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  1. Id take Jefferson and Shenault over Higgins.... Higgins has been a bust at the collegiate level despite having a future top overall pick throwing to him.
  2. I think we can get 1 solid year from him which is all we really need with Knox sitting in the wing. Olsen is perfect... Next year Knox will be ready for the starting TE position. So we really need a TE we can get one year out of, provide vet leadership, and help Knox and Sweeney grow.... he is a perfect fit. Hits all our boxes we need out of a TE
  3. Seemed like all the former Bills looked good Cardale Jones Khari Lee Austin Proehl Cam Phillips Bradley Sylvie Rashard Ross All former Bills that scored a TD... that i think speaks volume of our scouting department that our cuts can go out and be stars in other leagues
  4. True but i think he is perfect fit. Gives us vet leadership we are losing with Gore. And allows Knox to get one more year under his belt to develop before we hand the reigns off to him.
  5. I would prefer Jefferson or Shenault... Higgins has not lived up to potential despite having a future 1st round pick QB
  6. I think their top 3 is Stefanski, Saleh, and Daboll. Stefanski amd Saleh seems to be the 2 favorites with Daboll being the sleeper.
  7. I think we all would but he is easily replaceable with Brian Gaine... our front office is stacked. We have 3 guys who can be potential GMs down the road
  8. A guy who lives in a rat and garbage infested city like Baltimore is making fun of people in other cities? Thats a bold strategy Cotton.
  9. Could this fall in our favor with Brian Gaine... Gaine obviously was GM of Texans and came back to Buffalo. A Gaine/Daboll pairing in Cleveland could seem likely.
  10. This guy could be a potential DC for us if Leslie Frazier ever decides to retire or take a new job... i like it.
  11. The annoucers picking that play apart killed me. That was a great throw... right on the money
  12. Justin Jefferson!!! Way better than the two listed
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