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  1. Our defensive scheme has a really high floor, but a really low ceiling, and it works without any game breaking talent. It's why we crush bad to mediocre offenses and then can get crushed by some good offenses that adjust to our scheme, who usually have game breaking talents on offense. We play a very vanilla scheme and basically never throw in any exotic looks or blitzes or adjustments. And when our scheme breaks, it breaks badly. I think there was a stat that we allowed something like the fewest 10+ yard runs against, but the most 20+ yard runs.
  2. Bills trade for Von Miller + OBJ and that's Josh lifting the Lombardi, not Stafford.
  3. No, lotteries do nothing to prevent tanking. And lotteries are actually worse at distributing high picks. Edmonton Oilers only finished last twice, but they picked 1st overall 4 times in 6 years. New York Rangers have picked 1st and 2nd overall in back to back years while finishing like 10th last. The Buffalo Sabres have finished last 4 times in the past 8 years and only picked 1st twice. As a fan, if you suffer through a last place season, you deserve the 1st pick in the draft. There's plenty of risk involved for ownership and management as well. Look at the Sabres. They botched the rebuild following the tank and now 3 general managers/front offices later and the Pegulas are bleeding 10's of millions of dollars every season for close to a decade and have nothing to show for it on the ice or in their bank account.
  4. Edmunds reminds me of former Buffalo Sabre Rasmus Ristolainen. Big freak of an athlete. All the elite physical tools to be a hall of famer, but no tool box. He thinks the game in slow motion, is always 1 or 2 steps behind the play, rather than 1 step ahead. Even the few times he's in position to make a big TFL or stop a guy short he usually wiffs on the tackle. I guess the real question is, are there better players out there and available? He's made 2 pro-bowls, seems like the talent level at this position is severely lacking league wide. But would the team be better off plugging in "just a guy" where Edmunds usually is? Would we even notice a difference?
  5. It’s driving me nuts that Taylor Lewan is allowed to fidget around in his stance and false start on every down.
  6. Bills got way too cocky after the blocked punt. Need to stay serious, go up 17-0 and then pull the starters. Now it’s. 10-7 dog fight, every play risking a starters health
  7. Allen is #2 in both those Categories Brady has 39TD, Allen has 38 Herbert 4,693 yards, Allen 4667, Brady 4661
  8. No. The DPI occurred before the tip took place, so it’s still a penalty.
  9. Up the Bills total to 16, or 1 per game in the ones that we lost by 1 score and the Bills could be 12-1. It's that easy for the officiating to influence the outcome of a game. (Pats also have 100 fewer pass attempts than us, but 4 more of these calls in their favor)
  10. I've seen lots of Bills players at the Tops at 5 corners in Orchard Park. I think most people who shop there are used to seeing Bills players and no one bothers them. Maybe if it was Josh or Diggs/Beasley things would be different. But no one is gonna bother players like Star Louteleilei, Dion Dawkins, Ike Botteger or Jerry Hughes or former Bill Ray-Ray McCloud, etc. while they shop at Tops.
  11. Yeah, they're going to make commercials out of Henry's 76 yard TD run just like there are commercials of the Hail Murray. Except they're going to have to edit out our guys getting held on the Henry TD.
  12. Flutie was a lot less effective as the 1999 season wore on. The book was out on Flutie by that point, opposing defenses had figured him out and really limited him. That said was RJ really a better option than a solved Flutie? I'd say marginally, his ceiling was higher than Fluties. And RJ did walk off the field with the lead.
  13. We got close to Tannehill over and over. Titans O-Line was holding all night and only got called for it once. And on the play it was actually called it was a phantom call. Even on the first drive the Refs assisted the Titans with a no call for holding. Jerry hughes was about to sack tanny on the first 3rd down of the game and instead got held. Tanny converts. If the Refs call the hold the titans end up punting from deep in their own end zone. Probably cost the bills 20 yards of field position, which potentially turns that opening drive FG into a TD. Small things like that keep happening and add up to a loss by a couple of inches in the 4th quarter.
  14. Moss was the one who was terrible last night. Seemed like every time we went to Moss the drive died. Moss was pathetic on the INT, he jumped in the air in panic and took himself out of the play, when he was in perfect position to either make the catch or break up the int.
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