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Jets @ Bills Postgame thread


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Big Dubs!




1. Not perfect, but a damn lot better this week against a very good defense. This is great, but we will need to tighten the bolts a bit to contend with Philly.


2. Bass was awesome minus that one extra point.


3. Rasul Douglas is exactly the kind of difference maker we needed in the backfield. Easily one of the best in-season trades we have made in years. I think we would have won today without him, but damn did he come up HUGE in this game.


4. Shakir has been really coming around this season after a slow start last year. He needs to continue to get looks as he may very well be our #2 WR next season.


5. Diggs quiet today but vs Sauce he did as good as one can expect. Honestly Sauce was great today but we were able to make him slip a few times and it paid off finally.


Game ball to Douglas and Brady. New look O seemingly looks to be much better. A good first week. Next week will be another good test. 


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5 minutes ago, Scott7975 said:

Nice to see a great game for a change. Saleh can go you know where with his comments.  This game was huge for our playoff hopes.  Hopefully this is a beginning of our offensive turnaround and not just a blip.

What did he say?

1 minute ago, Maine-iac said:

Dodson looked great just saying.

That tends to happen when there's no passing game to go up against.

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A win may deserve a half hearted shrug at this point but a blowout like this against meathead Saleh’s much loved defense is something. Kincaid and Cook are fantastic. Gabe is still a void but maybe they can provide enough to overcome. Douglas changes this defense. Seems Goedert may be out next week. Will definitely be paying attention for at least another week 

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1 minute ago, stlbills13 said:

Great rhythm on offense even on the punts. Defense was active. Great game.


The eagles will actually protect their qb and they have some scary wrs. But they'll be on a short week against a bills team that may have found some confidence 

Hopefully the Chiefs will show us the way to get to the Eagles tomorrow night.

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Great game plan.   I gotta eat crow on Rasul--didnt like taking on more cap money next year,  keep it up, big tests coming.    Dodson had a nice game,   Great running game.  ST coach better improve.   Von still looks shot.   Keep involving Shakir, less Harty.  Nice win, that was against Zach Wilson and Boyle.   Bills playoff odds improved.  Still a tough road.  


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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