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  1. It would be so hard to manage to only play players to only play in 16 games. The issue I have with it is it seems to punish the healthy teams. If your team is banged up then you wouldn't have to do much at end of the season. But a healthy team may need to cut and sign new players just to be able have people available to play
  2. When you decide to put you life at risk everyday dealing with dangerous criminals then you can talk but until then don't judge others. Police officers are just trying to make it home to their families every night. Sure a criminal might lose their lives but they made their own choices to commit a crime and then disobey law enforcement. A person that gets shot has every opportunity to do what's right and not get shot. They may not deserve it based on the crime but it's really their own stupidity. Just corporate and everything will be fine... It's not a hard concept. But once they make their choices then the police officer has every right to protect himself and remain safe with whatever he seems necessary. He is putting is life on the line to make sure the public is safe... It's easy to criticize when it's not your life that is at stake every single day. Even if the person is unarmed it's impossible for a police officer to know that. And its better to not wait to find out. You say that seeing a person die due to a cop in the news everyday is to much but you see if you didn't see those headlines then the headlines could very well read Police Officer won't Make It Back To Family for Christmas.
  3. Anyone else kinda want Titans to win the Superbowl now to see Vrabel do this...
  4. We should cut Towbridge and sign him to to screw the Pats
  5. Milano is to good for Joseph to get any snaps at WLB unless there is an injury. I'd put Joseph at SLB and groom him as the Alexander replacement
  6. Don't forget Lee Smith is involved. We seem to have a lot of depth there thankfully
  7. Long plays both Center and Guard. He has played more Center in his career which is why he is listed there. Only reason he moved to Guard this past season is he had a hand injury which caused problems snapping and led to many fumbles.
  8. Because Gase is the interim GM and it's been widely reported that the GM was fired due to difference of opinion with Gase on moves made. And one of the major differences was signing Bell. Gase doesn't like Bell at all.
  9. I'm surprised. They seemed to have a good off-season. Two years in a row
  10. I predicted Tyree Jackson would make the team.... Looks like it'll definitely happen now.
  11. I'm guessing signing Smith would just give us an insurance policy in case Fisher doesn't pan out at his new position
  12. Everybody loves to hate Mills. But there are many worse linemen then him.
  13. Wow Brandon Beane... He never struck me as this type of guy. Glad he is showing some balls tho
  14. Grew up in Syracuse my whole life. It's extremely rare that they don't air Bills games. Usually It's Bills on CBS and Giants on Fox. I can only remember a couple of occasions where Bills played on Fox and they wouldn't air the game.
  15. I guess he doesn't realize that the DTs we had on the roster already are primarily NTs. We needed a 3Tech. Jordan Phillips can pick play there but Oliver is a huge upgrade
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