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  1. Per The Athletic: https://theathletic.com/1554733/2020/01/24/pro-bowl-confidential-players-on-marijuana-testing-coaches-theyd-like-to-play-for-worst-city-to-travel-to-more/ Worst NFL city to travel to: That naturally sets up the opposite. And if they had hesitation even anonymously identifying individual players as overrated, there was no such kindness here. One player offered up four cities before being politely asked to choose the worst one. BUFFALO, yes, was the runaway winner, named by 10(!) players. “No charm, and all the negatives of Green Bay,” one player said. “Anywhere on the East Coast” was another response, declining to pick a single city. Said another who rarely leaves the hotel on the road: “I judge a city by the locker room, and Oakland has the worst.” Also receiving votes: Cincinnati (4) Green Bay (4) Oakland (4) Cleveland (3)
  2. Watch out for Sneezy....
  3. Maybe: https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-senior-bowl-draft-chase-claypool-making-moves Had a real nice bowl game (7 REC, 146 YDS, 1 TD 😞
  4. Be sure to ask about how many weeks of vacation you get and what their "summer hours" policy is... But seriously, do a little research on the company so you can ask intelligent questions that show why you want to work there. I can't believe how many folks I interview don't do that, walking in cold and unprepared. It doesn't have to be extensive, but showing the interviewer that you've done some homework can be very helpful...
  5. Lex Luther should have bought up WNY real estate....
  6. Isn't that the Browns team motto?... EDIT: Yippy-ki-yea! https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/news/kareem-hunt-pulled-over-marijuana-found-in-the-car-cited-for-speeding
  7. Good prospect. But IMO, they'll most likely go UFA for RB2. They like having a mix of young and old in each position room and probably think Singletary can still learn a lot from a vet...
  8. That's enough for me in a heartbeat if if helps them snag Hooper. Come up with an additional $5 million some place else and we'd have one of the best TE rooms in the AFC. As this playoff season has shown, teams with mutiple good/great TE's are where its at now--Ravens, Titans, 49ers and Chiefs. The WR help can come in the draft. But fix the TE hole now and the Bills go into 2020 as a legit AFC contender, certainly in the division and even in the conference...
  9. I'd love to see the Bills draft this kid in the 4th round. He reminds me of the type of player the Pats used to pick that seemed sort of meh at first, but through smarts, technique and work ethic turned into an effective, 'Doh! Why didn't we draft him?" kind of player. His moves are so silky and refined for a college player (albeit, a 23-year old playing against 18, 19, 20 year olds should have an edge) . Now, with the top speed at the Senior Bowl, he looks even better. He'd have to play special teams at that draft slot, which I don't know if he can, but I want to follow this kid's career, wherever he lands...
  10. No need to worry. With the combine + three months until the draft, there will be a lot of risers, under the radar types and just plain oddball moves that could push Jefferson down 5 slots. If that's indeed the route McBeane want to go...
  11. Nope. They're completely different kinds of players. Cleveland's nowhere near the athlete DK is. Here's Metcalf's NFL.com profile: Overview Big, explosive talent with projectable upside to become a home-run threat as a WR1. Teams seek out pass-catchers with rare height, weight and speed dimensions and Metcalf has those for days. While he has the talent to become a full-field threat, Metcalf is still an unpolished gem who was the second-best receiver on his college team. Until his skill-set is more developed, he could begin his career as a hit-or-miss long-ball threat. However, once it clicks, defenses could struggle to find solutions for him. Strengths Uncommon, but highly coveted height, weight and speed traits Quick-twitch athlete with loose hips to carry him quickly in and out of his breaks Has blend of physical tools to work all three levels of the field Light feet to stutter and trigger an explosive release up the field Can wipe out coverage cushions with top-end speed that takes the top off Very risky to press without a back-end safety net Hauled in multiple one-handed circus catches in 2018 Consistently creates late-catch space with subtle hand usage Menacing separation potential once he learns to play to his speed Effective use of size to cinch-up and wall off defenders as perimeter blocker Should take big leap forward with expanded route tree and coaching to go with it Weaknesses Should rely on footwork and body positioning over arm-extension to clear the top of his route Rushes through pattern ingredients rather than developing their flavors as a route chef Gears it down a little when turning to locate the deep ball Fails to sell route fakes to manipulate his opponent Breaks and stems aren't as sharp as they could be Had separate season-ending injuries in 2016 (foot) and 2018 (neck) Suffered focus drops when working back to the ball Drop rate too high over last two seasons Needs better positioning of his big frame to block out defenders on comebacks
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