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  1. That was fun. Did a 3 round version. Focused on the big uglies. Got Jenkins, Dickerson and Shelvin as well as 2 fifths next year.
  2. Just read through this thread. Good stuff. Learning a lot about different players that I’ve never heard of. Really enjoying it. Thanks for the info, everybody. Please keep adding to it.
  3. Exactly! Who knew she was so on the Ike train. Toot toot.
  4. Very sorry to hear, RTG. I bet mom and Pancho are sharing some good drought stories and laughing. Then I must be an older gal now because I love me some Bease as well. One of my absolute favorites. 👍🏻😁
  5. I felt this way as well. I know others are saying he ran for good yardage and it’s true. But, without rewatching the game yet, I feel like it was too late when he did it. If he’d have done it several times early, maybe they would have had to respect it and not stick to the receivers so much. But doing it late, they didn’t give a crap if he ran. They just needed to protect a lead and the running just helped milk the clock. I remember this specifically on an 18 yarder he got late in the game. Nice run for the yardage but strategically was too little too late. Couldn’t affect the opposi
  6. True. I understand concussions. Just didn’t see the suddenness to cause the slam. That said, unless he’s a great actor, he looked out of it. Just seemed a very benign tackle.
  7. Got it. So you were pointing out a possible history. Fair point.
  8. I saw that you posted a big hit he took from Quandre Diggs; vicious hit. But not sure how this ties to there being no visible evidence as to what caused his concussion here. His head never touched the turf and I don’t see the hit in the back of the head that Andy Reid is referencing.
  9. This is what is strange to me. His head never actually hit. Can’t figure how he got that concussed.
  10. I would assume more nickel. While they can pound you some, their X factor is Lamar who’s running is based on shiftiness and speed. He’s not a king Henry type who’s going to bulldoze you as needed. So I am guessing we’ll have DB’s who have a better chance at moving with him and a better chance at being opportunistic on the pass when they try to play action off the run threat.
  11. This. Compared to that last Buffalo airport video, this is pathetic. Browns players should be asking for a trade. They should have never posted this.
  12. Good morning, everybody. So pumped for the game!!! I am with the group that thinks this is no gimme because the Colts are good, their strengths line up well against us and, of course, they are coached by Frank. That said, if we stay loose and play our game, we should be able to get the W. Here’s to a great game!
  13. That was freaking awesome in so many ways.
  14. Very sorry to hear about your mom and very glad that you have the Bills to distract you from the pain. Best of luck and will be praying for her and you
  15. Happy New Years from Tennessee, everybody. Here’s to fans in the stands in 21! Be safe and let’s all root for a great Bills’ postseason!!!
  16. I was the same but think it probably irks Billy Boy even more that he had to finish the game against our back up. Josh whooped him in 3 quarters. Love it.
  17. That is very cool. Never had the guts to act myself. Hats off to you. Glad there are people like you who will jump on the stage.
  18. Ah, another great one. Love when General Waverly comes down in his uniform and his men are all there. Always get a little misty eyed.
  19. Cool as well. Different strokes. Santa Clause is good, too. I’m a big Xmas movie fan. My two absolute favorites, though, are Christmas Story (funny and nostalgic) and It’s A Wonderful Life (message and sentimentality).
  20. Me too! He is ALWAYS open. I don’t think anybody can cover him.
  21. He’s one of two Buffalo Bills related people I’ve met in airports.
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