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  1. Lurker

    The ownership has no respect for us

    No, you really don't...
  2. Lurker

    Pegula's can now own both the Sabres & Bills

    Another perfect Stadium Wall branding catch phrase. Make it so, Scott!...
  3. Lurker

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    Whoop-it-e-dee. I hung up on 'GR years ago...
  4. Are you really that hard up for friends that you troll a Bills board immediately after a game like that???
  5. Offense is fun, but boy, those are two bad defenses...
  6. Lurker

    Peterman Pick 6

    He locked on to the receiver at the snap, stared him down and didn't recognize that the defense backs were baiting him...
  7. Lurker

    Allen not showing progress

    Wow! I've never ignored someone only 9 minutes after they signed up! A new personal best! Woo hoo!!!