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[Name Only Title] Aj Klein


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I rarely, if ever comment. AJ is bad. Like, a catastrophic failure on the field.


I usually just read about him online, but today I really keyed in on him. Boy did he stand out, and not in a good way. I couldn't believe what I was seeing out there today. He should return his his game checks and catch the bus home.

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10 minutes ago, BillsMafi$ said:

Should never see the ***** field EVER again 

I said the day we signed him it was a bust signing and plenty got all over me on it,  just like Murphy he is a scrub street bum that you don't pay big money to.  These are Sean type players,  high motor and no talent to match it.  The one missed tackle or wift was  disgraceful and Bills should be looking for replacements.  He has been trash all season and Murphy not much better.  Can you believe we're paying around 16 mllion combined for those two street scrubs who offer little or no production weak after weak.

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