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Raiders @ Bills - Postgame Thread


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It's a win to relish for sure. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Raiders D outside of Crosby was sad. We know Josh can slice and dice when there is no pressure. O-line was magnificent with run. Still needs work with pass.

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This game was exactly what I wanted to see and I was l hope all bills fans have a huge grin on face.

Going into game: 

1. Can Allen play smart execute and control the game? 
2. Can run defense stop jacobs?

3. Can we block Crosby? 
4. Can cook break a tackle? 

All questions loudly answered YES!!! What a clinic 

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Was exactly what we needed. Took what was offered. Ran well. Called well. Defended very well. And Josh still sprinkled the odd bit of magic in.


I'll take that as a response to last week.


My heart lifts with hope once more.

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For once after that rough start and it was looking like another disaster, this was a very enjoyable game and not a nail biter. The Bill's played smart football, very methodical, dominant, VERY mistake-free and a complete team win!


Was like night and day today versus last week, a completely different team showed up thankfully. 

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