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Was this the best performance from a Bills offense we've ever seen?


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9 minutes ago, Draconator said:

There have been the immediate comparisons to the 51-3 win against the Raiders.


But as a total domination, this has to top that. 7 drives, 7 TDs. 


I have to cast my vote as the best ever offensive performance ever. 

You can’t do much better than first 7 drives resulting in 7 TDs.  Daboll, Josh & the rest had it all going.  Both Daboll & Frazier just started their interviews.  

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That was the greatest single offensive performance by a Bills team I've ever seen. Including all the Kelly years. That was a top 5 defense we completely shredded and assassinated. And we did it against someone considered the greatest HC of all time. Josh Allen is the chosen one. He had a 157 rating in -6 temperatures. Micah's pick is legendary. The OL was amazing. The whole team deserves a game ball. Absolute perfection tonight. Keep it up boys......

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No punt attempts. No field goal attempts. No turnovers. And perhaps most impressively, not even a single 4th down attempt. This was, by efficiency measures, the greatest performance by an offense in NFL history. Regardless of what happens next week (and hopefully beyond) this game will be remembered for years to come. Did they even have a 3rd and long??

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1. 47-17 Thrashing; The perfect game

2. No punt game vs 49ers

3. 51-3 vs Raiders 



That's the order of best performances by a Bills O.  


The D had 5 INTs vs the Raiders.  We did have a turnover in that game.  The Raiders game was the best overall performance by a Bills team. 


No punt game we were sacked 3 times, had a turnover.  One of the most thrilling Bills games in history. 



But this one was the best offensive performance ever.  Degree of difficulty tonight puts this one over the other 2.  Allen's performance, the oline, Motor, Knox all phenomenal.  Total dominance. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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