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Post your favorite Lee Smith fact in honor of his birthday!

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He got a holding penalty on a day he was inactive. 

Younger Brother of Bills Great Bruce Smith..    

As of today Lee Smith has a perfect stat line of:   1 target; 1 reception; 1 yard; 1 touchdown 

I will say that last year Lee was responsible for a lot of Singletary's yards.  A LOT.  He keeps his arms in and is sneaky the way he holds his blockers.  Remember that a lot of holding calls are flagged by the refs just looking at the defenders body posture/position.  Lee knows when to hold em, knows when to let em go before they flail.  


I remember rewatching a few games and thinking even if he gets a flag or even two per game, it might still be worth it because he isn't getting caught every play but he's creating some massive holes out there.


Then we played the Patriots and Belichick saw on film that Lee Smith really holds excessively every play and spoke to the refs ahead of the game about it (my own theory but man were they on Lee from the start that game)   After that it started to become a lot of flags.


So anyway, happy birthday Muchacho, the mafia HOLDS you in high regard.........



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