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Jets @ Bills Postgame thread


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5 minutes ago, BillsFan130 said:

Ya Salah talking about embarrassing Josh, Mahomes, Hurts etc 

Well, Josh and the boys embarrassed his “top D” tonight 


I admit I lost it a little tonight.  When the camera panned over to Salah, I was shouting at the TV "Where you at Salah? You were talking all that good ***** yesterday?"

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I will reserve judgement. The Bills have a massive test coming up. The way I see it, the Bills need to take at minimum 1 game (preferably 2) out of the upcoming vs the Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys to have any chance of making the playoffs. Those are two of the best teams in the league and one good team. 


Dorsey always started strong and could never find a second punch.


But dang was it nice to see Cook, Shakir and Kincaid see the kind of use that fans have been clambering that they could. If you keep scheming them open, Diggs will start getting single matchups again. 

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Just now, Coffeesforclosers said:

My only real complaint about this game was seeing that dude's finger bone sticking out of the tear in his glove.


We didn't need a close up of that.


Meh, it's just a finger.

He's got nine more.....

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11 minutes ago, Coffeesforclosers said:

The offense seemed far, far less disjointed and far, far less predictable.


Brady called a great game, and whatever changes he and Kromer made to the run game were fantastic. The number of times the OL was able to blast holes in the Jets defensive front was truly relieving.  That Jets DL is no joke and they were getting rag dolled over and over for 4-6 yard gains.

Agreed.  I remember they ran the jet sweep that so many have been asking for early in the game.  It lost 2 yards.  I said at the time, "I'm okay with that.  The fact that he ran it sets up other things even if the play itself wasn't successful."  On the touchdown pass to Johnson they faked the jet sweep.  It drew the defense to the wrong side.  Beautiful.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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