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  1. What if they had a 17 game schedule but players only can play in 16 games? 🤷‍♂️
  2. Bills have Diggs and then a bunch of good journeyman receivers imo. The KC games showed the Bills still need at least one more good physical receiver.
  3. KC kept making mistakes in this game. Defensive penalties, including the one on the punt were huge. Coaching mistakes like calling those timeouts at end of first half when Bucs had the ball as well as not able to adapt their offense. I don't think Bills would have won but they might have matched up a little better.
  4. No matter how good your QB is, if you can't run the ball and you can't protect the quarterback then he won't be able to succeed. And as the Bills know, you also have to have good receivers. Have to have it all working to succeed against a good defenses.
  5. The old adage - Defense wins championships was never more on display huh.
  6. So would rather lose the AFC Championship game or be embarrassed in the SB? YEAH.
  7. Brady is getting all the credit but the credit has to go to Tampa defense, keeping KC out of the end zone? That is the story of the game.
  8. The one thing that played out is the Bills are the 2nd best team in the AFC, despite their horrid running game and some other deficiencies. Coming into the season Bills were thought to be one of the top 8 out of 20 teams but moved to 2nd. Getting into the playoffs and then winning 2 playoff games is certainly a big step up from last few years.
  9. Receivers weren't getting open very quickly and Allen really didn't have time to wait for them. They needed more quick plays and they just weren't doing that. I think Allen's biggest mistakes in the game were running backwards when being sacked. Don't run backwards 20 yards! You take a step or two around but not running back like that. There were some plays Allen had no time or options to do anything whereas Bills defense barely touched Mahomes and missed some great sacks. The absolute worst play imo was the Singletary dropped pass. A 5 year old would have caught that pass. Bi
  10. I would think the Bills should approach the game like it will be a shootout. If your on KC side of field with 4th and 2, go for it. Giving the ball to KC on the 20 vs 40 not really that much a difference. Bills should run an uptempo game as well. And whatever happened to the draw play to a RB? Run that and some screens.
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