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  1. Yeah because throwing a 30 yard strike is pretty meaningless really.
  2. Thats just BS. Josh actually had a decent game against Cleveland and played well enough to win the game. If you watch many NFL games you would see that. That first missed FG came back to haunt the Bills. The offense got off track those last few plays but almost pulled it out anyway. Both QB's in that game missed several passes and made mistakes, and that will continue to happen but less and less for Allen. But 266 yards and 2 rushing TD's and no Ints is not a bad game by any standard.
  3. Yes Elway was a franchise QB from day 1, but if you look at his stats, he did not have a very good completion rate most years nor a good TD to INT rate. He only averaged around 55% his first 9-10 years but then the rate went up to over 60% his last 6 years after Dan Reeves left and the Broncos brought on some better receivers and different offensive philosophy. It didn't take Elway 10 years to get better, but it did take the Broncos over 10 years for the offense to get good enough for him to perform statistically better.
  4. Broncos are screwed with Flacco's contract for 2020, regardless if the keep him or release him.
  5. I agree with this as well - I watch other NFL games and in quite a few the QB's seem to struggle. When you have receivers being covered and guys in your face and your running for your life, its hard to be successful. Another good thing to note on Allen yesterday is regardless of how good the defense is or not, he ran the ball and didn't have any fumbles.
  6. John Elway "failed" until he got Terrell Davis and some great recievers like Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey. No QB by himself is going to win anything regardless of his stats. Also, are you trying to say Allen hasn't played good ? So Bills won 7 games despite Allen? Bills won most those games directly because of Allen. Bills aren't winning most of those games primarily because of Gore and Singletary. Allen may not be a "franchise quarterback" yet, but to say he hasn't played good and that he should be at a much higher level than he is right now is ridiculous. Allen didn't walk into the NFL being an expert on reading defenses and blitzes, nor was he an expert in hitting guys on timing routes and working the short passing game. I think he's done pretty well thus far and there is no reason to believe he won't continue to get better.
  7. Yes, you seem you would be much happier to see Allen with 350 yard games and the Bills with a 3-7 record. Broncos are better than Miami and they beat the Browns. Broncos had a first and goal at end of Minn game and just didn't score on 3 plays. They are certainly capable of winning though. Just looking at a teams record and thinking Bills should win "this one" is not rational, same way as some thinking Bills won't win against Pittsburg or Dallas. The NFL is not the NBA.
  8. its disappointing that of McKenzie, Roberts, Foster and Williams none of them have stepped up this year. Throw in last years Benjamin, Zay Jones and Ray Ray McCloud - Bills have had several garbage receivers.
  9. as mentioned Broncos have lost several close games this year. Their not getting blown out. I would expect another close game here. The other thing is who's the Bills 3rd string QB? Thats what the Broncos are playing. Brandon Allen hasn't been bad imo, and the Broncos have some great receivers. But Elway's coaching hires have seemed pretty bad but he's drafted some good players including Bradley Chubb who's also out for the season.
  10. Thats just ignorant to say Allen has not been playing better. Allen didn't have a bad game against Cleveland either and the Bills had their chances to win that game. Like the Browns game, Bills fans will get to see in these next 2 games what great receivers can do for the passing game. Part of the reason imo that Allen has had to score rushing TD's is Bills can't count on their RB's to score those, and they don't have a receiver that will actively beat their defender on a jump ball in the endzone.
  11. Brady threw for 216 yards, no TD's and 55% comp. rate against Eagles. Goff had 173 yards, 1 Int and no TD's against Bears. And Brissett had 148 yards with 1 TD and 1 Int. All 3 of them won. It's ignorant to say Allen needs to have X stats in order to be considered good enough. Bills O line isn't likely to give Allen the same time he had against Miami. Bills are going to have to score some points though and hope their defense has another good day.
  12. yeah that was very informative. McKenzie looked twice outside over his right shoulder when definitely should have been looking only over his left inside shoulder. That makes no sense at all why he would even do that. Only way he should be doing that is if he is running towards sideline and he clearly wasn't. Allen has had some poor throws on deep balls but I'm not sure the Bills receivers even know how to run a deep route either as there's been a few where they seem to stop running or looking the wrong way or just giving up on the play.
  13. In every way shape and form the 2016 Wyoming Cowboys offense was far and away better than every other year they've been with Coach Bohl in 6 years. To the tune of nearly 2 touchdowns per game better than most of those years, including Allen's 2017 year. 2016 Allen had a NFL running back and NFL caliber receivers, his 2017 team had literally half as many rushing yards and high school caliber receivers. Allen can play up to what the team around him is capable of.
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