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Rapoport - Pickett to start

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18 minutes ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

I ended up watching the condensed highlights of the Steelers/jets game. Pickett had some really great moments— he hangs in there and will chuck it downfield. I think our young corners will be tested a lot more; not going to just be the 3-yard dinks they were running before. 

And if he has to wait for receivers to get downfield I see 7-8 sacks.

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Watching the press conference, Pickett spent most of his six minutes looking slightly down, deep in thought as he spoke about losing. 

"I just play with an edge," Pickett said. "That's something that I wanted to bring to the table. I do not like to lose. This is not a good feeling. I don't want it to be a familiar feeling, so I definitely want to get back out there and get a victory, get us back on track. 


"So, I think a little bit of an edge to me. I want that to rub off on everybody. I want us to have an attitude when it's out there on the field. I'm excited to get back to work get us back on track."


Steelers fans seemed to like the quote. But I wonder what his teammates thought of it…


I could see where that quote could rub some players the wrong way, especially veterans on the team. I feel like he’s saying that the team is ok with losing and doesn’t play with an edge, but he does and his teammates need to be more like him. 

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How long before PFF tweets that this guy is better than Josh Allen?

1 minute ago, FLFan said:

I am pretty sure Tomlin knows this is a bad idea.  They are playing to the crowd at this point.  


Maybe they just kind of know its a throwaway season really because they dont have the talent, so they are trying to get him some experience and see how he does.

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Probably a good move by Tomlin.  The Bills would know what to expect and anticipate from Trubisky.  Maybe there will be some element of surprise from Pickett. It’s a grasp, and likely won’t pay off. But i think it’s a sure thing loss if they start Mitch.

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Bills have faced a rookie QB 12 times since McD took over. He is 10-2 with the losses being to Trevor Lawrence and Max Jones last year.


Their numbers? 


Attempts 365

Completions 203

Yards 1982

TDs 5

INTs 12


Average statline:

17/31 165 yards 0.4 TDs 1.5 INTs


The only really good game was Herbert where he threw for 316 yards with a TD and an INT.


Tua had a big game in the last game of the year but that was against mostly backups 


Includes Jones 3 pass game last year which balances things out from Tua game.


Basically Pickett is in trouble Sunday.

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  • Big Turk changed the title to McDermott against rookie QBs...it's ugly. For them.
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