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Raiders @ Bills - Postgame Thread


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4 minutes ago, frostbitmic said:

This will be an odd week around here.


Josh didn't suck, Dorsey didn't suck, Davis didn't suck, Bernard didn't suck, even Brown didn't suck. What will we talk about ?

One of the best things about this win is there won't be 20 Josh Sucks threads on here this week (hopefully)

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They straight up dominated. Josh made good decisions all day, didn't force anything, didn't get reckless. 


Run defense was suffocating. Ed Oliver was in their face all day. Great game from him and the DL. Also, Matt Milano remains awesome. However, as many other fans so often do around here, I must express my deep concern and fear for Milano. Yeah, I think they might call da cops on him for robbing Jacobs. 


Great bounce back game. I don't look at that Jets game as the apocalypse like a lot of people around here did. That Jets defense is legit, they've given Josh trouble the last couple seasons. Legit defense plus some bad decisions equals a poop game. It's the exception in this case, not the rule. Stuff happens. 


Now they look like they got their shizz together. Go slap the stupid Commanders in their stupid commie faces. 

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Just now, BillsFooteball said:

Very true! Can’t possibly imagine what people could complain about after this week. 


The rookie keeps running routes short of the sticks

Harty looks like McKittrick

Jumpin' Josh

Tre White is only 95% of the way back

Dorsey gets Dabolish at least once a week


That's all I got for now....

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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