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What was your worst take ever?

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Let's see:


We should draft James Hardy (we did) because we need a tall receiver like Randy Moss.


With the right offense around him, Tyrod Taylor can be better than Michael Vick.


Nathan Peterman could be the next....


Paul Posluszny will be the next Shane Conlan.


Peerless Price gonna be the next Andre Reed!

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5 hours ago, patzen said:

I really liked the Rex Ryan hire.

I was on the fence about the Rex hire, but I loved the Marrone hire cuz I watched what he did at Syracuse. Thought he'd get the bills turned around. He did have a 9-7 season, but looking back at it, I can't stand him now 

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I was at the Week 3 win against the Patriots in 2011.  I felt at that the time it was a REAL turning point for both the Bills and the Patriots.  I figured then at the very least the Bills would be a playoff team that year.  I felt as well the Patriots at the time 10 year dynasty was staring to break up.  They lost to the Jets in the playoffs the season before and now the Bills broke their 15 game losing streak against them.  It made the celebrations that day all the more sweeter.  A new era!  


We all had to wait though another 10 years before we starting seeing it actually happen though. 

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Posted (edited)

josh allen is a big athletic inaccurate guy. we just got done with a big athletic inaccurate guy called EJ manual. not again! i was hoping baker would somehow drop. 


i doubted the football gods wisdom. the alcohol poisoning ritual was performed to ask for forgiveness directly.  

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