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  1. Lurker

    Josh Allen will be a 2019 NFL MVP candidate

    Check please!...
  2. Lurker

    Jordan Jenkins threatened to kill Dion Dawkins

    No room for that chop block in the game. It was the most blatant one I've see this year, as well...
  3. Lurker

    McDermott or McCarthy?

    The only one 'moving on' from my perspective is you...
  4. Lurker

    Danny Crossman should be out

    And another useless thread...
  5. Blatant hold by the Fins' OT...nothing called. F*** the NFL...
  6. ... Remind me why it's a good idea to waste a beautiful December day on the NFL
  7. Lurker

    MAC Championship-UB blows 19pt lead, lose 30-29.

    Man, Jackson. smh...
  8. Lurker

    Hugh Hefner estate auction this Friday

    Some great stuff there. I may bid on a few things just for shitts and giggles...
  9. Lurker

    Charles Clay - back in 2019?

    It's time to move on. The day we were glued to the flight tracker when he arrived in Buffalo will always be a TSW highlight for me...
  10. Lurker

    Has anyone here ever met Doug Marrone?

    Is that analogous to the many here who are jerks to the common TSW poster?.... So what. If you want a buddy, hire Gruden. How's that working out for Oakland...
  11. This product should do the trick...
  12. Reason #1,279 why most folks living in northern Ohio are Ohio State fans...
  13. Lurker

    Derek Anderson must have really gotten walloped

    I wouldn't be suprised if he never plays again...
  14. Lurker

    Elton John Commercial

    I thought it was pretty funny....