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  1. The Washington Redskins have a long and proud history imo. The name wasn't meant to be disparaging, they wouldn't name their own team something they thought was nasty or mean. But it isn't a good name, it wouldn't be considered acceptable to call American Indians as Redskins. Right? Not now or before really. So regardless if the name wasn't meant to be disparaging, it still is when taken by itself. Really the the bad thing about changing a team name/mascot is they usually end up picking something nobody is really happy with. Bullets to Wizards? meh.
  2. Having a song played before the National Anthem is fine, calling it the Black National Anthem though just seems wrong. Tomorrow is Independence Day for all Americans as well.
  3. Unless things get much better in next 4 weeks, I think preseason games could be fanless and who knows after that.
  4. I just think the country, which is represented by the US flag has been and overwhelming positive force for income and racial inequality over time and its misguided to throw that away. Most people would like to see things continually improved but if the answer is to basically not support the flag, or the nat'l anthem and basically the country as a whole then it will just cause the rift to become larger over time. Eventually they'll call anyone who actively supports the flag as racists, heck they already do.
  5. Allen's 2 years under his belt with a suspect offense if really going to help him this year. Bills should have a good running game and a good receiver corps for the first time in years. I don't think any QB would have had significantly better stats for Bills than Allen did. This team just had to many offensive weaknesses. I really think the 2020 Bills offense isn't even going to resemble the last 2 years.
  6. Exactly. There's a few passes every game where the receiver has a decent chance to get the ball but is beaten by their defender and the Bills receivers are on the low end of the scale of beating their defenders for balls. If Josh can make 1 better throw a game, and his receivers have .5 less drops per game along with receivers actively beating out their defender .5 passes per game - there you easily have your 2 more catches per game. Obviously statistics don't usually line up evenly but it is not a stretch to think Josh can improve his completion rate several percentage points.
  7. Bills really need to start out 4-0 to have a great season imo. 10-6 or better should be very achievable but it is a tough schedule overall, and I don't expect the Jets and Dolphins to be quite as inept this year. The Steelers, Raiders, Chargers, Broncos, Cards and Rams aren't considered elite teams either. So thats 10 very winnable games against mostly average teams.
  8. Its not just the number of drops, its also the number of contested catches that the good NFL receivers make, Bills did not have many of those at all. Bills receiving corp last 2 years was a glaring weakness. But this year it should be more of a strength. An improved running game, an improved and decent O-line, and a 3rd year Josh Allen - Bills should have a dramatic increase in scoring. An inexperienced Josh walked into a difficult situation with the Bills and took his lumps. Hopefully he will be the better for it this year!
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