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  1. Well you should believe it. The Wyoming games against Neb. and Iowa were fairly close games until about the 4th qtr. which is why I brought them up. You saw some games this last year as many on this forum who've said Allen looked like the best player on the field! And thats against NFL players. So that kind of goes against your premise that Allen can't play against P-5 competition. There's probably been more great college quarterbacks who flopped in the NFL as ones who turned into franchise quarterbacks. Heck you can't even judge most great NFL QB's based on their rookie year much less college. Many barely played their first year and many others didn't start out looking very good. As far as I'm concerned, Josh Allen is just scratching the surface and has only just begun to learn how to play Quarterback in the NFL.
  2. dakrider

    Allen 3000 yards. + 1000 yards

    This is about what I expect to see as well. 200 yards a game is 3200 season, so avg. 220 a game is very doable. As far as running, I think its great for QB to be able to take advantage of situations to run. The key is to just take what is available and not take the hit. Get down or get out of bounds even if it means not getting the first down. For Quarterbacks, it seems standing in the pocket and having guys crash into their legs is biggest threats. Look at the Joe Theismann injury, Alex Smith, Colt McCoy.. Now if Allen tries to get that extra yard and take the big hit he's going to be much more vulnerable, so thats why he just has to get down and just take whats there, regardless. And also, don't make Allen a RB, except on QB sneaks and a QB draws sometimes. I still remember that play in first half of year where they called Allen to do a straight run on both 2nd and 3rd and goal and he almost got killed.
  3. dakrider

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    Flacco doesn't seem to have much mobility. But Keenum is about the worst 3rd down QB in the league. Overall should be a slight upgrade for Broncos. The only reason Elway got Keenum because he was one of only very few QB's available, but he wasn't any better than Trevor Siemian was. Broncos won't likely take a QB in first round because they can't afford another Paxton Lynch debacle. But they might take a Drew Lock in round 2 if available.
  4. For most Quarterbacks, what it all comes down to is making the correct decision on each play. Sometimes thats hitting the guy for a 3 yard gain and sometimes it means throwing to a guy 30 yards downfield, or running for the first down. The big things Allen needs to improve on, like most rookies, is getting a better read of defenses and making a quicker decision. And these two things go together. Make the best decision in the 2.5 second range and execute, and sometimes extend the play when you don't have anything. Take a little more of what the defense give you. These things will lead to better completion percentages and more first downs, TOP and scoring.
  5. In the previous 10 years NE had a .615% against teams that made the playoffs. Also, they played about 1 less game on a yearly basis against other teams that made the playoffs than most other playoff teams did. The AFC East has been a launching pad for the Patriots. But yes, the Pats have had very good teams and obviously have beat most teams. The Patriots haven't won Super Bowls because of the AFC East. They've simply had an easier time getting to the SB because of being in the AFC East. Jets haven't been in playoffs since 2010, Dolphins have only made playoffs twice in last 17 years, and Bills only once in past 19!
  6. I've said this before, the Jets, Bills and Dolphins have been the primary enablers of the Patriots. Pats usually have only about 3-4 significant games a year against other good teams. So 6 AFC east games, and then about 10 other games of which 6 of those are primarily against non playoff teams. The fact the Pats can bank 5 AFC wins a year and able to skip the wildcard week and get at least 1 home game most years has been a tremendous advantage for them.
  7. Why would Brady retire when the Patriots have had an almost guaranteed playoff spot each year being in the AFC East? The Bills and Jets etc. have to knock the Pats off, their not just going to go away.
  8. I think Allen's touch on short throws is fine. I think he needs to work on his timing for the quick slant passes, but not sure if thats something he would be doing with Palmer.
  9. Elway didn't draft a QB last year because he thought the Broncos were better than they were and would make the playoffs. He couldn't afford to get a QB to develop and couldn't risk another Paxton Lynch either. But make no mistake, Elway would have loved to have gotten Allen or Rosen.
  10. Here Josh, we know your not quite ready for the NFL yet but we're going to put you in to start Game 2. Your the QB so we want you to throw the ball but don't expect those guys to get open or catch your passes. And we'll put in some running backs with you but don't expect them to run, so you'll have to do that yourself too. Now, go out there and get'em!
  11. If you go thru and look at those drops, many would have been huge plays. Receivers have to be able to make plays in order for any passing game to be successful. They have to be able to beat their defenders at times, and be able to make great catches at times. Drops are inevitable, but shouldn't be a common occurrence like this. Bills need to show less tolerance for this next year. If a guy (say like Benjamin) can't produce after 3-4 games, then have to bite the bullet and cut him and bring in someone else. During the season and now the playoffs, everyone got to see what some great receivers can do. Buts it been the other teams receivers doing it!
  12. College stats for a 2nd year NFL QB don't really mean a lot, because if they did mean something then Tim Tebow would be in the NFL Hall of Fame! The 2017 Wyoming team Allen was on lost to one of the worst teams in college football toward the end of the season because Allen didn't play. The games Allen did play they went 8-3. Allen turned a likely 3 or 4 win team to 8-5 with a bowl win. And of those games you mentioned, the only really bad game I saw Allen have in college was against Oregon. He had a terrible game and the whole team looked terrible, kind of like the Bills - Ravens game this year. The other games you mentioned - against Iowa receivers dropped 2 different touchdown passes. Neb - game was 24-17 in 4th and then Allen had 4 turnovers in 4th qtr. primarily because he was trying to do way to much, that game was all Allen or nothing. And regardless of what team your on, 1 guy cannot beat 11. Also the Red Zone stats you mentioned, Goff's RZ passing stats his rookie year were almost the exact same as Allen's. He's improved considerably since then!
  13. dakrider

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    Brady should be the one buying the Jets, Dolphins and Bills all champagne for making it so easy for the Patriots to get to the playoffs each year!
  14. In the last 6 games, here's the Bills top rb - Jags - McCoy 46 Miami 1 - McCoy 52 Jets - Ivory 42 Lions - Ford 46 Pats - Ford 33 Miami 2 - Ivory 45 That avg. is 44 yards per game. The 2nd RB in most these games had very little yards as well. So you have 3 different running backs all averaging well below the NFL average rushing per game. At least 34 NFL players averaged over 50 yards per game this year. Allen avg for the 12 games he played in was 53 ypg. In that big win in first Jets game Bills running backs had over 200 yards. But most the rest of the games did not run the ball well.
  15. dakrider

    Shady throwing shade at Bills O lineman

    I wouldn't say it was an insult, but it was a slight. You can praise the Alabama O line without saying it quite like that. That big Bama O-line also got beat! But there were several plays this year where he got hit in the backfield. So they deserve a slight.