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  1. Ineligible man dowm field should definitely be a loss of down
  2. Even if they move it back its considered a 1st down cause he picked it up before fumble
  3. Face guarding was never a foul... you can faceguard all you want. But you cant make contact without looking back for the ball. Which is what happened.
  4. He would be thrown out of a game in college... that was leading with crown of the helmet if i ever saw it
  5. Either he didnt think there was time or there is some obscure rule
  6. Not really sure why that was a penalty. Wasnt late, wasnt unnecessary, wasnt a hit to the qbs head. It was literally a shove while he was in his throwing motion
  7. Definitely got there early. Atleast more of a penalty than what Benford got called for
  8. I thought Elam played it well. Johnson took wrong angle... if Micah is back there that is probably an INT.
  9. Based on fact he isnt practicing im guessing its the 2nd option... bills wont let him play so he is getting a 2nd opinion to show that he can play.
  10. Obviously he he didnt intend it. But you should not be touching another injured player period. Could have life altering consequences with neck type injuries. Even if it wasnt dirty it was still very dangerous and incredibly stupid.
  11. Hard to have burst when the plays are being blown up. Im sure if he get some space he will hit another gear
  12. Kaiir is way faster than Dane Jackson so it may be a begger matchup with all of Miamis speed.
  13. Honestly id move Bates over to Center and insert Quessenberry at RG
  14. One foot is certainly down. I personally dont think he dragged the other foot... didnt see any pellets fly up. However there likely isnt enough to overturn it
  15. I worry about ball control. He obviously fumbled in preseason. But ball looked a little lose in his hands on his 3rd down catch
  16. I was just thinking yesterday while watching some game that it would be nice to get our FB more touches. Just adds another threat to this offense. Gilliam is underused
  17. Well that would be a mistake cause home team doesnt want it loud when theyre in on offense...
  18. Fournette also should have been ejected from the game... his shove is what set everything off.
  19. OJ Howard had twice as many TDs in one game than Sweeney has his entire career. I know that its only 1 game. Keeping Sweeney over someone with the potential of Howard is the stupidiest thing we have done in awhile. OJ is a way better TE than Sweeney... OJ is atleast competent. Sweeney is just a non factor when he is on the field
  20. Falcons over Saints. I think Mariota is a better QB than Winston Jags over Redskins is a possibility as well Also not much of an upset but Panthers will beat Browns.
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