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Broncos @ Bills Game Thread - 1st half


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Just now, Johnnycage46 said:

The magic of 2020-2021 is definitely long gone.  Lots of change likely coming up after the season.

all for the better.


this head coach and his average staff have done all they can.  If u switched staffs tonight the bills would be up two scores right now.



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Just now, PatsFanNH said:

I think hero ball the wrong word, he is just what Farve was in the day a gun slinger. He will make amazing plays and then occasionally make plays make you wonder wth is he doing. 

These are not Favre errors. He is not trying to squeeze them into tight places. He is throwing to the wrong people. 

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1 minute ago, davefan66 said:

I’m not putting this all on Josh.


Coaching is a huge problem.  He needed to play his game all year and was held back.  You don’t make a vet remake his game like that.  He doesn’t need to think, just react and play.

Correct on the coaching. Those series that cook sat out could've led to scoring opportunities and a shift in momentum extremely early but instead were wasted on proving a point. 

I also agree on the handling of Josh. He isn't playing naturally. His running ability has essentially been removed from the offense altogether and that's what accentuated his passing. 

His playmaking ability has been compromised.

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2 minutes ago, DuckyBoys said:

defenses are giving us all underneath passes and not playing the run but Allen and Dorsey too damned stubborn or just stupid in Allens case  On defense maybe stop rushing upfield or use a spy so 99 yr old Wilson doesnt break a 100 yards rushing tonight


Yeah Allen shouldn't be making these throws but Dorsey also shouldn't be calling them.


These plays shouldn't even be an option for Josh at this point. He clearly can't help himself, so just remove them as an option 

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1 minute ago, Rocbillsfan1 said:

No he didn’t. But Josh clearly has anxiety and is trying to play hero ball because the other guys suck and keep turning the ball over and Dorsey and McDermott are terrible coaches so you end up with Josh pressing. By the way that was a deep out to a 5’7 receiver lol. Like what? 


I said same thing - Problem 1 is it was Harty

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2 minutes ago, 1onemangang7 said:

Boring is what they need.  So many people are under the misconception that the game has changed so much yet running and defense always wins. 

Come on man. Get outta here with this. Yes, the Bills should run here and there but their passing game is broken. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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