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Ed Oliver is playing out of his mind this season


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1 hour ago, Roundybout said:


Bump :)



I mean some of us always said it was a matter of time. His underlying data was always ahead of his box score stats. When that happens eventually things catch up. He was unlucky more than bad in previous years. Stud.


Kinda the opposite of when we signed Addison and I said bad move because his box score stats were outperforming the underlying data. And that never lasts long term. 

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On 10/10/2023 at 3:48 PM, dave mcbride said:

I think he was playing great last season but got hurt down the stretch — arm injury — and it really affected his play. But the Bills knew how good he was when healthy. This isn’t directed at you at all, but I think a lot of fans see unevenness over the course of a season and chalk it up to inconsistency when it’s really injury. I’ll never forget Bills fans being down on Robert Woods and Chris Hogan in their last seasons here for—respectively—a decline in explosiveness and drops, but then it turned out that Woods was playing with a torn groin for half a season and Hogan with torn wrist ligaments for more than half the season. The Bills never reported the extent of injuries once all season, and only at the end of the season would they list Woods as “probable (leg).”


That was back in the Wilson era no? 

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3 hours ago, GoBills808 said:

He's not third in sacks among dts


He's third among DTs per Pro Football Reference, if you don't count "defensive linemen" who move all over, and ignore several ties lol  


1) Justin Madubuike (BAL) - 11

2) Christian Wilkins (MIA)/Chris Jones (KC) - 7.5

3) Ed Oliver (BUF) - 6.5.  


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I have so much appreciation for how great he has played after getting paid. He’s an all pro and the lynchpin of our defense. Losing Jones has hurt but with Eddie being a leader and providing pressure up the middle, Floyd and AJ have gotten sacks and pressures.Settle and Joseph have been effective run stoppers, Hopefully we can get something out of Miller in these crucial games coming up.

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1 hour ago, Simon said:

Did you know that over the last couple games that the Bills have had 132 defensive snaps and Ed Oliver has been on the field for 112 of them?


That is a DT playing a whopping 85% of defensive snaps. :o

I really wish we had Daquan to pair him with. Damn.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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