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  1. Everybody except, maybe, Singletary and Haushka.
  2. Merry Christmas, everybody! Here’s to a New Year filled with Bills’ wins!
  3. Pretty much this. I love Josh and want him to be here a long time. The Superman sneak part 2 is just one great example of why. But every game he has too many “smash the coffee table” throws. First drive should have been a TD. Missed two open shots that would have been TD’s. Last drive should have been a TD to Knox. Wide open in the end zone. Missed Cole when Cole got open by 5 yards and he still threw it in front of him by 5 yards. One a game? Sure. But tends to have 4 or 5 a game. I really, really hope this is something he can rein in soon. It is absolutely maddening. But all that said, still love the kid and glad he’s here.
  4. Landry and, even though he’s not a player at the moment, Gronk. Cheap pieces of *****. That game where Gronk WWE’d Tre showed exactly what kind of scumbag that pos has developed into.
  5. Very sorry to hear, brother. 66 is way too young for those still here. Hopefully you are able to find some peace. Here’s to him and Pancho cheering our Bills on from the best seats in the house.
  6. Watts are pretty cool. One has the highest rate of getting double teamed. The other doesn’t get double teamed like that and so has the highest rate of getting to the QB.
  7. Thought you were going to say Kay Adams and her heretofore unknown twin sister in Bills jerseys. 😉
  8. Really? Ok, maybe not 100%. But if we were to finish the season 14-2, but winning every game in the final couple of seconds, I’ll be pretty happy. Don’t expect it but would be pretty happy nonetheless. Am I to assume you wouldn’t be?
  9. I do think there is truth to the fact that bigger win margins would make us more exciting to the media given our history. That said, I swear people will complain to complain. Wasn’t long ago we couldn’t win games. Now we’re winning and we still B word. I could just see us winning every game from here to a Super Bowl victory by one point and people would be saying “yes, we finally won a championship after all this time but I don’t think I can celebrate because there weren’t enough style points to the wins”. When the Red Sox broke the curse, did the fans care how many points they won the games by? Holy *****.
  10. I would move Buffalo to AFC North and Baltimore to AFC East. East is 4 teams on the Eastern coast. North are 4 teams all within a pretty tight Northern geography circle.
  11. I get what people are saying about our schedule but here were the other 7 wins besides the Bills “barely” win in the Pats 8-0 start. Steelers Dolphins Jets Redskins Giants Jets Browns But they are the Pats and we are the Bills. They have been relevant and we haven’t in recent history. And they’re a big market team with Brady.
  12. Wow, you are one condescending, snarky SOB. You don’t even know me so I’m not sure why you are jumping all over me with the attitude. Just because we disagree? How do you know who I have pounded the table for? Ooo you don’t. Did the Pats go horizontal by choice or because personnel dictated? Because the deep threat was unavailable? The Pats will adapt to the talent they have. They have Moss, they go deep. They have Welker or Edelman, they go quick horizontal with pick plays. They have both they do both. They bailed on his talent. Because they thought he’d be available and help them out? But obviously we are going to just disagree so I’ll let you Oooo at somebody else now because you have me all figured out. After watching this team struggle for so long, I’m hoping they don’t add good players. Got me.
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