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Justin Fields traded to Steelers

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1 hour ago, buffblue said:

Maybe not but it's not like it's some prohibitive figure that is going to doom them for multiple years.


So long as Mike Tomlin is coach, the Steelers will be just good enough to lack the ammo to get a top qb. What are they going to do next year after they finish 9-8 and Wilson sucks balls again? 

The same thing they did last year

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6 minutes ago, JDubya76 said:

Not a high bar.

Yep but I mean to say it seems like they signed Wilson to be the starter and if they make it a real competition then I don't think he will be. Fields is what Wilson used to be 5 years ago

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2 hours ago, TBBills Fan said:

Not for nothing did the Steelers get more for Pickett than they had sent to the bears for fields?


Fields is better and has more potential than pickett

But Pickett has more contract time left and less of a hit in the cap.

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2 hours ago, Maynard said:

6th round pick? 😂 we should have grabbed him. 

Yes, we absolutely should have. I feel strongly that if Fields had better coaching he MAY make a significant leap. I followed him closely in college and know he has real upside.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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