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  1. Meh. I think I'll keep my ad blocker on for that site...
  2. So the original one just "fell" off? That's too big a mind **** for 5:07 am. Better go back to bed....
  3. He'd be a good pickup. IF he wanted to play here, that is.... https://nypost.com/2020/04/14/damon-harrisons-nfl-life-has-been-nightmare-since-giants-trade/
  4. It was most likely sculpted by this guy (he's done 95 busts for the HOF): https://www.blairbuswell.com/portraits
  5. Looks nothing like him. The Scary Lucy guy must have got the commission from the HOF. Maybe he thought he was scupting Dion DiMucci...
  6. Touché... https://sports.theonion.com/cubs-install-cardboard-cutouts-of-fans-pissing-all-over-1844491563
  7. The likelihood of playing 3-4 years in the NFL vs. practicing medicine for 40-50 more years? Yep. He made the right call, just like John Urschal did a few years ago...
  8. Is it too presumptuous to ask if they're bringing a stadium-sized condom...
  9. So why are those pipeline and storage assets assets undervalued to the point that he's "buying low?" Buffett's not risk immune here. Those infrastructure assets can and do go up and down in value, just like the actual commodity prices, driven by whether people want to own them or not. Right now, the hot money doesn't want them. Buffett's simply willing to take a longer investment horizon than most, which usually works to his favor (except in the case of airlines. Doh!!)...
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