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  1. I think so. Cause even tho he was outside the tackle box i dont think the ball made it to the LOS
  2. Just goes to show you how much depth we have at edge rusher. While we dont really have a top guy wr are extremely deep at the position
  3. 60k seats. Wouldnt that be the smallest stadium in the NFL.
  4. Winning one game in the playoffs is not indicative of how a player performed the entire year. Its a team sport...
  5. How is the guy voted #2 in MVP race the 10th best player of 2021. He was easily a top 5 player of 2021. Only ones that have an argument over Allen is Henry, Mahomes and Rodgers IMO. Id probably put them as following 1. Rodgers 2. Mahomes 3. Allen 4. Henry 5. Brady 6. Donald 7. Adams 8. Diggs 9. Kelce 10. Ramsey
  6. Bills game isnt airing until 7pm tonighy in Syracuse area. Thats some bs
  7. How the heck is Tredavious White this low... he is about 40-50 spots to low
  8. Well fact that he is buried on depth chart behind the likes of Tyler M, Dodson, Andre Smith, Giles Harris is certainly telling. Especially for a 29 year old free agent that came off a decent season in Houston. And we didnt even get to see Marquel Lee unfortunately. He potentially could be ahead of Adams as well in the rotation. I see 6 LBs tops being here and Edmunds, Milano, and Klein are locks.
  9. Hart is obvious one. But Tyrell Adams was another player who struggled. Missed an easy tackle in backfield and allowed Lions to gain a big run on 4th down. And with Giles Harris and Andre Smith having great games he could be one of the first to be cut.
  10. Yeah he played with Trubisky and Gabe Davis. But they pretty much ram the ball every play with Singletary
  11. Well what do you expect when they grab the RB on a screen play.... thats just a bad play call in that situation.
  12. He didnt even lower helmet. He pushed the QB in the chest with his arm. Head wasnt involved at all
  13. Giles Harris and Hamlin are earning themselves a roster spot both on special teams and defense
  14. While true there was a receiver in the area... Breida left the area which was just a miscommunication. Nothing intentional about miscommunication. When a QB throws a deep ball inside the pocket and the recievers break off their route thats not considered intentional grounding cause its a miscommunication.
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