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  1. Kmart128

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    He is a good player when he doesn't have broken fingers on his snapping hand
  2. I'm very 50 50 on his decision. On one hand you can play baseball longer than football but on the other I think he is more likely bro become a good pro football player than baseball player. So I think this was a smart decision
  3. Kmart128

    RG John Miller - stay or go?

    He could be a cheap backup with lots of starting experience. Couldn't hurt to bring him back but I doubt it.
  4. Kmart128

    The AAF Thread

    The talking official in the booth is great. Would be a tremendous addition to the NFL rather than sending them to NY
  5. Kmart128

    The AAF Thread

    NFL officials would have called that roughing the passer just cause helmet went flying
  6. They had Barkley falling into the 20s justvso he could go to Patriots. Horrid redraft.
  7. Kmart128

    2019 NFL Bad Lip Reading

    Daboll's might have been the funniest. It's probably what he actually said
  8. Kmart128

    ESPN 2019 Power Ranking; Bills... 29th

    I don't get it. Power rankings put us towards the bottom 4 all year even tho our play on the field was much better than that
  9. Kmart128

    Eagles to Tag Foles

    If I'm Foles I'd walk into the Eagles front office and say I'm not signing any franchise tag contract so either let me walk and go to a team of my choosing or franchise tag me and have a situation to deal with.
  10. Kmart128

    New Coaches Hired - QB, WR

    I wanted Dorsey last year
  11. So ESPN had us going into the year with no MLB with the draft redo? They didn't do much research did they?
  12. Who does it have us drafting? And where did Edmunds get redrafted?
  13. Kmart128

    Daniel jeremiah top 50 prospects #1

    Brown? #9? Nah he is a 2nd round player.
  14. Kinda had a feeling this was a very real possibility
  15. I would hate going defense. Either need to go OLine or Reciever. Yes Kyle Williams is gone but at the very least I expect us to have 3 good DTs next year with both Jordan, Star, and Harrison.