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Post your favorite Lee Smith fact in honor of his birthday!


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Inspired by @BringBackFergy's birthday 'shout out' to Knox...


Let's celebrate Lee Smith's 33rd birthday this Friday (11/20) by sharing some of our favorite Lee Smith moments/facts:


From Tennessee

Went to Marshall

Drafted by the Cheats***

Has 1 catch, for one yard and a touch down this season

Has 3 career tackles

Ran a 4.94 in the 40 (2011)

$21,803,516 in career earnings

Longest Ever Reception: 30 yards (2018)

Most Catches in a season: 12 (2015)

Has had 4 seasons with %100 catch rate! (2011,2012,2015,current)

Has a great beard


Cheers, Lee!




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My favorite Lee Smith blunder was in 2013 vs the SB defending champ Baltimore.  We were on the 3 yard line.  EJ makes a handoff and stands there with the football hidden for a second or 2.  Probably the best ball fake I've ever seen.  Lee had snuck out into the flat all by himself.  EJ throws a nice softball pass to him. But Lee tripped over his own feet and was unable to get to it.

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