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  1. The lady told me it was ok to laminate... what i did is made a copy and laminated the copy and keep the original locked away so it doesnt get lost
  2. Well the issue i have with it is that that double downed on that being a classic blind side block. And the media all said by rules thats a penalty. But they all skipped over one word in blindside block rule. And that is excessive/forceable... Ford barely touched the guy. Just hit him enough to free up Josh running. He could have delivered a big hit and lit him up then it would have been a penalty but Ford was just making a smart football play by freeing up a teammate.
  3. McKenzie- Yo Beane can i call you back? I'm about to go wet the water Beane- Youre gonna do what?!?! McKenzie- Wet the water Beane- Oh Okay! Probably thought his player is on drugs
  4. A guy with starting experience is alwats good to have as a backup.
  5. Makes sense... when fans throw themselves through a table they need health insurance.
  6. Josh Allen and Ed Oliver we were both heavily rumored to be interested in so not sure what you mean by this.
  7. Id expect one more cheap deal... but i think we managed to improve our team despite lack of cap and draft will be huge this year
  8. Yes but none of those other teams offered a trade to Eagles. Bills and Chargers gave offers and then Chargers signed Cook so we may be only team that has an offer on the table https://www.syracuse.com/buffalo-bills/2021/03/nfl-trade-rumors-bills-wont-up-offer-for-eagles-zach-ertz-report.html
  9. Honestly plane info is not that important. I dont think you can bring any frer agents into visit with Covid protocols
  10. They trading all the players they signed for Tom Brady
  11. He was one player that kept gettjng better and better as year went on. Definitely took him awhile to get going but he was playing some really really good ball at end of the year and in the playoffs
  12. Have a feeling we gave him more years for less cap hit... if so smart solid move to save money
  13. Well of course... you wanna see what your salary looks like in future before extending players.
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