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  1. The biggest overreaction I saw was the board moderators deleting posts and giving warnings to anything that was not 100% in game only in the AFC Champ. game topic. That is just too much for me. So good lucks Bills! Signing off now.
  2. Bengals really getting a little lucky that they won't be down 14-0.
  3. I don't know, the Eagles played two of the worst offenses in the playoffs, they will face one of the best.
  4. Mohomes is getting rid of ball quickly on some of these plays too.
  5. Burrow doesn't seem to be trying to get rid of the ball quickly in this game.
  6. I expect KC to come out strong in 1st qtr but unless Mahomes is looking really good and mobile today, I would expect Cinci to take this game over by mid 2nd qtr. and not look back.
  7. KC defense looking better than Bills D! Because they are attacking and not sitting back.
  8. I think had Allen played in that system his 2nd year or so he would shine, but to put him in there right now he wouldn't do well because he often ignores the short passing game.
  9. Could Josh Allen play in the 49ers system? I don't think he would do well in that system and would be too constrained. But I would like to see the Bills borrow some aspects of that for next year and force Josh to use the players around him more. Bills absolutely have to improve their running game and make these guys execute better. They will not be successful next year if they cannot do that. One thing would be great if Bills OC would put more emphasis on just getting first downs. Make most pass plays 5-15 yards or so and just work on that primarily for the first few games and then open it up more as the season goes. And along with that also work on getting rid of the ball quicker. When guys aren't open then run or throw it away instead of trying to force something. The biggest mistakes I've seen this year is Josh primarily trying to force plays instead of just throwing it away or taking the short gain and kicking a FG or punting.
  10. At the time I had wished the Bills gotten McCaffrey, but they would have completely misused him too. There is no reason at all Bills weren't continuously trying to hit Cook and Hines and Singletary etc. on the quick 5-10 yard plays, especially in slick conditions. And on the plays you have more time you look for Diggs and Davis downfield. Josh was not anticipating the rush very well and part of that was because he was looking downfield to much. Although in this game the first 2 Bills drives they did run short quick plays on 1st and 2nd downs that all 4 plays resulted in just a couple yards each and was left with 3rd and 5+ both times. So the Bills were failing in the short plays as well. Cincinnati defense was dialed in and the Bills offense was mostly inept.
  11. Its well established that any NFL team can lose to any other NFL team in a given week and often games against poor teams are close. But when the stakes are higher and you're playing for a real chance to get to the Super Bowl, the more elite teams show up and find a way to win. Playoff seeding seems to be overrated, especially in the AFC. The whole AFC championship game in Atlanta was just another distraction they didn't need.
  12. The rest of the AFC East looks to be better next year, even possibly significantly better. Does anyone think the Bills will be any better next year? They could be if they can fix their offensive and defensive lines but that seems a tall order because its not just a couple guys that need replaced. And are they going to somehow just obtain an effective running game? Not if you base future predictions on what they've done in the past.
  13. Bills were playing as if they were simply hoping Bengals would drop the ball or make a mistake instead of trying to force them to make a mistake. I think in this game had Allen and Co. played well and maybe even scored 27 points, Bills still would have lost.
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