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AFC Divisional Playoff - Chiefs @ Bills - 2nd half game thread


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As long as McDermott and Beane is here,we aren't doing ****.  All the wasted draft picks on D and no Alpha bad ass at all.  No WR with a **** other than a rookie TE and Shakir. Diggs is done.


Allen is going to waste his career with this Staff.

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2 minutes ago, Billznut said:

And Bass with a horrible year is appropriate to end ours. Nobody stepped up today other than Josh and maybe Shakir. Lots of guys played like crap today 

Diggs choked. Bass choked. Sherfield choked. 

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1 minute ago, Billznut said:

Allen not taking the underneath to Diggs is a killer. 


But he had Shakir for a TD. The play was right there. He got hit so it ended up off the mark. It is so incredibly frustrating for our season to end like this.

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