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  1. Regarding receivers - I don't think the Bills have poor receivers, but they just don't have the dynamic playmaking receivers many good teams have. I've seen Russell Wilson throw up many 50-50 balls and seemingly uncatchable passes that his receivers make a great catch. Many teams also have outstanding tight ends that manage to get open and catch a lot of balls. Bills are deficient in all these areas. Bills need more production from their tight ends, they need their receivers to make plays and they also need a bigger rb to supplement Singletary. You only need a couple of these big plays a game. Bills only really had about 1-2 bad games this year and most of their losses - 1 or 2 big plays would have made the difference. For me comparing quarterbacks is less to do with stats and more to do with what some of these other qb's (like Wilson or Garappolo) are doing and how their doing it. Looking at stats is just too misleading. Philip Rivers, Jameis Winston, Jared Goff, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr ... all had relatively good stats this year but they don't really propel their teams. Some of them look good between the 20's, some of them just sling the ball all over and have to many turnovers, and some just make critical mistakes. Stats are a fair benchmark but they just don't tell the story.
  2. I still would call this a drop but this one would have been a great catch. It certainly would not have been a routine catch.
  3. That throw to Brown was absolutely perfect. Right on the sideline IN BOUNDS. Brown caught the ball well inside the sideline and he simply did not bother to try and drag his foot either because he lost his awareness he was next to the sideline or he simply didn't want to fall down. The sad thing was he didn't even attempt to get his foot down. ANY NFL receiver should be able to make THAT catch and get their feet down 100% of the time. Its ludicrous to even pretend that was Allen's fault there. The other throw to Brown where he went out of bounds was on him as well. Receivers know better that they cannot go out of bounds and only times that should ever happen is if they get knocked out of bounds by the defender. These are some reasons Brown was let go by Baltimore. And also, one reason Roby didn't intercept that pass was because Josh doesn't float this passes out there like a lot of QB's do. That same pass from Barkley would have been a easy pick 6.
  4. One of many plays where 1 player or the other didn't execute or block.
  5. That was the game, I was thinking how those plays would come back to haunt them.
  6. Bills finally able to run a good screen pass but didn't matter at the end.
  7. Outside of about 3-4 plays by Singletary, ALLEN was the only other player on offense to even show up for this game! Defense giving up two 2-point conversions is inexcusable. Bills made several of the same mistakes they have made all season long. Poor play calling with a lead, receivers not making plays, huge mistakes/penalties and defense giving up some huge plays or just coming up short of making big plays. Saying they lost because Allen ALMOST threw a couple interceptions and another fumble is garbage.
  8. Most of the Bills fans deserve Tyrod Taylor. I'm sure the Bills can get him back.
  9. That play didn't hurt the Bills at all. Critique something worth being critical about.
  10. I don't see the Bills ever doing much in the playoffs with Daboll as OC. You don't get conservative only up 2 scores. And Bills giving up TWO 2-point conversions - deserve to lose just for that!
  11. so they lost because of the lateral huh. geezez dude
  12. fkng percentages didn't win or lose the game. did you even watch the game at all??? Who brings up percentages in a OT game. 1 play at several different intervals could have changed this game. not percentages. Buy a damn clue!
  13. that was not a bad block at all. totally bogus call. I'm not sure how they even came up with that call there.
  14. At first glance Watson should be considered a better QB, but I've watched him last couple years and just am not impressed at all and his playoff record is not very good either. Even if the Texans win its almost certain they would lose the next week. I'll take my chances with Josh and at the end of a game would take Allen 100%.
  15. Bills offense really need to come out in the first quarter and look sharp. Offense can't sit back and wait until the end of 2nd qtr to start rolling. Come out and have an effective first drive and also not leave any points out on the field. Don't take the sack on 3rd and long inside the 30, not 3rd down dropped passes and then in 2nd half if the Bills get a lead, don't try to sit on the ball when there's still a lot of time left. Bills just need more of a killer instinct instead of the lets keep the game close mentality they seem to run.
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