? We're really going to fire the DC responsible for the No. 1 defense (by a landslide) in the NFL? Then, we find a DC on a DC tree and everything will be better ... because.
  5. For those who didn't read past the headline -- Johnny Hammersticks, Bruffalo -- I'll sum up my point: With breaks in continuity, success can be fleeting -- enjoy it while it lasts. No, that's not a wisdom bomb, just a small thing to think about. I'll make sure to drop greater wisdom next time. Our coordinators are at the top of their game. I don't understand what magic knowledge people have by wanting them gone. There is a good chance this team could take a bit of time to adjust. Roethlisberger took two years to adjust to Haley, his new OC many years ago. I don't think that's an inane comment frankly. But what do I know. Nice find.
  6. PLIERS? Growing up, my dad made me use my teeth. Boomers don't know how lucky they had it.
  7. Jan. 8, 2000 was the only time I broke something after a Bills loss: I threw my remote at the TV, shattering it into pieces. This loss, due to the improbability of it — it was called the Music City Miracle after all — was the worst by far for me. Here's the important thing: Accustomed to success, who of us thought it would be the last time we'd see our Bills in the post season for 20 years? I KNEW we'd be back soon. But we lost Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas AND Bruce Smith at once. And Wade Phillips and his coaching staff were replaced by Mike Williams. Dark days, friends, dark days. Much to the happiness of so many posters, we lost our offensive coordinator, who architected video game like numbers last year and a surge back to life during the later half of this season. Much to the happiness of many posters, we're also (probably?) losing our defensive coordinator, who architected the best on paper defense this season. I personally don't understand how people know, just know, these coordinators are bad. My prediction is, the grass isn't greener and we were lucky to have these guys. I also believe our Super Bowl window was the most open this season. But those are only guesses. So, I'd recommend being grateful for what we had these past two years. I have no idea how our new OC will perform, what his philosophy is, and how we'd change under a new DC. In a game where inches and seconds count, even small changes can have big effects — positive and negative. (EDIT) I hope the new head is better for everyone. The point stands: I don't think the grass is greener with new coordinators. They were and are at the top of their game. (END EDIT)
  8. It's a legit thread. Our defense just blew the game of our lives and Edmunds is at the center -- literally -- of it. Agree -- if you don't want to read about Edmunds go to the 1,000-plus other threads about other topics.
  9. Edmunds is like an eye floater. He's always there, in the background, hardly visible. Once you notice him? You can't unsee him. My wife's reaction was similar to SoMAn's. Wanting a fresh perspective, I asked her, "Watch the guy in the dreds in the middle of the field." She's like, "He's kinda running in circles" on Play 1 then "He engages with every guy OTHER than the one with the ball" then "He's kinda jogging" and then in the Fourth Quarter, he actually makes a play to stop the first down. She's like, "He just engulfed that dude". OMG, yes, yes, yes: Edmunds is on the periphery of every play. But ... why on Earth is he not used more aggressively with those physical skills? My wife said something we've all said here: "Either he can't figure out where the ball's going or that's how the coach is using him". Edmunds' role in 2021 was a space eater. Is that his planned role? Or are his football instincts THAT bad? Where's your hall pass?
  10. Rodgers has a playoff problem for sure. And he comes off as a bit arrogant in interviews. AND it is amazing to think of Brady having more NFC playoff wins than Rodgers. But here are the things that led to the loss: Bad offensive strategy and play-calling Lack of offensive adjustments Two blocked punts/kicks 49ers' defense Rodgers' lack of aggressiveness Rodgers' views on vaccines or Joe Rogan's views on vaccines for that matter -- why tf is he even part of this? -- literally have nothing to do with this loss. Yet, the joke is regurgitated over and over. And the people who regurgitate said joke think they're being witty. The demonization of ideas and people that don't follow the norm is not cool. It's mindlessness. We all lose a bit with this vapidness.
  11. "McDermott era should end!" et all. You know who you are.
  12. Is this like one of those gender bias riddles? Or a random word generator?
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