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1/16/21 Divisional Round Playoff Bills vs. Ravens Second Half Thread

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I just climaxed 

I was mad he took it out at first look, how wrong I was. 

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Just now, Nextmanup said:

I only recall Beasely being targeted a single time!  


Throw him the ball!  He likes to catch it!  He's good at that!



Think he was targeted twice. The tipped ball was aimed at him as well I think.

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1 minute ago, Joe Ferguson said:


Where was this guy when Allen was kicking butt in the Colts game? He's like a troll that comes out when things go bad. Must be a heck of a family man. 

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Ravens D held Henry to 40 yards and if Allen is a little more accurate he has two TD passes. He missed Davis barely and Diggs terribly.

Keep throwing it but start to get Knox and the RBs involved in the pass game

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Just now, DuckyBoys said:

you dont throw bombs in the wind  Even if you have a bazooka for an arm  Low % play becomes very low %  Daboll needs to get creative  We've seen zero pop from his play calling this game 

The high % stuff is there, take what the D gives you.

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6 minutes ago, TheBrownBear said:

The wind clearly won the first half.  You can try to blame the game plan/playcalling, but the Ravens struggled as well.  It's going to come down to a turnover or special teams play, imo.

Pretty obvi to MOST posters - that bomb from Josh took a hard right.  JOsH CAn't THroW...

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Just now, BillsEnthusiast said:


I disagree - that play where Diggs was open, the ball clearly got eaten by the wind. It changed directions and blew away to Diggs' right. 

I'd have to watch it again. But Allen's been hit or miss throughout the season with the deep ball. He started hot with it in the beginning of the season and then went back to last years form and connected on a few to end the season. He's inconsistent at best with the deep ball. 

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1 minute ago, SirAndrew said:

This has always been my biggest complaint with Daboll. You can’t argue with his results this season, but sometimes he sticks with things that aren’t working far too long. It felt like we were trying to do the same thing on offense the entire first half, and got nowhere with it. 


Yup.  I like his offense for the most part, but trying to get him to stray from the game plan when it isn't working is frustrating.  He's stubborn and believes that what he schemed up all week will work eventually.  Sometimes, he's right.  But more often than not, he needs to be a little more flexible.   Hoping he and Allen can work together to find a way to get a TD for us early in the half. 


Heck, just picking up some 3rd downs may help take some pressure off the offense.  They are playing a bit tight.  They need to loosen up a bit.

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