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  1. Can't comment too much on the x' s and o's but looking through an averge fan's eye it seems like the wr's are rarely open and have too many contested catches to make. Maybe why Josh's interceptions are up. Compare that a KC offense where guys seem to running wide open all the time.
  2. Where is the creative play calling in the red zone. Don't want any stupid play calls but it seems like when Daboll was here there was more schemed creative plays -throws to wide open linemen, throw to Josh one time, more motion or even just designed run for Josh. Still don't know why they didn't try to run Josh for those 2 yards.
  3. This one hurt bad. Total collapse. Wouldn't mind so much if the team was bad but this is a good team, a SB favorite. After a bad loss I try to avoid Bills media, a way not to care as much...until next week.
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