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What was your worst take ever?

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rosen over allen

I really liked the Rex Ryan hire.

That Nathan Peterman had a shot at becoming a solid QB in the NFL.

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2 minutes ago, chris heff said:

Thought Lamonica trade was a good idea.

Liked hiring of John Rauch.

Vince Ferragamo was a good pick up.

Wanted Flutie over Smith.

Need I continue?

Your avatar should take out the seat of your pants.  You and I are both old enough to 'get' that reference. 😁

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2 hours ago, stevestojan said:

We all make stupid statements in the heat of the moment. In years past, I was the mayor of stupid statements on TBD. But what opinion did you have that was your worst? 

My post, so I’ll start. And mine is recent and I got the appropriate amount of judgement for it:


I wanted to cut Bass after week one. 


This board was a fount of knowledge and rationality

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I’d say my worst take was on the Kiko and shady trade. I thought for sure I was correct that McCoy was about done. And I was a big Alonso fan. I remember telling Bills fans to have fun watching shady jiggle and dance behind the line with constant 3 yard losses, just so in the 4th quarter down 28-10 he can break off a big 50 yarder and pad his stats up. I never liked McCoy in Philly much. But he was the prize of that trade. I was also hugely supportive of Whaley sending a 3 or 4 can’t remember for Bryce brown in Philly. My skills once again voiced in my ear here’s a guy who is needing a chance and he’s gonna break out bigtime. 

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Overall football: thought mahomes would bust 


Bills wise: thought the lee evans and jp draft would set us up for sucesss for 10 plus years


A lot of peoples will be Rosen over Allen


I would have taken Rosen over Allen but I didn't mind the pick and liked the potential just wouldn't have traded up. So in hind sight the disagreement of trading up would also be a terrible take 

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My worst take was E. J. Manuel


Saw the size, the arm, the tight spiral that cut through the winds of the Ralph and was sold. Would not give up till I got the reliable info about his inability to read defenses or pickup the playbook from his peers on the team - said the coaches basically had to dumb everything down to half-field reads.


We all make mistakes on our player takes - have learned to look for other things in QB's and that is why I was patient with Allen but wanted to see the progressive growth and he delivered. Same with receivers. Love the speed, but the NFL is not a track meet. Give me guys with decent speed, but emphasize separation and great hands/catching radius.



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Here's a few of my worst: I had Willis McGahee AND Trent Edwards in the Hall of Fame.  I actually made a shrine to Willis at my desk at work with gameday photos from the Buffalo News and labeled it "The road to Canton"

I loved it when the Bills traded up & drafted J.P. Losman.  Back then I used to do my own draft & I drafted JP at 13 when the Bills drafted Evans.  In 2005 I predicted the Bills would go 12-4 with JP.  

I thought every game that Flutie played was detrimental to the team long term because Rob Johnson needed to play.  


Now the best ones:

After half a season as head coach I said the Bills should fire Hank Bullough before the 1986 season.

After the Vikings game his rookie year, I went to the mall that week & bought a Josh Allen jersey, convinced I'd be able to wear it for many years.


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