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  1. Bernard can also play safety, right?
  2. Not at all, but the losing made us who we all are today as a City and Community.
  3. No joke, as the resident Aggies fan - I do not like this movie. Jalen has what it takes, no doubt. It's really hard to break into this offense with how in sync the unit is and the pre-established relationships that were there going into this season. Wydermyer was largely considered the best TE in the draft in November and a fringe 1st round pick.
  4. I saw Terrell Owens just ran a 4.4 forty
  5. Last 3 seasons: Player 1 331 REC for 4,082 yards and 29 TDs Player 2 293 REC for 3,890 yards and 24 TDs Pretty comparable.
  6. In no particular order...I liked what I saw from: Lawson Shakir Hodgins Bernard Johnson (Duke) Morris
  7. None. Generic Bills gear for me. Would consider Allen
  8. Where will he be drafted in Fantasy is my question. And sadly, in Bills fan forward leagues where Josh Allen is end of round 1 or early round 2 pick lol.
  9. Diggs in 30s and Allen top 10. Von obviously made 93 or whatever. Not sure if the safeties make it, nor Tre. My boy Ed and I are Houston buddies, but he's not done enough in the NFL to make the list. This is his year though to make the leap - he's gonna be a force all year.
  10. Christie's kickers were still the best. Got his autograph on my pack of sausages.
  11. It's a good thing we've got Wydermyer in the wings.
  12. I can't wait to play the Jets twice again this year haha.
  13. I've been to both Kyle Field and the Ralph. Von is being nice. They are both amazing atmospheres.
  14. I'm shocked we signed him to a 2-year $4.4M deal this off-season. Thought he was going to command more than that. He's only 27, so he'll get another crack at day $6-8M per year for 3 years if he performs well the next season or two. With Josh throwing, maybe you take a discount to stay or leave for bigger $$$
  15. Man, look at Davis's thighs. He really had been hitting the gym - geeze.
  16. Crazy to think he's only 24 and has had 4 NFL starting seasons under his belt as the defensive signal caller, and 4 straight 100-tackle seasons. Some guys coming out of the draft this year are turning 24 this year...
  17. Everyone forgets we signed the best rookie TE in the draft this year... Wydermyer.
  18. Lawrence Taylor Post-season Von Miller Offense: Karlos Williams, scored a TD every game and only could stop himself, no one else could.
  19. #1 Wydermyer/Aggie fan here on the board. He'll make the team.
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