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  1. He never flipped it forward.... he just dropped it straight down
  2. Not lucky. Stupid play by the Browns. They had us stopped and they decided for the big play and it cost them
  3. Id rather have them be to long then be to short and be picked off... with that being said it was a terrible play call in that situation
  4. I despise long passes on 3rd and short. Conversion success is never good. Get the first down then take the shot
  5. Blitzing every play doesnt work. Just ask rex ryan... but it works wonders to catch a offense off guard
  6. Doesnt matter your not allowed to hit a QB in the head
  7. Lol i saw the defense pre snap and i was screaming QB draw! They left the middle of the field wide open. I was thinking this is way to easy
  8. Edmunds has looked great today. He is everywhere
  9. Could be smart. If our defense can get a 3 and out we could have just changed the field position up
  10. Never seen a goalline stand like that... 8 stops from the 1. Hopefully thats a momentum shift
  11. Those missed throws are huge... kept points off the board. Complete one of them and we have atleast 3 points
  12. Im not talking about the goalline play... im talking about the 3rd down play before Gore got stuffed on 4th down. Should have been a first down but Mcdermott didnt challenge the spot even tho it was a full yard short. He landed on top of defender and reached for the first down. The play you are talkng about was obviously short of the goalline. I thought it was clear that i wasnt talking about that. Besides that was irrelevant cause we still scored the TD. But the other Knox catch wasnt because Gore got stuffed the next play
  13. No he landed on top of the player and extended a full yard past the first down marker. The ref spotted the ball based on where he landed on top of the redskins defender not where knox touched the ground. And i know many PI arent being overturned but i think that was one of the obvious ones that woild have been overturned.
  14. That was an incredibly bad miss by refs Brown jumped up for ball to catch it but was being pulled down by his feet. That obviously hindered Browns ability to catch the ball which the rule states. Even live it was obvious to me. That should have been challenged and the Knox spot should have been challenged. No clue why the hell we didnt. Both had clear video evidence. Seems like only time we do challenge is when video isnt clear enough
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