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  1. Apparently cursing a lot at the tv now has a positive effect.
  2. I know. Just stirring the pot. It’s just, as you say, dumb. It is supposed to be an award for PLAYER of the week, not DEFENSE of the week. And the Chiefs o-line is considered the weakest part of their prolific offense. So giving an award to an individual player who had one sack against a so-so line vs. Jordan’s 3 sacks in one half just because his team did so well in prime time is, again, dumb. But I’m not really surprised by it since we’re the Bills.
  3. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. You get your choice of prize from the bottom row.
  4. But none of his games were prime time against his former team so this can’t be valid. His playing doesn’t count. At least that’s what I’m told. 😈
  5. Sorry if this was posted somewhere else. Didn’t see it. He had a sack and two tackles for loss. Huh? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/09/justin-houston-named-afc-defensive-player-of-the-week/
  6. My Titan fan co-worker said that it felt like it was 70-80% Bills fans. He also commented on how loud we were. 👍
  7. Was at the game yesterday and ran into a co-worker who is a Titan’s fan. Saw him this morning and he said the number of Bills fans was crazy. Felt like he was at a Bills home game. Said that in his section he was completely surrounded by Bills fans. He wasn’t impressed by the Titans support given that it was a big game for them.
  8. True but Murphy was being held right behind it so offsetting anyways.
  9. Bills fans well represented in Nashville. Having breakfast at The Diner, Nashville and almost every table is Bills fans!
  10. Heading out to Nashville. Go Bills!!!
  11. It’s ok. It’s a win-win situation. Either he has to begrudgingly give props to our D which he doesn’t OR he has to admit he sucked donkey balls and couldn’t generate more offense than Josh did with multiple turn overs.
  12. Because I think he’s young and still learning. Was it frustrating when he would look for the hero pass downfield vs. taking the short play? Yes. Has he also led us back for wins? Yes. The talent is there. The leadership is there. It’s too early, in my opinion, to give up on him. I still think he’ll be the answer and one loss to a great defense after he has been knocked out of it by a bull#### hit before he could potentially complete yet another comeback doesn’t change my mind. I think that is way too emotionally kneejerk.
  13. Nate, why are you hanging out on the boards?
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