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  1. Hard to argue against Metcalf. I mean there was a rumor that our selection at #9 was between Oliver, Jonah, and Metcalf. So it'll only make sense for him to be our #1 on the board. Depending on our health evaluation. Taylor could be up there as well. If Metcalf doesn't make it to 40 I expect Irv Smith to be the pick. And if neither of them make it then my sleeper pick is JJ Arcega Whiteside. I feel like our front office loves this kid.
  2. While Allen pick was better value. I think Oliver pick is the best of the draft with fit and value.
  3. Or he could be Von Miller II. I remember I didn't want Von that year because he reminded me of Maybin. He was also originally projected to go mid first before he shot up draft boards. Just goes to show you can't go with that line of thinking.
  4. Offensive Linemen. We have added 6 Offensive Linemen so far. Sure is can be improved but I'd like us to work on other areas of this team
  5. Exactly and you have a better chance at getting a difference maker by trading up and drafting one. Of course you could hit on some later in draft with more draft picks but we would have a better shot at nailing a difference maker if we move up. Personally i don't mind a trade down if Oliver does get selected before us
  6. I disagree. Looking at our roster now there is not a need for our large sum of draft picks that we have. We have signed a ton of free agents. I believe most in the NFL. And we have no major holes... Sure we can improve on positions but no huge holes to fill. I think we would be in a good position to trade up and get the best player we can. If we want elite level talent then why not move up. We are solid across the board... If we have a chance to move up and get elite at some positions then we should do it.
  7. I'm not so sure. Burns has come in for a predraft workout and we interviewed him at the combine. We haven't had any meetings with Bush or White. I think Gary is more likely that Bush when it comes to Michigan players. Historically our draft picks have been interviewed or worked out for us. Someone said that. But most think it'll be a minor slip in the draft. His heart condition has been said to not be serious and is cleared to play football. From what I understand he is still expected to be a top 15 pick. Could he fall further... Sure but I doubt it. It's probably someone trying to make a minor situation look worse than it is in hopes that he falls to a certain team that wants him.
  8. I think Sweat deserves to be in the conversation. I think he is better than Oliver. And I think the Bills have Brian Burns really high on their depth chart.
  9. McShay says he is hearing we are focusing on DLine after adding 6 Offensive Linemen. Who knows what to believe
  10. Well to be fair I don't think Mahomes would of been as good if he landed else where. Literally got the picture perfect sceneio. Great coaching staff, great play makers, playoff team, and he got to sit behind a vet QB for a year. Doesn't get any more ideal then that. Don't get me wrong he still would have been a really good QB but don't think he would be anywhere near how this season turned out Also let's not forget that without that trade our team would be missing a lot of key players. We wouldn't have had Tre White Wouldn't have been able to trade up for Dion Dawkins Wouldn't have been able to trade up for Josh Allen or Tremain Edmunds Those are corner stone pieces that we would be missing. No franchise LT, no #1 CB, and no leader at MLB. All just to be change Mahomes for Allen at QB. Question is would you trade Dawkins, Allen, White, and Edmunds for Mahomes. That's a no for me. I see it as a win win. Both teams had a good outcome from the trade and that's what you like to aee
  11. If we trade back then I think Burns is the target. If we trade up its Q Williams. If we stay put then it's Ed Oliver.
  12. Only thing I don't like about it is that we open on the road weeks 1 and 2. If we are not careful we could easily end up 0-2 to teams we should beat. And that could possibly bring down the moral of the team and snowball into more losses. Just gotta handle our business on the road
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