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  1. Elway didn't draft a QB last year because he thought the Broncos were better than they were and would make the playoffs. He couldn't afford to get a QB to develop and couldn't risk another Paxton Lynch either. But make no mistake, Elway would have loved to have gotten Allen or Rosen.
  2. Here Josh, we know your not quite ready for the NFL yet but we're going to put you in to start Game 2. Your the QB so we want you to throw the ball but don't expect those guys to get open or catch your passes. And we'll put in some running backs with you but don't expect them to run, so you'll have to do that yourself too. Now, go out there and get'em!
  3. If you go thru and look at those drops, many would have been huge plays. Receivers have to be able to make plays in order for any passing game to be successful. They have to be able to beat their defenders at times, and be able to make great catches at times. Drops are inevitable, but shouldn't be a common occurrence like this. Bills need to show less tolerance for this next year. If a guy (say like Benjamin) can't produce after 3-4 games, then have to bite the bullet and cut him and bring in someone else. During the season and now the playoffs, everyone got to see what some great receivers can do. Buts it been the other teams receivers doing it!
  4. College stats for a 2nd year NFL QB don't really mean a lot, because if they did mean something then Tim Tebow would be in the NFL Hall of Fame! The 2017 Wyoming team Allen was on lost to one of the worst teams in college football toward the end of the season because Allen didn't play. The games Allen did play they went 8-3. Allen turned a likely 3 or 4 win team to 8-5 with a bowl win. And of those games you mentioned, the only really bad game I saw Allen have in college was against Oregon. He had a terrible game and the whole team looked terrible, kind of like the Bills - Ravens game this year. The other games you mentioned - against Iowa receivers dropped 2 different touchdown passes. Neb - game was 24-17 in 4th and then Allen had 4 turnovers in 4th qtr. primarily because he was trying to do way to much, that game was all Allen or nothing. And regardless of what team your on, 1 guy cannot beat 11. Also the Red Zone stats you mentioned, Goff's RZ passing stats his rookie year were almost the exact same as Allen's. He's improved considerably since then!
  5. dakrider

    Divisional round, Eagles at Saints, 4:40 pm on FOX

    Brady should be the one buying the Jets, Dolphins and Bills all champagne for making it so easy for the Patriots to get to the playoffs each year!
  6. In the last 6 games, here's the Bills top rb - Jags - McCoy 46 Miami 1 - McCoy 52 Jets - Ivory 42 Lions - Ford 46 Pats - Ford 33 Miami 2 - Ivory 45 That avg. is 44 yards per game. The 2nd RB in most these games had very little yards as well. So you have 3 different running backs all averaging well below the NFL average rushing per game. At least 34 NFL players averaged over 50 yards per game this year. Allen avg for the 12 games he played in was 53 ypg. In that big win in first Jets game Bills running backs had over 200 yards. But most the rest of the games did not run the ball well.
  7. dakrider

    Shady throwing shade at Bills O lineman

    I wouldn't say it was an insult, but it was a slight. You can praise the Alabama O line without saying it quite like that. That big Bama O-line also got beat! But there were several plays this year where he got hit in the backfield. So they deserve a slight.
  8. dakrider

    The Quarterback Shuffle 2019

    Elway couldn't take the chance on them after his Paxton Lynch debacle. Plus they wanted a QB to try and win now. Their stuck with Keenum and his contract for 2019.
  9. dakrider

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    They shouldn't draft a WR in first round. Notice that the top guy here is ranked a 8.0 and the only one they have a Day 1 - first round lock. I think there will be a few WR taken in first round but for the 9th pick, I would take an OL or a top DE if avail. There will be several good WR available in round 2.
  10. Just running isn't really the issue, its what kind of running is he doing. The game earlier in the year where Bills had a first and goal from around the 5-6 yard line and they had Allen try to run on 2nd and 3rd down and he almost got killed on that 2nd run. Those were designed plays but the QB should not be running like that. That should have been 2 passing plays but blame the coaching staff on those two. Allen was looking more comfortable at the end of season in red zone and he is a good running threat that should help keep defenses honest. Now, when he rolls out and there's nobody in half the field, Allen definitely should take off for 20-30 yards, but make sure he gets down or out of bounds and not challenge the defensive guy. On 3rd or 4th and 1, Allen is a definite weapon to use. I don't want Allen to run in the same manner Jackson does, because that will lead to injury. I hope Allen gets around 500-600 top yards rushing next year, about 40 a game and then have it go down each year from there. Deshaun Watson had 531 last year and Cam had 485. And I'll go back to what I've always thought about Rookie Quarterbacks, its been my experience watching football for 40 years that its futile to try and know how well a rookie QB's career will go. Many good and even great QB's did not look good their rookie year and many great QB's barely even played their rookie year. Josh Allen now gets to spend the next 7 months watching film and learning NFL defenses. He's not a big dumb football player, he had the top wonderlic score in the draft (for qb's). He'll figure out some things.
  11. dakrider

    Pre-Combine Receiver Rankings

    I like this guy - 7.) Hakeem Butler (Iowa State) - 7.5 He was catching everything in that bowl game against Wash. St.
  12. Allen extended plays by running outside the pocket, he bought himself time but it didn't help his accuracy at all, but it did help reduce the number of sacks. Early in the year he jumped out of the pocket too quickly, but became more comfortable in the pocket later in the year. Also, in those first 5 games your right, Allen was not seeing the field well. He was not ready to take the field as a starter in game 2. Allen didn't even know how to adequately prepare for those first several games and there wasn't really anyone there to help him do that. After that his progress became noticeable. Many of those short passes, such as the quick slants require working on timing more than accuracy. That is something practice will improve. But as far as next year, I think the Bills can easily average over 24 points a game. Defensively, I don't know exactly where they'll end up. The 2 big things that need to improve imo are the running game overall, JA can't be the top rusher every other game and special teams also need to improve. Field position is a very underrated stat.
  13. dakrider

    Greg Rosenthal QB Index

    The Bills, and Allen, aren't going to be on anyone's radar next year. This should help them quite a bit for at least the first half of the season.
  14. I wouldn't read to much into any stats for rookie QB's. But for Josh especially - I would completely disregard any stats those first 5 games. Allen wasn't ready for the NFL in week 2. He was thrown out there prematurely and struggled. The whole team struggled though with or without Allen in there. Allen last 6 games Yrd TD Int JAX 8/19 160 1 0 Mia 18/33 231 2 2 NY 18/36 206 0 2 Det 13/26 204 1 0 NE 20/41 217 1 2 Mia 17/26 224 3 1 Tot 94/181 1242 8 7 52% comp. Worse game was Jax but was a win Also 5 rushing TD's gives him 13 Next year Allen could easily get his comp. pct. to 56%, avg yrds 240 and change those 1 TD pass games to 2 TD's and the 2 int games to 1 int. Just that much improvement, and a decent Bills running game would be very significant. Bills only avg. 193 passing ypg in 2017 with 16 TD and 10 Int.
  15. I don't think there were very many passes over 20 yards thrown in middle of field. But the right side less than avg. is certainly a trend.