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  1. How sweet it would feel as an organization to win your first Super Bowl in franchise history against the guy who tormented your team for the better part of two decades? Sweet sweet revenge. 51-16, BUF wins vs TB
  2. Yep, you guessed it. Buffalo's five (5) first half drive starts yesterday (BUF yardlines). And the Bills still took a lead into halftime.
  3. Disappointed there was no poll included in this topic. Lol
  4. Sure - but to the contrary, unless you know definitively and saw the catch secured, as someone who has red's (albeit a different sport), you signal you didn't have a clear view and therefore cannot say in that moment if it was a catch or not. Just my opinion.
  5. I would like the NFL to come out with a statement today and just say they got the call wrong - sorry.
  6. Fire Riveron https://www.change.org/p/roger-goodell-fire-al-riveron-fix-the-nfl-officiating
  7. Starting field position led to right play calling on the first five drives. Give Allen some space and Daboll some breathing room and out offense shined. We clammed up a bit backed into our own end a few times and had a drop or two.
  8. Yeah, no sorry. You get the calls right so you are a better officiating crew and have more chances to get paid for playoff games and one day officiating the Super Bowl.
  9. Who knew I would have to see which officiating crews were reffing each game moving forward as part of my weekly status checks?!
  10. Who's going to start the make Al Riveron resign petition? How many signatures are needed? 75k?
  11. Been thinking long and hard about this one. Playoffs as many have stated, are a completely different animal. After the last play of the game, I still don't think I've celebrated it yet - I'm still emotionally recovering. But getting back to the point...first playoff win since I've been watching as a 31 year old Bills fan. A win in the playoffs is a win and your into the next round. As far as it lasting until the last play, how many super bowl wins of the pats came down to the final play? 5 of 6 or all 6?
  12. Edmunds is a full THREE years younger (less two months) than Leonard is. Edmunds is already a Pro Bowler leading this defense. I'm happy with what we got. He's got more room to get much better.
  13. I actually told my wife, he's gonna take it to the house when he caught it. She was doing something and looked to the screen to see and we all know what happened.
  14. Least upset over a loss in a long time. Respect for nuk, kyler and that squad to ball like they did today. We called a timeout on our final drive that gave arizona too much time left. I knew when Diggs scored the TD we were in trouble - told my wife....just a funny feeling. That TO on our final drive though - completely unnecessary...
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