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Do You Curse During and At Bills Games?


Do you curse during and at Bills games?  

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  1. 1. Do you curse while watching Bills games?

    • No, never - it’s a sin
    • Yes, but politely (darn it, jeepers, criminey, etc)
    • Yes, but no f-bombs
    • Yes - full blown Tourette’s
  2. 2. Do you curse out loud at the stadium?

    • No - it’s rude and obnoxious
    • Yes - but I keep it civil
    • Yes - full blown Tourette’s

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I'm known to drop the F bomb in my house, but I'm bipolar and former Army so it's just hard to control.  My kids are absolutely clear on what are bad words though and exposing them to a little "color" in life builds character.  At least that's what I tell myself. 

4 minutes ago, SlimShady'sSpaceForce said:

Nod Yes GIF by Captain Obvious


This topic makes this funny on so many levels.

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Depends how stupid and boneheaded the play was., or how bad a ref's call. I'm actually really chill when the dog is on the coach with me. It scares her. She thinks I'm cursing her out. She knows that f-bombs are not good.

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21 minutes ago, klos63 said:

Not recently.


By “recently”, do you mean since Sunday night???   :)


I’m not perfect at a game, but pretty civil. I would not have wanted people dropping F-Bombs around my kids, no need for that in public. I might blurt out something a little more bland. 


At home I’m a little more “relaxed” as I’m in my own little castle. I’m sure during nice weather with the house opened up the neighbors have heard some ^&%$^#, but I’m also pretty sure they have heard those words before so I’m not embarrassed. 


I have one extreme exception to note. We had some neighbors over for a certain playoff game, and the opposing kickoff returner apparently “made his intentions clear” rather than downing the ball in the end zone as called for by….you know….the actual RULES OF THE GAME, I just might have gone full blown ballistic. They still talk to me, but I think just because they like my wife.   🤷‍♀️

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Alexa must be passing on my data.  I received a letter today from the FCC suggesting that I should be fined for my behavior after the Mitch Morse holding penalty. 

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Is this some kind of ***** joke? Of course I ***** swear while watching a mother ***** football game in my own place. What kind of batshit crazy ####### doesn't?


When at the game, I take the "temperature"  of those around me. But in general I'm not dropping screaming F bombs when others are around.


(I hope the censorship works as intended, this time)

Hey, "batshit" didn't get censored. Good to know.

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