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  1. Yeah I have no idea. Rap doesn’t have anything on his Twitter about it so it’s probably just twitter BS. I could see Hughes not wanting to be traded and instead wanting his pick of destination but yeah I don’t see either happening.
  2. Saw a blurb on Twitter that Rapoport said Jerry Hughes and Levi Wallace both asked for their release, but couldn’t find him saying that anywhere. Hughes would be a great get as a bandaid until Von is back. Really wouldn’t mind Wallace either.
  3. All I have to say is after what he did all game, and as much as I think he deserves criticism, that throw by Josh was ***** ridiculous.
  4. Then they’re an unserious franchise and I’ll save a bunch of money on Sunday Ticket
  5. Imagine losing a 3rd game as 10 point favorite. McDermott shouldn’t be on the plane back.
  6. This whole team is built on Josh being Superman. He’s hurt and making idiotic decisions, they cannot win with that recipe.
  7. They’ve been keeping him into block because the Brain Trust has built the 3rd worst OL in the league.
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