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  1. He played in first half. He was key on the 4th down stuff.... he is slowly getting playing time. And being used in big situations
  2. That was a clean hit. Lead with shoulder... whats he supposed to do... not hit him and let him catch a long pass. That was on Darnold
  3. I think 4 people sacked Darnold... Oliver, White, Milano, and Addison
  4. Well Bass tied a Bills record... good for him. Confidence boost
  5. Are we tho? We are playing really good offensively. Just have to start finishing drives. We have settled for FGs and a fumbl3. We have been in scoring position every single time we have had the ball. We haven't need to punt once. Id like to find endzone too but penalties arevputting us behind once we get towards their goalline
  6. And honestly on that instance i thought a Dlinemen jumped first causing both Winter and Williams to react
  7. Well he doesnt do it it just for that... its used to determine were pressure is coming from so he can change protection
  8. I dont think he had a chance to get the ball of there. He had a defender right in front of him who would have batted it or destroyed Josh. He did a great job of moving in the pocket there so he didnt get killwd
  9. They had it going. Drove down to FG range in only 2 minutes. Just gotta do better of controlling the clock
  10. Milano was in on that one to and forced Perime into Jefferson. Good things happen when he is on the field.
  11. Ball security issue the announcer says... his entire body was down lmao... what was he talking about
  12. Like really... that was just a great recognition Corner jumping that. But if he does that again itll be a easy TD to Diggs. And Allen was responsible for hit. Singletary bobbling it allowed for the hit.
  13. Epenesa and Murphy both did. Epenesa won with a swim move and Trent Murphy with speed rush. We just need to clog the middle better
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