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  1. I saw Jalen in the game a few times in the 2nd half. But was a ghost. Aside from that one Morris catch all the TEs were no shows.
  2. Ive seen plenty of Barkley... he doesn't have an NFL arm.
  3. Our rookies are making plays... Elam Bernard Benford And Shakur have all looke really good
  4. Well good news is our backups have been playing just as good as the Colts starter. Could easily be 3-3 had we decided not to give Keenum a shot on 4th and Goal
  5. Watched him play against Syracuse twice... and i was never impressed. I kept a close eye on him cause they said he is a darkhorse for best player in the country and he was no where close to that. I think he threw for 190 and 200 in his games against us...
  6. Whats the point in just local and primetime games... you can already watch that with anyvother cable or streaming platform. Had a ton of potential but NFL really screwed up by limiting games you can watch to games that you most likely already get.
  7. Well most expected him to be a 3rd down pass catching RB. With the ability to run... but he didnt do much carrying the load at Georgia so thats a bit of a surprise that he is opening up eyes in the run game. I feel he definitely has capability to be feature RB but that has never been his primary role.
  8. Well only one id consider a true slot is Crowder. The rest all are very capable of playing both inside and outside. McDermott and Beane love versatility in their depth
  9. Dude NFL looked into it. Interviewed other players on the field and the NFL refs and there was no evidence to support Garrets claim. He obviously was just trying to justify his actions.
  10. Josh Allen sure gave that putt a hell of a ride...
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