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1/16/21 Divisional Round Playoff Bills vs. Ravens Second Half Thread

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Just now, QB Bills said:

If this game was in a dome, the Bills would be blowing these chumps out of the water right now.

Nah.  Josh hasn't been sharp.  Baltimore would also have 6 more points than they have.



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I just climaxed 

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1 minute ago, TheProcess said:

I’d like to see them work the short passing game a little more. Sprinkle in some well timed runs or screens. Wouldn’t be surprised if Wink dials up a few zero blitzes in the second half after the first one got home. 


We ran two screens to Devin. He couldn't make an inanimate object miss. 

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1 minute ago, 97bills said:

There not even worried about the run there dropping everyone no matter how many good WR you got it’s going to be hard and the ravens do have some good corners. 


need a few delayed handoffs. 

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1 minute ago, GunnerBill said:

Allen needs to play better. Daboll needs to find a way to get the intermediate game going... but Baltimore are gonna keep giving the Bills the deep ball. We need to hit one.

This. Both teams are daring the other to throw and make a play downfield. The wind is really killing us. That Davis drop (love him but he should have had that) and the overthrow on Diggs seem huge.

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2 minutes ago, LABILLBACKER said:

Everyone wants us to run. Just one problem, we have no running attack.  Singletary 1 carry/ 3 yards. Whoever takes over OC duties has to build at least a semblance of a running game. Wind is just as brutal as rain & snow. Start that damn dome.

We ran the ball 1x......we have no idea if can or can’t run smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ 

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