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  1. It is more likely to happen during a catch than to a runner, I never argued otherwise. But that's not what I've been talking about. I'm saying what about the hits where the runner wasn't able to protect himself? Is a hit to the head where the guy could have protected himself but didn't, any less dangerous or damaging than a hit to the head where the guy couldn't protect himself? The answer is no, it's the same. Yes, you're right that it's less likely to happen, but it still happens all the time.
  2. So now imagine the same hit, but on a player established as a runner. Same body parts hitting in the same spots with the same force as in the Halmin ejection. It's not even a penalty. But it's the exact same damage to the players in both cases. If it was really about safety it would be a penalty in both cases.
  3. What does the offensive players ease of avoiding a hit like this have to do with it? I'm talking about the instances when a helmet to helmet hit has taken place. As in the times when a runner wasn't able to protect himself. It's either a helmet to helmet collision or it's not. It doesn't matter if it's during a catch or while a player is a runner. The trauma to the brain is identical.
  4. NFL doesn't give a rats ass about player safety, this is just about optics. This same hit is perfectly legal if the player has established themselves as a runner. Are you telling me a helmet to helmet hit is dangerous when the player is catching the ball, but not while running? Come on with this nonsense.
  5. The guy Dawkins was blocking got tripped by one of his fellow Jets line-men, causing him to lose his balance and twist over onto his back, Dion drove him into the ground and landed on top of him. If you didn't see the trip it looked like dawkins got beat, twisted the guy over and tackled him. The Refs then let blatant holds by us go uncalled on all of the remaining plays. NFL officiating.... it is a mystery.
  6. The best part of this deal is that Moss is gone.
  7. Broke: The Bills played poorly in the second half Woke: The Bills took the Packers to cover and only allowed them the smallest possible cover of 0.5 and they made it look easy.
  8. Boorish behavior? Such as standing the entire game? The standing is also a byproduct of the drinking. People are doing so much drinking that there is a constant stream of people heading to the bathrooms or to get the next round of drinks. It's easier to just stand the whole time than do the sit/stand/sit every 30 seconds to make way for the next drunk trying to get past you. The seats are also cold and most people are underdressed for the elements (also a byproduct of drinking), so they never attempt to sit.
  9. It's a tradition from the drought years that I wish we would move on from. There's no reason to stand for an entire game.
  10. The offense just needs to stop turning the ball over. Without the turnovers I think the Bills beat Miami and Baltimore comfortably, even if the offense wouldn't have scored a ton of points in either game.
  11. Nah. Poyer was guilty. But they let a Raven get away with the same play earlier in the game that ended a Bills drive. So it was fair not to call Poyer either. The refs were consistent about this being a non-call for both teams, at least for this game.
  12. I'd agree that the Defense has been better than Josh so far this year. But Josh is more important for determining the outcome of games. If Josh has a good game, we'll win 99.9999999999% of the time, aside from 13 seconds. Josh can lose games for us even if the defense plays well. See Miami, Jax, Wind game, Pittsburgh etc. Most of are losses are when Josh has an off day.
  13. I think it’s safe to say McBeane are terrible at evaluating RB talent. (And run blocking o-line)
  14. Popping in to say the announcer is full of ***** on the helmet to helmet hit Mackenzie took. Initiating with the crown is not a requirement to call a penalty there. And it doesn’t matter that he was an established runner. also: why the hell did we waste a down giving Zach Moss a touch after the INT? We just blew our chance to comeback
  15. Not happy that the opposing secondary is immune to committing penalties. Just like last week.
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