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Live 2024 NFL Draft thread - Rounds 2 & 3 (Do NOT tip the Bills pick)


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Just now, RyanC883 said:

if this is some JAG DL and not offense I’ll be puzzled

You’d think we’d learn our lesson that these guys aren’t touching Mahomes. 

Hell.. Oliver & Rousseau can’t even get close when it matters. 

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5 minutes ago, H2o said:

There goes McMillan 


Fine with Rice or Baker instead.


One pick to go. Tampa, Franklin, Dorlus and Booker are best value-need matches for Bills by Beast ranking.

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2 minutes ago, Playoffs? said:

Weird that Beane isn’t even attempting to move up. We have so many draft picks. Aren’t there guys he covets and sees value in?


Yeah I'm surprised. I guess he sees space on the roster for some of those late day three players compared to recent years, presumably because we cut so many vets.

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If the Bills don't take Franklin here, it just proves how hard it is to trust all of these so called insiders.  I've been hearing for weeks that the Bills love Franklin and if they pass on him for a third time, it's just hard to take anything you hear seriously at all.


That said.....I don't think they take him.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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